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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2013-02-03Baltimore Ravens vs SF 49ersSan Fran -3.5Balt 34-31LOSE
2013-02-03Baltimore Ravens vs San Fran 49ersOVER 47Balt 34-31WIN
2013-01-20San Fran vs AtlantaAtlanta +4.5San Fran 28-24WIN
2013-01-20Baltimore vs New EnglandBaltimore +8Baltimore 28-13WIN
2013-01-20Baltimore vs New EnglandOVER 51.5Balt 28-13LOSE
2013-01-20San Fran vs AtlantaUNDER 49San Fran 28-24LOSE
2013-01-13Seattle vs Atlanta Seattle vs Atlanta Seattle vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Atlanta 30-28LOSE
2013-01-13Houston vs New Englandunder 49New England 41-28LOSE
2013-01-12Baltimore vs DenverUNDER 44.5Baltimore 38-35 (2OT)LOSE
2013-01-12Green Bay vs San FranSan Fran -3San Fran 45-31WIN
2013-01-06Indy vs BaltimoreBaltimore -7Baltimore 24-9WIN
2013-01-06Seattle vs WashingtonWashington +3Seattle 24-14LOSE
2013-01-05Cinci vs HoustonOVER 43Houston 19-13LOSE
2013-01-05Minn vs Green BayOVER 45.5Green bat 24-10LOSE
2013-01-05Minnesota vs Green BayGreen Bay -7.5Green Bay 24-10WIN
2012-12-30NYJ vs Buffalo*Buffalo -3Buffalo 28-9WIN
2012-12-30Miami vs New England*New England - 10New England 28-0WIN
2012-12-30Philly vs NYGPhilly +7NYG 42-7LOSE
2012-12-30Dallas at WashingtonOVER 49Washington 28-18LOSE
2012-12-30Baltimore vs CinciCinci - 2.5Cinci 23-17WIN
2012-12-30Carolina vs New OrleansOVER 54Carolina. 44-38WIN
2012-12-30Oakland vs San Diego*San Diego - 10SD 24-21LOSE
2012-12-30Arizona vs SF*SF -16.5SF 27-13LOSE
2012-12-30St Louis vs Seattle*Seattle -11Seattle 20-13LOSE
2012-12-23New Orleans vs DallasOVER 52.5New Orleans 34-31WIN
2012-12-23Cincinnati vs PittsburghPittsburgh -3Cinci 13-10LOSE
2012-12-23Buffalo vs MiamiBuffalo +5Miami 24-10LOSE
2012-12-23NYG vs BaltimoreNYG -1.5Baltimore 33-14LOSE
2012-12-23Chicago Bears vs Arizona CardinalsChicago - 6.5Chicago 28-13WIN
2012-12-22Atlanta vs DetroitAtlanta -3.5Atlanta 31-18WIN
2012-12-17NYJ vs TennesseeTennessee +1Tennessee. 14-10WIN
2012-12-17NYJ vs TennesseeUNDER 41Tennessee 14-10WIN
2012-12-16Minn vs St LouisSt Louis - 3Minn 36-22LOSE
2012-12-16Indy vs HoustonHouston -10Houston 29-17WIN
2012-12-16Pittsburgh vs DallasOVER 45Dallas 27-24WIN
2012-12-16Seattle vs BuffaloBuffalo +5Seattle. 50-17LOSE
2012-12-16Detroit vs ArizonaArizona +6.5Arizona 38-10WIN
2012-12-13Cinci vs PhillyUNDER 45Cinci 34-13LOSE
2012-12-13Cinci vs PhillyPhilly +5Cinci 34-13LOSE
2012-12-10Houston vs New EnglandHouston +5.5New England 42-14LOSE
2012-12-10Houston vs New EnglandOVER 51New England 42-14WIN
2012-12-09San Diego vs PittOver 39.5SD 34-24WIN
2012-12-09St Louis vs BuffaloSt Louis +3St Louis 15-12WIN
2012-12-09Dallas vs CincinnatiCinci -3Dallas 20-19LOSE
2012-12-09Miami vs SFSF -10SF 27-13WIN
2012-12-09New Orleans vs NYGNYG -5NYG 52-27WIN
2012-12-06Denver vs OaklandDenver -9.5Denver 26-13WIN
2012-12-06Denver vs OaklandUnder 48Denver 26-13WIN
2012-12-03NYG vs WashingtonWashington +3Washington 17-16WIN
2012-12-02Seattle vs ChicagoSeattle + 3.5Seattle 23-17WIN
2012-12-02San Fran vs St LouisSt Louis +8St Louis 16-13WIN
2012-12-02Indy vs DetroitDetroit - 6Indy 35-33LOSE
2012-12-02New England vs MiamiOVER 51New England 23-16LOSE
2012-12-02New England vs MiamiNew England -9New England 23-16LOSE
2012-12-02Cincinnati vs San DiegoSan Diego +2Cinci 20-13LOSE
2012-12-02Pittsburgh vs BaltimoreOVER 35.5PItt 23-20WIN
2012-11-29New Orleans vs AtlantaAtlanta -3.5Atlanta 23-13WIN
2012-11-26Carolina vs PhillyOVER 41.5Carolina 30-22WIN
2012-11-25Oakland vs CincinnatiCincinnati -8Cincinnati 34-10WIN
2012-11-25Atlanta vs Tampa BayOVER 51Atlanta 24-23LOSE
2012-11-25Baltimore vs San DiegoSD pkBaltimore 16-13LOSE
2012-11-25SF vs New OrleansNew Orleans +1.5SF 31-21LOSE
2012-11-25Green Bay vs NYGNYG -3NYG 38-10WIN
2012-11-22NE vs NYJUnder 48.5New England 49-19LOSE
2012-11-22Washington vs DallasOver 47.5Wash 38-31WIN
2012-11-19Chicago vs SFSF - 3.5sF 32-7WIN
2012-11-18Green Bay vs DetroitOVER 52Green Bay. 24-20LOSE
2012-11-18Tampa Bay vs CarolinaTB -1Tampa Bay 27-21WIN
2012-11-18Cincinnati vs Kansas CityUNDER 43.5Cinci 28-6WIN
2012-11-18NYJ vs St LouisSt Louis -3.5NYJ 27-13LOSE
2012-11-18Baltimore vs PittsburghBaltimore -3Baltimore 13-10PUSH
2012-11-18SD vs DenverDenver -7.5Denver 30-23LOSE
2012-11-15Miami vs BuffaloMiami +2.5Buffalo 19-14LOSE
2012-11-12Kansas City vs PittsburghUNDER 41PItt 16-13 OTWIN
2012-11-12Kansas City vs PittsburghKansas City +13PItt 16-13 OTWIN
2012-11-11NYJ vs SeattleSeattle -6Seattle 28-7WIN
2012-11-11San Diego vs Tampa BayOVER 47Tampa Bay 34-24WIN
2012-11-11Atlanta vs New OrleansOVER 53New Orleans 31-27WIN
2012-11-11Oakland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -7.5Baltimore 55-20WIN
2012-11-11Houston vs ChicagoChicago -1Houston 13-6LOSE
2012-11-08Indy vs JaxOver 42Indy 27-10LOSE
2012-11-05Philly vs New OrleansNew Orleans -3New Orleans 28-13WIN
2012-11-05Philly vs New OrleansOver 52New Orleans 28-13LOSE
2012-11-04Tampa Bay vs OaklandTampa Bay + 2TB 42-32WIN
2012-11-04Carolina vs WashingtonOver 48.5Carolina 21-13LOSE
2012-11-04Minnesota vs SeattleSeattle - 4Seattle 30-20WIN
2012-11-04Buffalo vs HoustonHouston - 10Houston 21-9WIN
2012-11-04Chicago vs TennesseeChicago -3.5Chicago 51-20WIN
2012-11-04Arizona vs Green BayArizona +10Green Bay 31-17LOSE
2012-11-01KC vs SDSD -7.5SD 31-13WIN
2012-10-29SF vs ArizonaOver 38.5SF 24-3LOSE
2012-10-29SF vs ArizonaSF -7SF 24-3WIN
2012-10-28Jacksonville vs Green BayGreen Bay -14.5Green Bay 24-15LOSE
2012-10-28NYG vs DallasDallas +2NYG 29-24LOSE
2012-10-28Indy vs TennIndy +3.5Indy 19-13WIN
2012-10-28Carolina vs ChicagoOver 42.5Chicago 23-22WIN
2012-10-28Miami vs NYJMiami +2.5Miami 30-9WIN
2012-10-25TB vs MinnOver 43TB 36-17WIN
2012-10-22Detroit vs Chicago.Chicago -6.5Chicago 13-7LOSE
2012-10-22Detroit vs ChicagoUnder 47.5Chicago 13-7WIN
2012-10-21Tennessee vs BuffaloOVER 46.5Tenn 35-34WIN
2012-10-21NYJ vs New EnglandNew England -10New England 29-26LOSE
2012-10-21Washington vs NYGOVER 51.5NYG 27-23.LOSE
2012-10-21Dallas vs CarolinaDallas -3Dallas 19-14WIN
2012-10-21Green Bay vs St LouisSt Louis +5GB 30-20LOSE
2012-10-18Seattle vs SFSF -7SF 13-6PUSH
2012-10-15Denver vs SDUnder 47.5Denver 35-24LOSE
2012-10-14Indy vs NYJNYJ -3NYJ 35-9WIN
2012-10-14Buffalo vs ArizonaArizona -4Buffalo 19-16LOSE
2012-10-14NE vs SeattleOver 44Seattle 24-23WIN
2012-10-14NYG vs SFSF -6.5NYG 26-3LOSE
2012-10-14Oakland vs AtlantaAtlanta -10Atlanta 23-20LOSE
2012-10-11Pitt vs TennOver 43.5Tenn 26-23WIN
2012-10-08Houston vs NYJHouston - 9Houston 23-17LOSE
2012-10-07San Diego at New OrleansNew Orleans - 3New Orleans 31-24WIN
2012-10-07Buffalo vs SFSF -10SF 45-3WIN
2012-10-07Philly vs PittPitt -3PItt 16-14LOSE
2012-10-07Chicago vs JAXChicago -5.5Chicago 41-3WIN
2012-10-07Miami vs CinciOVER 45Miami 17-13LOSE
2012-10-04Arizona vs St LouisUnder 39.5St Louis 17-3WIN
2012-10-01Chicago vs DallasChicago +3Chicago 34-18WIN
2012-09-30Miami vs ArizAriz -5Arizona 24-21 OTLOSE
2012-09-30New England vs Buffalo New England vs BuffaloNew England - 4New England 52-28WIN
2012-09-30Minn vs DetroitOVER 49Minn 20-13LOSE
2012-09-30Cincinnati vs JacksonvilleCinci -1Cinci 27-10WIN
2012-09-24Green Bay vs SeattleUNDER 46Seattle 14-12WIN
2012-09-23Cincinnati vs WashingtonOver 50Cinci 38-31WIN
2012-09-23NY Jets vs MiamiNY Jets -2NY jets 23-20WIN
2012-09-23Jacksonville vs IndyIndy -3Jax 22-17LOSE
2012-09-23Houston vs DenverHouston -1.5Houston 31-25WIN
2012-09-20NYG vs CarolinaNYG +3NYG 36-7WIN
2012-09-17Denver vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Atlanta 27-21WIN
2012-09-16Washington vs St LouisSt Louis +3.5St Louis 31-28WIN
2012-09-16Houston vs JacksonvilleOver 41Houston 27-7LOSE
2012-09-16NYJ vs PittPitt -5.5PItt 27-10WIN
2012-09-16Arizona vs NE PatsArizona +14Arizona 20-18WIN
2012-09-13Chicago vs GBChicago +5GB 23-10LOSE
2012-09-10San Diego vs OaklandUnder 47.5San Diego 22-14WIN
2012-09-09Buffalo vs NYJNYJ -3NYJ 48-28WIN
2012-09-09Miami vs HoustonHouston -13Houston 30-10WIN
2012-09-09Indy vs ChicagoChicago -9.5Chicago 41-21WIN
2012-09-09Seattle vs ArizOver 41Ariz 20-16LOSE
2012-09-05Dallas vs NYGNYG -3.5Dallas 24-17LOSE