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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2020-02-02KC vs SFOVER 54.5KC 31-20LOSE
2020-01-19Green Bay vs San FranGreen Bay +8San Fran 37-20LOSE
2020-01-19Tennessee vs KCKC -7Kansas City 35-24WIN
2020-01-12Seattle vs Green BayGreen Bay -4Green Bay 28-23WIN
2020-01-12Seattle vs Green BayOVER 45.5Green Bay 28-23WIN
2020-01-12Houston vs KCKC -9.5KC 51-31WIN
2020-01-12Houston vs KCOVER 50.5KC 51-31WIN
2020-01-11Tennessee vs BaltimoreTennessee +10 Tennessee 28-12WIN
2020-01-11SF vs MinnesotaOVER 44.5SF 27-10LOSE
2020-01-05Seattle vs PhillyPhilly pkSeattle 17-9LOSE
2020-01-05Minnesota vs New OrleansNew Orleans -7.5Minnesota 26-20LOSE
2020-01-04Tennessee vs New EnglandNew England -4.5Tennessee 20-13LOSE
2020-01-04Buffalo vs HoustonUNDER 43.5Houston 22-19WIN
2019-12-29Washington vs DallasDallas -13Dallas 47-16WIN
2019-12-29Green Bay vs DetroitGreen Bay -12.5Green Bay 23-20LOSE
2019-12-29Cleveland vs CinciOVER 43Cinci 33-23WIN
2019-12-29Miami vs New EnglandOVER 45Miami 27-24WIN
2019-12-29LAC vs KCKC -10KC 31-21PUSH
2019-12-22Cinci vs Miami Miami +1.5Miami 38-35WIN
2019-12-22Carolina vs Indy Indy -6Indy 38-6WIN
2019-12-22Jax vs Atlanta Atlanta -7Atlanta 24-12WIN
2019-12-22PItt vs NYJNYJ +3NYJ 16-10WIN
2019-12-21LA Rams vs SFSan Fran -6.5SF 34-31WIN
2019-12-16Indy vs New Orleans Under 49New Orleans 34-7WIN
2019-12-15LA Rams vs DallasDallas +1Dallas 44-21WIN
2019-12-15Cleveland vs ArizonaOVER 49Arizona 38-24WIN
2019-12-15Minnesota vs LA ChargersLA Chargers +1.5Minnesota 39-10LOSE
2019-12-15Seattle vs CarolinaSeattle -6Seattle 30-24PUSH
2019-12-15Philly vs Washington Over 39Philly 37-27WIN
2019-12-08Baltimore vs Buffalo Buffalo + 6.5Baltimore 24-17LOSE
2019-12-08SF vs New Orleans SF +2SF 48-46WIN
2019-12-08Indy vs TBTB -3TB 38-35PUSH
2019-12-08Pittsburgh vs Arizona Arizona +2.5PItt 23-17LOSE
2019-12-08Cinci vs Cleveland OVER 42Cleveland 27-19WIN
2019-12-05Dallas vs Chicago Chicago +3Chicago 31-24WIN
2019-12-01New England vs HoustonNew England -3PENDINGLOSE
2019-12-01LAC vs DenverLAC -3PENDINGLOSE
2019-12-01Green Bay vs NYGGreen Bay -6.5PENDINGWIN
2019-11-25Baltimore vs LA RamsOver 47Baltimore 45-6WIN
2019-11-24Tampa Bay vs Atlanta Atlanta -4.5TB 35-22LOSE
2019-11-24Oakland vs NYJNYJ +3.5NYJ 34-3WIN
2019-11-24NYG vs CHICAGO Chicago -6Chicago 19-14LOSE
2019-11-18KC vs SDOver 53KC 24–17LOSE
2019-11-17Cincinnati vs OaklandOakland -11.5Oakland 17–0LOSE
2019-11-17Dallas vs DetroitDallas -6.5Dallas 36-27WIN
2019-11-17Houston vs BaltimoreOVER 51Baltimore 41-7LOSE
2019-11-17Buffalo vs MiamiOVER 40.5Buffalo 37-20WIN
2019-11-17NYJ vs Washington UNDER 38.5NYJ 34-17LOSE
2019-11-11Seattle vs San FranSeattle +6.5Seattle 27-24WIN
2019-11-10Arizona vs TBArizona+4.5TB 30-27WIN
2019-11-10Carolina vs GBGB -4Green Bay 24-16WIN
2019-11-10NYG vs NYJ Under 44.5NYJ 34-27LOSE
2019-11-03Detroit vs OaklandOakland -3Oakland 31-24WIN
2019-11-03Tampa Bay vs SeattleOVER 51Seattle 40-34WIN
2019-11-03Chicago vs PhillyPhilly -4PHilly 22-14WIN
2019-11-03Indy vs PittsburghPittsburgh -1PIttsburgh 26-24WIN
2019-10-27Carolina vs SFCarolina +5.5SF 51-13LOSE
2019-10-27NYG vs DetoitOVER 49.5Detroit 31-26WIN
2019-10-27Philly vs BuffaloBuffalo -1PHiLly 31-13LOSE
2019-10-24Washington vs Minnesota Over 42Minnesota 19-9LOSE
2019-10-21New England vs NYJOver 44New England 38-0LOSE
2019-10-20New Orleans vs ChicagoChicago -4New Orleans 36-25LOSE
2019-10-20LA Rams vs AtlantaAtlanta +3LA Rams 37-10LOSE
2019-10-20LA Rams vs Atlanta FalconsOVER 54LA Rams 37-10LOSE
2019-10-20Oakland vs GBOakland +5Green Bay 42-24LOSE
2019-10-17KC vs DenverOVER 49KC 30-6LOSE
2019-10-13Tennessee vs Denver OVER 40.5Denver 16-0LOSE
2019-10-13SF vs LARLAR -3SF 20-7LOSE
2019-10-13Cincinnati vs BaltimoreBaltimore -10.5Baltimore 24-17LOSE
2019-10-13Philly vs MinnesotaOVER 44Minnesota 38-20WIN
2019-10-13Carolina vs Tampa BayCarolina -2.5Carolina 37-26WIN
2019-10-10NYG vs NEOver 42.5NE 35-14WIN
2019-10-07Cleveland vs San FranOVER 47.5SF 31-3LOSE
2019-10-06Indy vs KCKC -10.5Indy 19-13LOSE
2019-10-06Chicago vs Raiders Oakland Raiders +6.5Oakland 24-22WIN
2019-10-06Arizona vs CinciArizona +3.5Arizona 26-23WIN
2019-10-06JAX vs CarolinaOVER 40Carolina 34-27WIN
2019-10-06Minnesota vs NYGMinnesota -5.5Minnesota 28-10WIN
2019-10-06TB vs New Orleans TB+ 3.5New Orleans 31-24LOSE
2019-09-30Cinci vs PittCinci +3.5PItt 27-3LOSE
2019-09-29JAX vs DenverJAX +3JAX 26-24WIN
2019-09-29Washington vs NYGWashington +3NYG 24-3LOSE
2019-09-29Tennessee vs AtlantaUNDER 46.5Tennessee 24-10WIN
2019-09-29LA Chargers vs MiamiMiami +14.5LAC 30-10LOSE
2019-09-29Oakland vs IndyOVER 45.5Oakland 31-24WIN
2019-09-23Chicago vs Washington Over 40.5Chicago 31-15WIN
2019-09-22Houston vs LA ChargersUNDER 49PENDINGWIN
2019-09-22Carolina vs ArizonaArizona -2.5PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-22Atlanta vs IndyAtlanta +2PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-22Miami vs DallasOVER 46.5PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-19Tennessee vs JAX OVER 38.5Jacksonville 20-7LOSE
2019-09-15New Orleans vs LA RamsLA Rams -1.5LA Rams 27-9WIN
2019-09-15KC vs Oakland RaidersKC - 7KC 28-10WIN
2019-09-15Dallas vs WashingtonDallas -5.5Dallas 31-21WIN
2019-09-15Seattle vs PittsburghOVER 47Seattle 28-26WIN
2019-09-15Indy vs TennesseeTennessee - 3Indy 19-17LOSE
2019-09-09Houston vs New Orleans OVER 52New Orleans 30-28WIN
2019-09-08SF vs TBOVER 50.5TB 31-17LOSE
2019-09-08NYG vs DallasDallas -7PENDINGWIN
2019-09-08Indy vs LA ChargersUNDER 44.5LAC 30-24LOSE
2019-09-08Buffalo vs NYJBuffalo +3Buffalo WIN