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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2021-11-29Seattle vs WashingtonWashington +2Washington 17-15WIN
2021-11-29Seattle vs WashingtonUNDER 47.5Washington-7-15WIN
2021-11-28Minnesota vs San FranSan Fran -3SF 34-26WIN
2021-11-28Tampa Bay vs IndyIndy +3TB 38-31LOSE
2021-11-28Pittsburgh vs CincinnatiOVER 44Cinci 41-10WIN
2021-11-28Atlanta vs JAXJAX +2Atlanta 21-14LOSE
2021-11-28Tennessee vs New EnglandTennessee +7.5New England 36-13LOSE
2021-11-25Buffalo vs New OrleansBuffalo -6.5Buffalo 31-6WIN
2021-11-25Chicago vs DetroitDetroit +2.5CHICAGO 16-14WIN
2021-11-21Pittsburgh vs LA ChargersOVER 47LA Chargers 41-37WIN
2021-11-21Cinci vs LV RaidersCinci -1Cincinnati 32-13WIN
2021-11-21Washington vs CarolinaCarolina -3Washington 27-21LOSE
2021-11-21Miami vs NYJNYJ +3.5Miami 24-17LOSE
2021-11-21SF vs JAXJAX +6.5SF 30-10LOSE
2021-11-21Houston vs TennesseeTennessee -10Houston 22-13LOSE
2021-11-18New England vs Atlanta Over 47New England 25-0LOSE
2021-11-14KC vs LV RaidersOVER 52KC 41-14WIN
2021-11-14Minnesota vs LA ChargersLAC -3Minnesota 27-20LOSE
2021-11-14JAX vs IndyUNDER 47.5Indy 23-17WIN
2021-11-14New Orleans vs TennesseeTennessee -3Tennessee 23-21LOSE
2021-11-07Tennessee vs LA RamsLA Rams -7Tennessee 28-16LOSE
2021-11-07Green Bay vs KCOVER 48KC 13-7LOSE
2021-11-07LA Chargers vs PhillyLA Chargers -1.5LA Chargers 27-24WIN
2021-11-07Buffalo vs JAXUNDER 48.5JAX 9-6WIN
2021-11-07LV Raiders vs NYGOVER 46NYG 23-16LOSE
2021-11-07Atlanta vs New OrleansUNDER 41.5Atlanta 27-25LOSE
2021-11-07New England vs CarolinaCarolina +3.5New England 24-6LOSE
2021-11-07Minnesota vs BaltimoreBaltimore -3Baltimore 34-31PUSH
2021-11-04NYJ vs IndyOVER 46Indy 45-30WIN
2021-10-31Washington vs DenverOVER 44.5Denver 17-10LOSE
2021-10-31New England vs LA ChargersLA Chargers -4.5New England 27-24LOSE
2021-10-31Philly vs DetroitDetroit +3.5Philly 44-6LOSE
2021-10-31Cinci vs NYJNYJ +11NYJ 34-31WIN
2021-10-31LA Rams vs HoustonUNDER 47.5LA Rams 38-22LOSE
2021-10-28GB vs Arizona Arizona -6 Green Bay 24-20LOSE
2021-10-25New Orleans vs SeattleSeattle +4.5New Orleans 13-10WIN
2021-10-24Indy vs San FranIndy +4.5Indy 30-18WIN
2021-10-24Philly vs Las Vegas Las Vegas -2.5Las Vegas 33-22WIN
2021-10-24Washington vs Green BayOVER 47.5Green Bay 24-10LOSE
2021-10-24KC vs Tennessee Tennessee +4.5Tennessee 27-3WIN
2021-10-18Buffalo vs TennesseeTennessee +6Tennessee 34-31WIN
2021-10-17Seattle vs PittOVER 42.5Pittsburgh 23-20WIN
2021-10-17las Vegas vs DenverDenver -4Las Vegas 34-24LOSE
2021-10-17Houston vs IndyOVER 43Indy 31-3LOSE
2021-10-17Minnesota vs Carolina OVER 45Minnesota 34-28WIN
2021-10-17Miami vs JAXMiami -1.5JAX 23-20LOSE
2021-10-17Cinci vs DetroitDetroit +3.5Cinci 34-11LOSE
2021-10-14Tampa Bay vs Philly Over 52.5TB 28-22LOSE
2021-10-11Indy vs Baltimore OVER 47Baltimore 31-25WIN
2021-10-10Denver vs PittsburghPittsburgh +2PItt 27-19WIN
2021-10-10NY Jets vs AtlantaAtlanta -2.5Atlanta 27-20WIN
2021-10-10Miami vs Tampa BayOVER 48TB 45-17WIN
2021-10-10Philly vs Carolina OVER 46PhiLly 21-18LOSE
2021-10-10New England vs HoustonUNDER 39.5NE 25-22LOSE
2021-10-07LA Rams vs Seattle Seattle +2.5LA Rams 26-17LOSE
2021-10-03Baltimore vs DenverBaltimore -1Baltimore 23-7WIN
2021-10-03Seattle vs SFSeattle +2.5Seattle 28-21WIN
2021-10-03Kansas City vs PhillyKansas City -6.5KC 42-30WIN
2021-10-03Washington vs AtlantaAtlanta +1.5Washington 34-30LOSE
2021-10-03Houston vs BuffaloOVER 47Buffalo 40-0LOSE
2021-09-26Seattle vs MinnesotaOVER 55Minnesota 30-17LOSE
2021-09-26Arizona vs JAXArizona -7.5Arizona 31-19WIN
2021-09-26New Orleans vs New EnglandUNDER 43.5New Orleans 28-13WIN
2021-09-26Atlanta vs NYGOVER 47.5Atlanta 17-14LOSE
2021-09-26Indy vs TennesseeTennessee -5Tennessee 25-16WIN
2021-09-20Detroit vs Green BayOver 49Green Bay 35–17WIN
2021-09-19Oakland vs PittsburghPittsburgh -6Las Vegas 26-17LOSE
2021-09-19LA Rams vs Indy ColtsUNDER 48LARams 27-24LOSE
2021-09-19NE Pats vs NYJUNDER 43New England 25-6WIN
2021-09-19Tennessee vs SeattleSeattle -6.5Tennessee 33-30LOSE
2021-09-19SF vs PhillyPhilly +3.5SF 17-11LOSE
2021-09-16NYG vs Washington Over 40.5 Washington 30-29WIN
2021-09-13Baltimore vs Las Vegas OVER 50Las Vegas 33-27WIN
2021-09-12Chicago vs LA RamsLA Rams -7.5LA Rams 34-14WIN
2021-09-12Denver vs NY GiantsOVER 41.5Denver 27-13LOSE
2021-09-12LA Chargers vs Washington UNDER 45LA Chargers 20-16WIN
2021-09-12Minnesota vs CincinnatiCincinnati +3Cinci 27-24WIN
2021-09-09Dallas vs TBUnder 52.5Tampa Bay 31-29LOSE
2021-01-24Buffalo vs KCBuffalo +3KC 38-24LOSE
2021-01-24Buffalo vs KCOVER 54.5KC 38-24WIN
2021-01-24Tampa Bay vs Green BayGreen Bay -3,5TB 31-26LOSE
2021-01-24Tampa Bay vs Green BayOVER 53TB 31-26WIN
2021-01-17Tampa Bay vs New OrleansNew Orleans -2.5Tampa Bay 30-20LOSE
2021-01-17Cleveland vs KCOVER 57KC 22-17LOSE
2021-01-16Baltimore vs BuffaloOVER 49.5Buffalo 17-3LOSE
2021-01-16Baltimore vs BuffaloBuffalo -2.5Buffalo 17-3WIN
2021-01-16LA Rams vs Green BayGreen Bay - 6.5Green Bay 32-18WIN
2021-01-10Chicago vs New OrleansNew Orleans -10New Orleans 21-9WIN
2021-01-10Chicago vs New OrleansOVER 48New Orleans 21-9LOSE
2021-01-10Baltimore vs TennesseeUNDER 54Baltimore 20-13WIN
2021-01-10Baltimore vs TennesseeTennessee + 3.5Baltimore 20-13LOSE
2021-01-09LA Rams vs SeattleOVER 42LA Rams 30-20WIN
2021-01-09Indy vs BuffaloIndy +6.5Buffalo 27-24WIN
2021-01-03Dallas vs NYGNYG +1.5NYG 23–19WIN
2021-01-03Minnesota vs DetroitDetroit +4Minnesota 37-35WIN
2021-01-03Minnesota vs Detroit Over 53Minnesota 37-35WIN
2020-12-27NYG vs BaltimoreOVER 43.5Baltimore 27-13LOSE
2020-12-27Atlanta vs KCOVER 53KC 17-14LOSE
2020-12-27Indy vs PittUNDER 43PItt 28-24LOSE
2020-12-27Chi Bears vs JAXJAX +8Chicago 41-17LOSE
2020-12-26Miami vs Las Vegas RaidersLV Raiders +3Miami 26-25WIN
2020-12-26Tampa Bay vs DetroitOVER 54Tampa Bay 47-7PUSH
2020-12-25Minnesota vs New Orleans New Orleans-6.5New Orleans 52-33WIN
2020-12-21Pittsburgh vs CinciOVER 40Cinci 27-17WIN
2020-12-20Philly vs ArizonaArizona -6Arizona 33-26WIN
2020-12-20Detroit vs Tennessee Tennessee -9Tennessee 46-25WIN
2020-12-20New England vs MiamiMiami -1Miami 22-12WIN
2020-12-20Houston vs IndyIndy -7Indy 27-20PUSH
2020-12-20Seattle vs WashingtonWashington +6.5Seattle 20-15WIN
2020-12-20Jacksonville vs BaltimoreOVER 48Baltimore 40-14WIN
2020-12-17LA Chargers vs LV RaidersOver 52.5LA Chargers 30-27WIN
2020-12-14Baltimore vs Cleveland Over 45.5 Baltimore 47-42WIN
2020-12-13Pitt vs BuffaloBuffalo -2Buffalo 26-15WIN
2020-12-13Green Bay vs DetroitOVER 55Green Bay 31-14PUSH
2020-12-13Tennessee vs JAXTennessee -7Tennessee 31-10WIN
2020-12-13Houston vs ChicagoChicago +1.5Chicago 36-7WIN
2020-12-13Dallas vs CinciCinci +3Dallas 30-7LOSE
2020-12-13NYJ vs SeattleOVER 47.5Seattle 40-3LOSE
2020-12-06LA Rams vs ArizonaArizona +2.5LA Rams 38-28LOSE
2020-12-06Jacksonville vs MinnesptaOVER 51Minnesota27-24PUSH
2020-12-06Cleveland vs TennesseeOVER 53Cleveland 41-35WIN
2020-12-06Jacksonville vs MinnesotaMinnesota -10Minnesota 27-24LOSE
2020-12-06Cinci vs MiamiMiami -10Miami 19-7WIN
2020-11-30Seattle vs PhillyUNDER 49Seattle 23-17WIN
2020-11-29LV Raiders vs AtlantaOVER 53.5Atlanta 43-6LOSE
2020-11-29Carolina vs MinnesotaMinnesota -3Minnesota 28-27LOSE
2020-11-29LA Chargers vs BuffaloOVER 52Buffalo 27-17LOSE
2020-11-29Carolina vs MinnesotaOVER 50Minnesota 28-27WIN
2020-11-29LAC vs BuffloBuffalo -4.5Buffalo 27-17WIN
2020-11-29Arizona vs New EnglandArizona -1New England 20-17LOSE
2020-11-22Dallas vs MinnesotaOVER 48Dallas 31-28WIN
2020-11-22Cinci vs WashingtonCinci +2Washington 20-9LOSE
2020-11-22Atlanta vs New OrleansNew Orleans -3.5New Orleans 24-9WIN
2020-11-22New England vs HoustonHouston +2Houston 27-20WIN
2020-11-22Detroit vs CarolinaOVER 46.5Carolina 20-0LOSE
2020-11-16Minnesota vs ChicagoChicago Bears +3.5Minnesota 19-13LOSE
2020-11-15Denver vs Las Vegas Las Vegas -3.5LAA Vegas 37-12WIN
2020-11-15Washington vs DetroitDetroit -3Detroit 30-27PUSH
2020-11-15Philly vs NYGUnder 44.5NYG 27-17WIN
2020-11-09New England vs NYJOver 41New England 30-27WIN
2020-11-08Pittsburgh vs DallasDallas +14.5PItt 24-19WIN
2020-11-08Baltimore vs IndyUNDER 48Baltimore 24-10WIN
2020-11-08Houston vs JAXUNDER 49Houston 27-25LOSE
2020-11-08Detroit vs MinnesotaOVER 51Minnesota 34-20WIN
2020-11-08Denver vs AtlantaAtlanta -4Atlanta 34-27WIN
2020-11-01SF vs SeattleSeattle - 3Seattle 37-27WIN
2020-11-01New Orleans vs Chicago Chicago+5New Orleans 26-23WIN
2020-11-01Minnesota vs Green BayOVER 49Minnesota 28-22WIN
2020-11-01New England vs BuffaloBuffalo -4Buffalo 24-21LOSE
2020-11-01Tennessee vs CinciUNDER 50Cincinnati 31-20LOSE
2020-11-01Pittsburgh vs BaltimoreBaltimore -4PIttsburgh 28-24LOSE
2020-10-29Atlanta vs CarolinaOver 51Atlanta 25-17LOSE
2020-10-25Carolina vs New OrleansNew Orleans -6.5New Orleans 27-24LOSE
2020-10-25Buffalo vs NYJNYJ +10Buffalo 19-10WIN
2020-10-25Pitt vs TennesseeTennessee -1.5PItt 27-24LOSE
2020-10-19Arizona vs Dallas Arizona +1Arizona 38-10WIN
2020-10-18LAR vs San FranLAR -3San Fran 24-16LOSE
2020-10-18Cinci vs IndyIndy -7.5Indy 31-27LOSE
2020-10-18Chicago vs CarolinaChicago +1.5Chicago 23-16WIN
2020-10-18Washington vs NYGOVER 43NYG 20-19LOSE
2020-10-18NYJ vs Miami Miami -8Miami 24-0WIN
2020-10-13Buffalo vs Tennessee Tennessee +3.5 Tennessee 42-16WIN
2020-10-12LAC vs New Orleans New Orleans -7New Orleans 30-27LOSE
2020-10-11Minnesota vs SeattleSeattle -7Seattle 27-26LOSE
2020-10-11NYG vs DallasUNDER 52.5Dallas 37-34LOSE
2020-10-11Miami vs SFOVER 51Miami 43-17WIN
2020-10-11Carolina vs AtlantaAtlanta -2.5Carolina 23-16LOSE
2020-10-11JAX vs HoustonHouston -5.5Houston 30-14WIN
2020-10-11Cincinnati vs Baltimore Baltimore -11.5Baltimore 27-3WIN
2020-10-04Philly vs San FranSan Fran -7.5Philly 25-20LOSE
2020-10-04NYG vs LA RamsLAR Rams -13.5LA Rams 17-9LOSE
2020-10-04New Orleans vs DetroitOVER 54New Orleans 35-29WIN
2020-10-04Baltimore vs WashingtonBaltimore -14Baltimore 31-17PUSH
2020-10-04JAX vs CincinnatiCincinnati -1.5Cinci 33-25WIN
2020-10-04LAC vs Tampa BayTampa Bay -7Tampa Bay 38-31PUSH
2020-10-04Minnesota vs HoutonOVER 53Minnesota 31-23WIN
2020-10-04New Orleans vs DetroitNew Orleans -3New Orleans 35-29WIN
2020-10-01Denver vs NYJDenver +1Denver 37-28WIN
2020-09-28KC Chiefs vs Baltimore Baltimore 3.5KC 34-20LOSE
2020-09-27Detroit vs ArizonaArizona -5.5Detroit 26-23LOSE
2020-09-27Dallas vs SeattleSeattle -4.5Seattle 38-31WIN
2020-09-27Washington vs ClevelandCleveland -7Cleveland 34-20WIN
2020-09-27Houston vs PittsburghPittsburgh -4PItt 28-21WIN
2020-09-27Chicago vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Chicago 30-26LOSE
2020-09-24Miami vs JAX Miami +3Miami 31-13WIN
2020-09-21New Orleans vs RaidersRaiders +4.5Raiders 34-24WIN
2020-09-20New England vs SeattleSeattle -4Seattle 35-30WIN
2020-09-20Washington vs ArizonaArizona -7 Arizona 30-15WIN
2020-09-20Minnesota vs IndyIndy -3Indy 28-11WIN
2020-09-20Minnesota vs IndyOVER 49Indy 28-11LOSE
2020-09-20Carolina vs Tampa BayTa,pa Bay -8Tampa Bay 31-17WIN
2020-09-20Buffalo vs MiamiUNDER 42Buffalo 31-28LOSE
2020-09-20Atlanta vs DallasAtlanta +3.5Dallas 40-39WIN
2020-09-13Miami vs New EnglandMiami +7.5New England 21-11LOSE
2020-09-13LV Raiders vs Carolina LV Raiders -3Las Vegas Raider 34-30WIN
2020-09-13Cleveland vs BaltimoreOVER 47Baltimore 38-6LOSE
2020-02-02KC vs SFOVER 54.5KC 31-20LOSE
2020-01-19Green Bay vs San FranGreen Bay +8San Fran 37-20LOSE
2020-01-19Tennessee vs KCKC -7Kansas City 35-24WIN
2020-01-12Seattle vs Green BayGreen Bay -4Green Bay 28-23WIN
2020-01-12Seattle vs Green BayOVER 45.5Green Bay 28-23WIN
2020-01-12Houston vs KCKC -9.5KC 51-31WIN
2020-01-12Houston vs KCOVER 50.5KC 51-31WIN
2020-01-11Tennessee vs BaltimoreTennessee +10 Tennessee 28-12WIN
2020-01-11SF vs MinnesotaOVER 44.5SF 27-10LOSE
2020-01-05Seattle vs PhillyPhilly pkSeattle 17-9LOSE
2020-01-05Minnesota vs New OrleansNew Orleans -7.5Minnesota 26-20LOSE
2020-01-04Tennessee vs New EnglandNew England -4.5Tennessee 20-13LOSE
2020-01-04Buffalo vs HoustonUNDER 43.5Houston 22-19WIN
2019-12-29Washington vs DallasDallas -13Dallas 47-16WIN
2019-12-29Green Bay vs DetroitGreen Bay -12.5Green Bay 23-20LOSE
2019-12-29Cleveland vs CinciOVER 43Cinci 33-23WIN
2019-12-29Miami vs New EnglandOVER 45Miami 27-24WIN
2019-12-29LAC vs KCKC -10KC 31-21PUSH
2019-12-22Cinci vs Miami Miami +1.5Miami 38-35WIN
2019-12-22Carolina vs Indy Indy -6Indy 38-6WIN
2019-12-22Jax vs Atlanta Atlanta -7Atlanta 24-12WIN
2019-12-22PItt vs NYJNYJ +3NYJ 16-10WIN
2019-12-21LA Rams vs SFSan Fran -6.5SF 34-31WIN
2019-12-16Indy vs New Orleans Under 49New Orleans 34-7WIN
2019-12-15LA Rams vs DallasDallas +1Dallas 44-21WIN
2019-12-15Cleveland vs ArizonaOVER 49Arizona 38-24WIN
2019-12-15Minnesota vs LA ChargersLA Chargers +1.5Minnesota 39-10LOSE
2019-12-15Seattle vs CarolinaSeattle -6Seattle 30-24PUSH
2019-12-15Philly vs Washington Over 39Philly 37-27WIN
2019-12-08Baltimore vs Buffalo Buffalo + 6.5Baltimore 24-17LOSE
2019-12-08SF vs New Orleans SF +2SF 48-46WIN
2019-12-08Indy vs TBTB -3TB 38-35PUSH
2019-12-08Pittsburgh vs Arizona Arizona +2.5PItt 23-17LOSE
2019-12-08Cinci vs Cleveland OVER 42Cleveland 27-19WIN
2019-12-05Dallas vs Chicago Chicago +3Chicago 31-24WIN
2019-12-01New England vs HoustonNew England -3PENDINGLOSE
2019-12-01LAC vs DenverLAC -3PENDINGLOSE
2019-12-01Green Bay vs NYGGreen Bay -6.5PENDINGWIN
2019-11-25Baltimore vs LA RamsOver 47Baltimore 45-6WIN
2019-11-24Tampa Bay vs Atlanta Atlanta -4.5TB 35-22LOSE
2019-11-24Oakland vs NYJNYJ +3.5NYJ 34-3WIN
2019-11-24NYG vs CHICAGO Chicago -6Chicago 19-14LOSE
2019-11-18KC vs SDOver 53KC 24–17LOSE
2019-11-17Cincinnati vs OaklandOakland -11.5Oakland 17–0LOSE
2019-11-17Dallas vs DetroitDallas -6.5Dallas 36-27WIN
2019-11-17Houston vs BaltimoreOVER 51Baltimore 41-7LOSE
2019-11-17Buffalo vs MiamiOVER 40.5Buffalo 37-20WIN
2019-11-17NYJ vs Washington UNDER 38.5NYJ 34-17LOSE
2019-11-11Seattle vs San FranSeattle +6.5Seattle 27-24WIN
2019-11-10Arizona vs TBArizona+4.5TB 30-27WIN
2019-11-10Carolina vs GBGB -4Green Bay 24-16WIN
2019-11-10NYG vs NYJ Under 44.5NYJ 34-27LOSE
2019-11-03Detroit vs OaklandOakland -3Oakland 31-24WIN
2019-11-03Tampa Bay vs SeattleOVER 51Seattle 40-34WIN
2019-11-03Chicago vs PhillyPhilly -4PHilly 22-14WIN
2019-11-03Indy vs PittsburghPittsburgh -1PIttsburgh 26-24WIN
2019-10-27Carolina vs SFCarolina +5.5SF 51-13LOSE
2019-10-27NYG vs DetoitOVER 49.5Detroit 31-26WIN
2019-10-27Philly vs BuffaloBuffalo -1PHiLly 31-13LOSE
2019-10-24Washington vs Minnesota Over 42Minnesota 19-9LOSE
2019-10-21New England vs NYJOver 44New England 38-0LOSE
2019-10-20New Orleans vs ChicagoChicago -4New Orleans 36-25LOSE
2019-10-20LA Rams vs AtlantaAtlanta +3LA Rams 37-10LOSE
2019-10-20LA Rams vs Atlanta FalconsOVER 54LA Rams 37-10LOSE
2019-10-20Oakland vs GBOakland +5Green Bay 42-24LOSE
2019-10-17KC vs DenverOVER 49KC 30-6LOSE
2019-10-13Tennessee vs Denver OVER 40.5Denver 16-0LOSE
2019-10-13SF vs LARLAR -3SF 20-7LOSE
2019-10-13Cincinnati vs BaltimoreBaltimore -10.5Baltimore 24-17LOSE
2019-10-13Philly vs MinnesotaOVER 44Minnesota 38-20WIN
2019-10-13Carolina vs Tampa BayCarolina -2.5Carolina 37-26WIN
2019-10-10NYG vs NEOver 42.5NE 35-14WIN
2019-10-07Cleveland vs San FranOVER 47.5SF 31-3LOSE
2019-10-06Indy vs KCKC -10.5Indy 19-13LOSE
2019-10-06Chicago vs Raiders Oakland Raiders +6.5Oakland 24-22WIN
2019-10-06Arizona vs CinciArizona +3.5Arizona 26-23WIN
2019-10-06JAX vs CarolinaOVER 40Carolina 34-27WIN
2019-10-06Minnesota vs NYGMinnesota -5.5Minnesota 28-10WIN
2019-10-06TB vs New Orleans TB+ 3.5New Orleans 31-24LOSE
2019-09-30Cinci vs PittCinci +3.5PItt 27-3LOSE
2019-09-29JAX vs DenverJAX +3JAX 26-24WIN
2019-09-29Washington vs NYGWashington +3NYG 24-3LOSE
2019-09-29Tennessee vs AtlantaUNDER 46.5Tennessee 24-10WIN
2019-09-29LA Chargers vs MiamiMiami +14.5LAC 30-10LOSE
2019-09-29Oakland vs IndyOVER 45.5Oakland 31-24WIN
2019-09-23Chicago vs Washington Over 40.5Chicago 31-15WIN
2019-09-22Houston vs LA ChargersUNDER 49PENDINGWIN
2019-09-22Carolina vs ArizonaArizona -2.5PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-22Atlanta vs IndyAtlanta +2PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-22Miami vs DallasOVER 46.5PENDINGLOSE
2019-09-19Tennessee vs JAX OVER 38.5Jacksonville 20-7LOSE
2019-09-15New Orleans vs LA RamsLA Rams -1.5LA Rams 27-9WIN
2019-09-15KC vs Oakland RaidersKC - 7KC 28-10WIN
2019-09-15Dallas vs WashingtonDallas -5.5Dallas 31-21WIN
2019-09-15Seattle vs PittsburghOVER 47Seattle 28-26WIN
2019-09-15Indy vs TennesseeTennessee - 3Indy 19-17LOSE
2019-09-09Houston vs New Orleans OVER 52New Orleans 30-28WIN
2019-09-08SF vs TBOVER 50.5TB 31-17LOSE
2019-09-08NYG vs DallasDallas -7PENDINGWIN
2019-09-08Indy vs LA ChargersUNDER 44.5LAC 30-24LOSE
2019-09-08Buffalo vs NYJBuffalo +3Buffalo WIN
2019-02-03New England vs LA RamsLA Rams +2.5PENDINGWIN
2019-01-20New England vs Kansas City KC -3PENDINGLOSE
2019-01-20LA Rams vs New OrleansNew Orleans - 3PENDINGLOSE
2019-01-13Philly vs New Orleans Over 52New Orleans 20-14LOSE
2019-01-13SD vs NE NE -4NE 41-28WIN
2019-01-13Philly vs New Orleans New Orleans -8 New Orleans 20-14 WIN
2019-01-12Dallas vs LA Rams LA Rams -7LA Rams 30-22WIN
2019-01-12Indy vs KC Over 56.5KC 31-13LOSE
2019-01-12Indy vs KC Indy +5KC 31-13LOSE
2019-01-06Philly vs Chicago Philly +6.5Philly 16-15WIN
2019-01-06LAC vs Baltimore Baltimore -3LAC 23-17LOSE
2019-01-05Indy vs HoustonOVER 48Indy 21-7LOSE
2018-12-30Indy vs TennesseeOVER 44Indy 33-17WIN
2018-12-30Cinci vs PittsburghPittsburgh -14PIttsburgh 16-13LOSE
2018-12-30Cinci vs PittsburghOVER 45PItt 16-13LOSE
2018-12-30LA Chargers vs DenverUNDER 43.5LAC 23-9WIN
2018-12-30Chicago vs MinnesotaChicago +6Chicago 24-10WIN
2018-12-30NYJ vs NE and Jax vs HoustonNE - 7.5 and Houston -.5NE 38-3. Houston 20-3WIN
2018-12-30Dallas vs NYGNYG -6Dallas 36-35PENDING
2018-12-30Atlanta vs Tampa BayAtlanta -1.5Atlanta 34-32WIN
2018-12-23PItt vs New Orleans Over 53.5New Orleans 31-28WIN
2018-12-23Houston vs Philly Over 47PHIlly 32-30WIN
2018-12-23Green Bay vs NYJ NYJ +3Green Bay 44-38LOSE
2018-12-23Jax vs Miami Miami -3.5Jacksonville 17-7LOSE
2018-12-23Tampa Bay vs Dallas Dallas -7Dallas 27-20PUSH
2018-12-17New Orleans vs Carolina Over 50.5Saints 12-9LOSE
2018-12-16Seattle vs San FranOVER 44.5SF 26-23WIN
2018-12-16Arizona vs AtlantaOVER 44Atlanta 40-14WIN
2018-12-16Tennessee vs NYGNYG +1.5Tennessee 17-0LOSE
2018-12-16Green Bay vs ChicagoChicago - 5Chicago 24-17WIN
2018-12-16Detroit vs Buffalo UNDER 40.5Buffalo 14-13WIN
2018-12-15Houston vs NYJOVER 44Houston 29-22WIN
2018-12-13San Diego vs Kansas CityKC -3.5LAC 29-28LOSE
2018-12-09Pittsburgh vs OaklandOakland +10Oakland 24-21WIN
2018-12-09New Orleans vs Tampa BayNew Orleans -10New Orleans 28-14WIN
2018-12-09Indy vs HoustonOVER 50Indy 24-21LOSE
2018-12-09Denver vs SFDenver -3SF 20-14LOSE
2018-12-03Washington vs Philly Over 44.5PHilly 28-13LOSE
2018-12-03Washington vs Philly Philly -5.5Philly 28-13WIN
2018-12-02KC vs OaklandOVER 54KC 40-33WIN
2018-12-02San Fran vs Seattle and Carolina vs Tampa BaySeattle-4 and Carolina +2.5Seattle winner. Carolina loser LOSE
2018-12-02Denver vs CinciCinci +4Denver 24-10LOSE
2018-12-02Baltimore vs AtlantaAtlanta -2.5Baltimore 26-16LOSE
2018-11-29New Orleans vs DallasOver 51.5Dallas 13-10LOSE
2018-11-26Tennessee vs Houston Tennessee +4Houston 34-17LOSE
2018-11-25Pittsburgh vs DenverUNDER 47.5Denver 24-17WIN
2018-11-25Pittsburgh vs DenverPittsburgh -3Denver 24-17LOSE
2018-11-25Miami vs IndyMiami +9Indy 27-24WIN
2018-11-25Seattle vs CarolinaOVER 46Seattle 30-27WIN
2018-11-25New England Patriots vs NYJNE Patriots -10.5NE Pats 27-13WIN
2018-11-25NYG vs PhillyOVER 48Philly 225-22LOSE
2018-11-25SF vs Tampa Bay and Oakland vs Baltimore TB +4. Baltimore -6TB 27-9 and Baltimore 34-17WIN
2018-11-19KC vs LAR Under 63LAR 54-51LOSE
2018-11-18Philly vs New OrleansNew Orleans -7New Orleans 48-7WIN
2018-11-18Tampa Bay vs NYGOVER 52.5NYG 38-35WIN
2018-11-18Cinci vs BaltimoreOVER 43.5Baltimore 24-21WIN
2018-11-18Denver vs LA ChargersLA Chargers -7Denver 23-22LOSE
2018-11-18Tampa Bay vs NYGNYG -3NYG 38-35PUSH
2018-11-15Green Bay vs Seattle Seattle -3Seattle 27-24PUSH
2018-11-12NYG vs SFNYG +3NYG 27-23WIN
2018-11-11Dallas vs PhillyDallas +7.5Dallas 27-20WIN
2018-11-11LAC vs OaklandOVER 50LAC 20-6LOSE
2018-11-11Washington vs TBTB -3Washington 16-3LOSE
2018-11-11Detroit vs ChicagoChicago -7Chicago 34-22WIN
2018-11-11JAX vs IndyJAX + 3Indy 29-26PUSH
2018-11-04GB vs NENE -5NE 31-17WIN
2018-11-04PItt vs BaltimoreUnder 46.5PItt 23-16WIN
2018-11-04NYJ vs MiamiMiami -3Miami 13-6WIN
2018-11-04Detroit vs MinnesotaOVER 48Minnesota 24-9LOSE
2018-11-04Chicago vs BuffaloBuffalo +10.5Chicago 41-9LOSE
2018-11-04LAC vs SeattleSeattle pick emLAC 25-17LOSE
2018-11-04LA Rams vs New OrleansNew Orleans +2.5New Orleans. 45-35WIN
2018-11-01Oakland vs SFOver 44.5SF 34-3LOSE
2018-10-28Denver vs KCKC -10KC 30-23LOSE
2018-10-28Baltimore vs CarolinaOVER 43.5Carolina36-21WIN
2018-10-28Philly vs JaxPhilly -4Philly 24-18WIN
2018-10-28Seattle vs DetroitUNDER 48.5Seattle 28-14WIN
2018-10-28Indy vs OaklandOakland +3Indy 42-28LOSE
2018-10-25Miami vs HoustonHouston -7.5Houston 42-23WIN
2018-10-22NYG vs AtlantaAtlanta -4Atlanta 23-20LOSE
2018-10-21Buffalo vs IndyOver 43Indy 37-5LOSE
2018-10-21Detroit vs MiamiMiami +3Detroit 32-21LOSE
2018-10-21Cinci vs KCOVER 57KC 45-10LOSE
2018-10-21New England vs ChicagoChicago +2New England 38-31LOSE
2018-10-21Tennessee vs LACLAC -6.5LAC 20-19LOSE
2018-10-21Tennessee vs LACOVER 45SD 20-19LOSE
2018-10-18Denver vs ArizonaUNDER 42.5Denver 45-10LOSE
2018-10-15SF vs GBOver 46.5Green Bay 33-30WIN
2018-10-14Indy vs NYJNYJ -2.5NYJ 42-34WIN
2018-10-14Chicago vs MiamiMiami +7Miami 31-28WIN
2018-10-14JAX vs DallasJAX --3Dallas 40-7LOSE
2018-10-14Tampa Bay vs AtlantaOVER 57Atlanta 34-29WIN
2018-10-11Philly vs NYGOver 44.5Philly 34-13WIN
2018-10-08Washington vs New OrleansOver 51New Orleans 43-19WIN
2018-10-07Miami vs CinciCinci -6Cinci 27-17WIN
2018-10-07Green Bay vs DetroitDetroit -1Detroit 31-23WIN
2018-10-07Denver vs NYJNYJ +1NYJ 31-16WIN
2018-10-07Arizona vs SFOVER 40Arizona 28-18WIN
2018-10-07NYG vs CarolinaCarolina -6Carolina 33-31LOSE
2018-10-04Indy vs New EnglandOver 49.5New England 38-24WIN
2018-10-01KC vs DenverDenver +3.5KC 27-24LOSE
2018-09-30SF vs LAC / NYJ vs JAXLAC - 4 / JAX -1LAC 29-27 / JAX 31-12LOSE
2018-09-30Houston vs Indyindy pkHouston 37-34LOSE
2018-09-30Tampa Bay vs ChicagoChicago - 3Chicago 48-10WIN
2018-09-30New Orleans vs NYGOVER 51.5New Orleans 33-18LOSE
2018-09-30NYJ vs JAXJAX -7.5Jax 31-12WIN
2018-09-30Cincin vs AtlantaAtlanta -3.5Cinci 37-36LOSE
2018-09-24Pitt vs TBOVER 54.5PItt 30-27WIN
2018-09-24Pitt vs TBTB -1.5PItt 30-27LOSE
2018-09-23New Orleans vs AtlantaNew Orleans +2.5New Orleans 43-37WIN
2018-09-23NYG vs Houston / SF vs KCHouston pk / KC -.5Houston L. KC. WLOSE
2018-09-23Green Bay vs WashingtonWashington +3Washington 31-17WIN
2018-09-23LAC vs LAROVER 48.5LA Rams 35-23WIN
2018-09-23Tennessee vs JacksonvilleOVER 39.5Tennessee 9-6LOSE
2018-09-17Seattle vs ChicagoOVER 42.5CHICAGO 24-17LOSE
2018-09-16LA Chargers vs BuffaloLA Chargers -7LA Chargers31-20WIN
2018-09-16Indy vs Washington and Oakland vs DenverWashington - DenverLOSE
2018-09-16Carolina vs AtlantaAtlanta -6Atlanta 31-24WIN
2018-09-16Miami vs NYJMiami +3Miami 20-12WIN
2018-09-16Detroit vs SFOVER 48.5SF 30-27WIN
2018-09-13Baltimore vs CinciUnder 44.5Cincinnati 34-23LOSE
2018-09-10NYJ vs DetroitDetroit -7NYJ 48-17LOSE
2018-09-09Dallas vs CarolinaUNDER 42Carolina 16-8WIN
2018-09-09Houston vs New EnglandHouston +6.5NE 27-20LOSE
2018-09-09Seattle vs DenverSeattle +3.5Denver 27-24WIN
2018-09-09KC vs LA ChargersLA Chargers -3KC 38-28LOSE
2018-09-09Tennessee vs MiamiMiami +2Miami 27-20WIN
2018-09-09Washington vs ArizonaWashington +2.5Washington 24-6WIN
2018-09-06Atlanta vs PhillyAtlanta +2PHikky 18-12LOSE
2018-08-30Washington vs BaltimoreBaltimore -6Baltimore 30-20WIN
2018-08-25SF vs IndyIndy pkIndy 23-17WIN
2018-08-24Seattle vs MinnesotaMinnesota -3Minnesota 21-20LOSE
2018-08-24Green Bay vs OaklandOVER 38.5Oakland 13-6LOSE
2018-08-23Philly vs ClevelandCleveland -3Cleveland 5-0WIN
2018-08-11SD vs ArizonaArizona -2Arizona 24-17WIN
2018-08-11Minnesota vs DenverDenver +1minnesota 42-28LOSE
2018-08-09Cleveland vs NYGCleveland-1Cleveland 20-10WIN
2018-02-04Philly vs New EnglandPhilly +4.5Philly 41-33WIN
2018-02-04New England vs PhillyPhilly ML +170Philly 41-33WIN
2018-02-04Philly vs New EnglandPhilly +3. HalfPhilly 22-12 halfWIN
2018-02-04Philly vs New EnglandPhilly ML +140 HalfPhilly 22-12 halfWIN
2018-01-21Jax vs New EnglandOVER 45New England. 24-20LOSE
2018-01-21Minnesota vs PhillyMinnesota-3Philly 38-7LOSE
2018-01-21Jax vs New EnglandNE -7.5New England 24-20WIN
2018-01-14Jax vs PittPitt -7Jax 45-42LOSE
2018-01-14New Orleans vs MinnesotaNew Orleans +5.5Minnesota 29-24WIN
2018-01-13Atlanta vs PhillyPhilly +3Philly 15-10WIN
2018-01-13Tennessee vs New EnglandUnder 48New England 35-14LOSE
2018-01-13Atlanta vs PhillyOver 40Philly 15-10LOSE
2018-01-07Carolina vs New OrleansNew Orleans -6New Orleans 31-26LOSE
2018-01-07Buffalo vs JaxJax -8.5Jax 10-3LOSE
2017-12-31Buffalo vs MiamiOver 41Buffalo 22-16LOSE
2017-12-31Carolina vs AtlantaAtlanta-3.5Atlanta 22-10WIN
2017-12-31Jax vs TennesseeTennessee-1Tennessee 15-10WIN
2017-12-31Washington vs NYGOver 40NYG 18-10LOSE
2017-12-31Arizona vs SeattleSeattle -8.5Arizona 26-24LOSE
2017-12-25Pittsburgh vs HoustonPittsburgh -8.5PItt 34-6WIN
2017-12-25Oakland vs PhillyOver 46PHilly 19-10LOSE
2017-12-25Oakland vs PhillyOakland +10Philly 19-10WIN
2017-12-24Cleveland vs Chicagoover 37Chicago 20-3LOSE
2017-12-24Seattle vs DallasDallas -4Seattle 21-12LOSE
2017-12-24Miami vs KCOver 43.5Kansas City 29-13LOSE
2017-12-24LA Chargers vs NYJNYJ +7SD 14-7PUSH
2017-12-24Atlanta vs New OrleansNew Orleans -5New Orleans 23-13WIN
2017-12-23Indy vs BaltimoreOver 40.5Baltimore 23-16LOSE
2017-12-18Atlanta vs TBOver 48.5Atlanta 24-21LOSE
2017-12-17Green Bay vs CarolinaCarolina -3Carolina 31-24WIN
2017-12-17LA Rams vs SeattleLARams +1.5LA Rams 42-7WIN
2017-12-17Baltimore vs ClevelandCleveland +7Baltimore 27-10LOSE
2017-12-17New England vs PittPitt +2.5New England 27-24LOSE
2017-12-17Tenn vs SFTenn +1.5SF 25-23LOSE
2017-12-17Cinci vs MinnesotaOver 42Minn 34-7LOSE
2017-12-16Chicago vs DetroitDetroit -5Detroit 20-10WIN
2017-12-16LAC vs KCUNDER 46KC 30-13WIN
2017-12-14Denver vs IndyOver 40Denver 25-13LOSE
2017-12-11NE vs MiamiUnder 48.5Miami 27-20WIN
2017-12-10Detroit vs TBOver 45Detroit 24-21PUSH
2017-12-10Tennessee vs ArizonaOver 43Arizona 12-7LOSE
2017-12-10Seattle vs JaxJax -2.5Jax 30-24WIN
2017-12-10Oakland vs KCKC -4KC 26-15WIN
2017-12-10Indy vs BuffaloBuffalo -3Buffalo 13-7WIN
2017-12-10CHICAGO vs CinciOver 39CHICAGO 33-7WIN
2017-12-07New Orleans vs AtlantaAtlanta -2.5Atlanta 20-17WIN
2017-12-04Cincinnati vs PittsburghOver 43PItt 23-20PUSH
2017-12-03Denver vs MiamiMiami +2Miami 35-9WIN
2017-12-03Cleveland vs LA ChargersOVER 44LAC 19-10LOSE
2017-12-03LA Rams vs ArizonaLA Rams -7LA Rams 32-16WIN
2017-12-03Detroit vs BaltimoreDetroit +3Baltimore 44-20LOSE
2017-12-03Denver vs MiamiOVER 40Miami 35-9WIN
2017-12-03Philly vs SeattlePhilly -4Seattle 24-10LOSE
2017-12-03Houston vs TennesseeTennessee -7Tennessee 24-13WIN
2017-11-27Houston versus BaltimoreUnder 40Baltimore 23-16WIN
2017-11-26Cleveland vs CinciOVER 38Cinci 30-16WIN
2017-11-26Seattle vs SFSF +6.5Seattle 24-13LOSE
2017-11-26New Orleans vs LA RamsLA Rams -2.5LA Rams 26-20WIN
2017-11-26Denver vs OaklandOakland -4Oakland 21-14WIN
2017-11-26Chicago vs PhillyChicago +14PHilly 31-3LOSE
2017-11-26Tennessee vs IndyOVER 46Tenn 20-16LOSE
2017-11-19Green Bay vs BaltimoreBaltimore -2.5Baltimore 23-0WIN
2017-11-19Arizona vs Houstonover 38Houston 31-21WIN
2017-11-19Cincinnati vs DenverDenver -2.5Cinci 20-17LOSE
2017-11-19Detroit vs ChicagoChicago +3Detroit 27-24PUSH
2017-11-19Arizona. vs HoustonArizona +2.5Houston 31-21LOSE
2017-11-19Buffalo vs SDSD -6LA Chargers 54-24WIN
2017-11-16Tennessee vs PittPitt -7PItt 40-17WIN
2017-11-12Pittsburgh vs IndyUnder 46Pitt 20-17WIN
2017-11-12New Orleans vs BuffaloBuffalo +3New Orleans 47-10LOSE
2017-11-12NY Giants vs SFOver 42SF 31-21WIN
2017-11-12LA Chargers vs JAXJAX -5Jax 20-17LOSE
2017-11-12Green Bay vs ChicagoChicago -4Green Bay 23-16LOSE
2017-11-09Seattle vs ArizonaOver 40Seattle 22-16LOSE
2017-11-06Detroit vs Green BayOver 42.5Detroit 30-17WIN
2017-11-05Washington vs SeattleOver 45Washington 17-14LOSE
2017-11-05KC vs DallasDallas -2.5Dallas 28-17WIN
2017-11-05Indy vs HoustonUnder 45Indy 20-14WIN
2017-11-05LA Rams vs NYGOver 42LA Rams 51-17WIN
2017-11-05TB vs New OrleansTampa Bay +7New Orleans 30-10LOSE
2017-11-02Buffalo vs NYJOver 42.5NYJ 34-21WIN
2017-10-30Denver vs KCKC -7KC 29-19WIN
2017-10-29Carolina vs Tampa BayCarolina +2.5Carolina 17-3WIN
2017-10-29Chicago vs New OrleansUNDER 47New Orleans 20-12WIN
2017-10-29Indy vs CinciOVER 42Cinci 24-23WIN
2017-10-29LAC vs New EnglandOver 47New England 21-13LOSE
2017-10-29LAC vs New EnglandLAC +7New England 21-13LOSE
2017-10-29Dallas vs WashingtonDallas - 2.5Dallas 33-19WIN
2017-10-26Miami vs BaltimoreOver 37.5Baltimore 40-0WIN
2017-10-23Washington vs PhillyOVER 48.5PHikky 34-24WIN
2017-10-22Jax vs IndyJax -3Jax 27-0WIN
2017-10-22Baltimore vs MinnesotaMinnesota -4Minnesota 24-16WIN
2017-10-22Tampa Bay vs BuffaloBuffalo -3Buffalo 30-27PUSH
2017-10-22Carolina vs ChicagoUnder 41CHICAGO 17-3WIN
2017-10-22Dallas vs SFDallas -6Dallas 40-10WIN
2017-10-22Denver vs LACLAC +1.5LA Chargers 21-0WIN
2017-10-19KC vs OaklandKC -3Oakland 31-30LOSE
2017-10-16Indy vs TennesseeTennessee -6.5Tennessee 36-22WIN
2017-10-15Detroit vs New OrleansOver 49New Orleans 52-38WIN
2017-10-15Detroit vs New OrleansNew Orleans -4New Orleans 52-38WIN
2017-10-15SF vs WashingtonWashington -10.5Washington 26-24LOSE
2017-10-15Tampa Bay vs ArizonaArizona +2Arizona 38-33WIN
2017-10-15LA Chargers vs OaklandOver 49LAC 17-16LOSE
2017-10-15Pitt vs KCKC -3.5Pitt 19-13LOSE
2017-10-15Chicago vs BaltimoreChicago +6.5CHICAGO 27-24WIN
2017-10-12Philly vs CarolinaCarolina -3PhiLly 28-23LOSE
2017-10-09Minnesota vs ChicagoChicago +3.5Minnesota 20-17WIN
2017-10-08Buffalo vs CinciCinci -2.5Cinci 20-16WIN
2017-10-08Carolina vs DetroitOver 42.5Carolina 27-24WIN
2017-10-08Carolina vs DetroitDetroit - 2.5Carolina 27-24LOSE
2017-10-08Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -3Baltimore 30-17LOSE
2017-10-08LA Chargers vs NYGOver 45LA Chargers 27-22WIN
2017-10-05New England vs TBOver 54New England 19-14LOSE
2017-10-02Washington vs KCKC -7KC 29-20WIN
2017-10-02Washington vs KCOver 48KC 29-20WIN
2017-10-01NYG vs TBNYG +3Tampa Bay 25-23WIN
2017-10-01NYG vs TBOver 44TamPa Bay 25-23WIN
2017-10-01LA Rams vs DallasUnder 48.5LA Rams 35-30LOSE
2017-10-01Cinci vs ClevelandCleveland +3Cinci 31-7LOSE
2017-10-01Oakland vs DenverDenver -3Denver 16-10WIN
2017-10-01Indy vs SeattleSeattle -13Seattle 46-18WIN
2017-10-01Pittsburgh vs BaltimoreOver 42Pitt 26-9LOSE
2017-10-01Indy vs Seattleover 41.5Seattle 46-18WIN
2017-09-28CHICAGO vs Green BayCHICAGO +7GB 35-14LOSE
2017-09-25Dallas vs ArizonaDallas -3Dallas 28-17WIN
2017-09-24Houston vs New EnglandNew England -14NewEngland 36-33LOSE
2017-09-24Oakland vs WashingtonOakland -3Washington 27-10LOSE
2017-09-24Tampa Bay vs MinnesotaUNDER 39Minn 34-17LOSE
2017-09-24Cleveland vs IndyOver 42Indy 31-28WIN
2017-09-24Cinci vs Green BayGreen Bay -7Green Bay 27-24LOSE
2017-09-24Miami vs NYJOVER 43NYJ 20-6LOSE
2017-09-21LA Rams vs SFUnder 40LA Rams 41-39LOSE
2017-09-17Miami vs LACLA Chargers -3.5Miami 19-17LOSE
2017-09-17Philly vs KCKC -5KC 27-20WIN
2017-09-17Miami vs LACOVER 45Miami 19-17LOSE
2017-09-17Arizona vs IndyArizona -6.5Arizona 16-13LOSE
2017-09-17Minnesota vs PittsburghPittsburgh -6Pitt 26-9WIN
2017-09-17Chicago vs Tampa BayTampa Bay -6.5TB 29-7WIN
2017-09-17GB vs AtlantaAtlanta - 3Atlanta 34-23WIN
2017-09-14Houston vs. CinciCinci -6Houston 13-9LOSE
2017-09-11New Orleans vs MinnesotaMinnesota -3Minnesota 29-19WIN
2017-09-11LAC vs DenverOVER 42Denver 24-21WIN
2017-09-10Oakland vs TennesseeOakland +3Oakland 26-16WIN
2017-09-10Indy vs LA RamsLA Rams -4LARams 46-9WIN
2017-09-10Atlanta vs ChicagoUNDER 49Atlanta 23-17WIN
2017-09-07KC vs NEKC +8KC 42-27WIN
2017-02-05Atlanta vs New EnglandAtlanta +3NE 34-28LOSE
2017-02-05Atlanta vs New EnglandOver 58NE 34-28WIN
2017-01-22Green Bay vs AtlantaOVER 60.5Atlanta 44-21WIN
2017-01-22Pitt vs New EnglandPitt +6New England 36-17LOSE
2017-01-15Pittsburgh vs KCPittsburgh +2.5Pitt 18-16WIN
2017-01-14Seattle vs AtlantaAtlanta-6Atlanta 36-20WIN
2017-01-14Houston vs New EnglandUnder 44.5New England 34-16LOSE
2017-01-07Oakland vs HoustonUNDER 37Houston 27-14LOSE
2017-01-07Detroit vs SeattleSeattle -8Seattle 26-6WIN
2017-01-07Oakland vs HoustonHouston -3.5Houston 27-14WIN
2017-01-01Baltimore vs CinciBaltimore -1Cinci 27-10.LOSE
2017-01-01Green Bay vs DetroitOver 49.5Green Bay 31-24WIN
2017-01-01Carolina a Tampa BayTampa Bay -3TB 17-16LOSE
2017-01-01Arizona. vs LAArizona -6.5Arizona 44-10WIN
2017-01-01New Orleans vs AtlantaNew Orleans +7.5Atlanta 38-32WIN
2016-12-26Detroit vs DallasDallas -6Dallas 42-21WIN
2016-12-25Denver vs KCKC -3.5KC 33-10WIN
2016-12-24NYJ vs New EnglandOVER 45New England 41-3LOSE
2016-12-24SF vs LALA - 5.5SF 22-21LOSE
2016-12-24Tampa Bay vs New OrleansTampa Bay +3.5New Orleans 31-24LOSE
2016-12-22NYG vs PhillyOver 42Philly 24-19WIN
2016-12-19Carolina vs WashingtonWashington-7Carolina 26-15LOSE
2016-12-18Tennessee vs KCKC -6Tennessee 19-17LOSE
2016-12-18SF vs AtlantaAtlanta -14Atlanta 41-13WIN
2016-12-18SF vs AtlantaOver 51Atlanta 41-13WIN
2016-12-18Detroit. S NYGNYG -4NYG 17-6WIN
2016-12-18GB vs ChicagoChicago +4.5GreenBay 30-27WIN
2016-12-18New Orleans vs ArizonaNew Orleans +3.5New Orleans 48-41WIN
2016-12-17Miami vs NYJMiami -2.5Miami 34-13WIN
2016-12-11Cinci. Vs ClevelandCleveland +5.5Cincinnati 23-10LOSE
2016-12-11Pittsburgh vs BuffaloUnder 45 .5PItt 27-20LOSE
2016-12-11CHICAGO vs DetroitDetroit -7Detroit 20-17LOSE
2016-12-08Oakland vs KCOakland +3.5KC 21-13LOSE
2016-12-05Indianapolis versus New York JetsNYJ +1Indy 41-10LOSE
2016-12-04KC vs AtlantaAtlanta -6KC 29-28LOSE
2016-12-04Miami. Vs BaltimoreBaltimore-3.5Baltimore 38-6WIN
2016-12-04NYG vs PittsburghOver 48PItt 24-14LOSE
2016-12-04Washington vs ArizonaWashington +2.5Arizona 31-23LOSE
2016-12-01Dallas vs MinnesotaMinnesota +3Dallas 17-15WIN
2016-11-27SD. Vs HoustonSD -3SD 21-13WIN
2016-11-27Tennessee vs ChicagoTennessee-6Tennessee 27-21PUSH
2016-11-27Arizona vs AtlantaOver 51Atlanta 38-19WIN
2016-11-27KC vs Denver.Denver -3.5KC 30-27LOSE
2016-11-27Seattle vs TBUnder 47TB 14-5WIN
2016-11-24Minnesota vs DetroitDetroit -1Detroit 16-13WIN
2016-11-24Washington vs DallasOver 51Dallas31-26WIN
2016-11-21Oakland vs HoustonHouston +6.5Oakland 27-20LOSE
2016-11-20Baltimore vs DallasBaltimore + 7Dallas 27-17LOSE
2016-11-20Philly vs SeattleSeattle -6Seattle 26-15WIN
2016-11-20Miami vs LA RamsMiami -1Miami 14-10WIN
2016-11-20JAX vs DetroitUNDER 48Detroit 26-19WIN
2016-11-20Buffalo vs CinciBuffalo +2.5Buffalo 16-12WIN
2016-11-14Cinci. Vs NYGNYG Pick emNYG 21-20WIN
2016-11-13Chicago vs Tampa BayOver 45Tampa Bay 36-10WIN
2016-11-13SF vs ArizonaArizona - 13.5Arizona 23-20LOSE
2016-11-13Atlanta Vs PhillyAtlanta +1PHikky 24-15LOSE
2016-11-13Minnesota vs WashingtonWashington - 2.5Washington 26-20WIN
2016-11-13GB vs TennTenn + 3Tennessee 47-25WIN
2016-11-13Dallas vs PittDallas +3Dallas 35-30WIN
2016-11-06Tennessee vs San DiegoSan Diego -3.5SAN Diego 43-35WIN
2016-11-06Indy vs Green BayOVER 53Indy 31-26WIN
2016-11-06NY Jets vs MiamiMiami -4Miamiv27-23PUSH
2016-11-06Denver vs OaklandDenver +1Oakland 30-20LOSE
2016-11-03Atlanta vs Tampa BayAtlanta -4Atlanta 43-28WIN
2016-11-03Atlanta vs Tampa BayOver 50.5Atlanta 43-28WIN
2016-10-31Minnesota vs ChicagoMinnesota-4CHICAGO 20-10LOSE
2016-10-31Minnesota vs ChicagoOver 39.5CHICAGO 20-10LOSE
2016-10-30GB vs AtlantaAtlanta-3Atlanta 33-32LOSE
2016-10-30Seattle vs NONew Orleans +2.5New Orleans 25-20WIN
2016-10-30Arizona vs CarolinaOver 46Carolina 30-20WIN
2016-10-27Jax vs TennOver 43Tenn 36-22WIN
2016-10-27Jax vs TennTenn -3Tenn 36-22WIN
2016-10-24Houston vs DenverDenver -7.5Denver 27-9WIN
2016-10-23NYG vs LAROver 44.5NYG 17-10LOSE
2016-10-23New Orleans vs KCOver 51KC 27-21LOSE
2016-10-23Baltimore vs NYJNYJ-2.5NYJ 24-16WIN
2016-10-23Indy vs TennesseeTennessee -3Indy 34-26LOSE
2016-10-23Oakland vs JAXJAX -2.5Oakland 33-16LOSE
2016-10-23Buffalo vs MiamiMiami +2.5Miami 28-25WIN
2016-10-20Chicago vs GBGB -7.5Green Bay 26-10WIN
2016-10-17NYJ vs ArizonaUnder 46Arizona 28-3WIN
2016-10-16Cleveland vs TennesseeOVER 43Tennessee 28-26WIN
2016-10-16JAX vs ChicagoJAX +2.5Jax 17-16WIN
2016-10-16Baltimore vs NYGNYG -3NYG 27-23WIN
2016-10-16Indy vs HoustonHouston -3Houston 26-23PUSH
2016-10-16LA Rams vs DetroitLA Rams + 3Detroit 31-28PUSH
2016-10-16Philly vs WashingtonPhilly -3Washington 27-20LOSE
2016-10-09Philly vs DetroitDetroit +3.5Detroit 24-23WIN
2016-10-09Chicago vs IndyUnder 48Indy 29-23LOSE
2016-10-09Washington vs BaltimoreWashington +4Washington 16-10WIN
2016-10-09Chicago vs IndyIndy -4.5Indy 29-23WIN
2016-10-06Arizona vs SFArizona - 3.5Arizona 33-21WIN
2016-10-06Arizona vs SFUNDER 43Arizona 33-21LOSE
2016-10-03NYG vs MinnMinn -4.5Minnesota 24-10WIN
2016-10-03NYG vs MinnesotaUnder 42.5Minnesota 24-10WIN
2016-10-02KC vs PittOver 47PItt 43-14WIN
2016-10-02LAR vs ArizonaArizona -8LAR 17-13LOSE
2016-10-02Detroit vs ChicagoDetroit -3Chicago 17-14LOSE
2016-10-02Cleveland vs WashingtonOver 47Washington 31-20WIN
2016-10-02Dallas at SFSF +2Dallas 24-17LOSE
2016-09-29Miami vs CInciCinci -7.5Cinci 22-7WIN
2016-09-26Atlanta vs NOOver 53.5Atlanta 45-32WIN
2016-09-25Detroit vs GBUnder 47Green Bay 34-27LOSE
2016-09-25Minnesota vs CarolinaOver 41.5Minnesota 22-10LOSE
2016-09-25Chicago vs DallasOver 44Dallas 31-17WIN
2016-09-25Minnesota can CarolinaCarolina - 7Minnesota 22-10LOSE
2016-09-25Baltimore vs JaxJax +1Baltimore 19-17LOSE
2016-09-25Arizona vs BuffaloBuffalo +4Buffalo 33-18WIN
2016-09-25Denver vs CinciCinci -3Denver 29-17LOSE
2016-09-22Houston vs New EnglandHouston +1NE 27-0LOSE
2016-09-19Philly vs ChicagoUnder 43PHilly 29-14PUSH
2016-09-18New Orleans vs NYGNew Orleans +4NYG 16-13WIN
2016-09-18GB vs MinnesotaUnder 43Minnesota 17-14WIN
2016-09-18TB vs ArizonaArizona -7Arizona 40-7WIN
2016-09-18KC vs HoustonHouston-1Houston 19-12WIN
2016-09-18Dallas vs WashingtonWashington -3Dallas 27-23LOSE
2016-09-18SF vs CarolinaUCarolina -12.5Carolina 46-27WIN
2016-09-15NYJ vs BuffaloBuffalo -1NYJ 37-31LOSE
2016-09-12LA vs SFLA -2.5SF 28-0LOSE
2016-09-12Pitt vs WashingtonOver 48.5PItt 38-16WIN
2016-09-11Buffalo vs BaltimoreOver 44Baltimore 13-7LOSE
2016-09-11Chicago vs HoustonHouston -4.5Houston 23-14WIN
2016-09-11Detroit vs IndyDetroit +3Detroit 39-35WIN
2016-09-11GB vs JaxOver 47.5GB 27-23WIN
2016-09-08Carolina vs DenverCarolina -2.5Denver 21-20LOSE
2016-02-07Carolina vs Denverover 44Denver 24-10LOSE
2016-02-07Carolina vs DenverDenver +5.5Denver 24-10WIN
2016-01-24New England vs DenverDenver +3Denver 20-18WIN
2016-01-24Arizona vs CarolinaArizona +3Carolina 49-15LOSE
2016-01-24Arizona vs Carolinaover 47Carolina 49-15WIN
2016-01-24New England vs DenverUnder 44.5Denver 20-18WIN
2016-01-03NYJ vs BuffaloBuffalo +3Buffalo 22-17WIN
2016-01-03New Orleans vs AtlantaUnder 53.5NO 20-17WIN
2015-12-28Cinci vs DenverDenver -4Denver 20-17LOSE
2015-12-27SF vs DetroitDetroit -8Detroit 32-17WIN
2015-12-27NE vs NYJNYJ +3NYJ 26-20WIN
2015-12-27St. Louis vs SeattleSt. Louis +12St Louis 23-17WIN
2015-12-27Pittsburgh vs BaltimorePitt -10Baltimore 20-17LOSE
2015-12-27JAX vs New OrleansNO -2New Orleans 38-27WIN
2015-12-27Indy vs MiamiUnder 44.5Indy 18-12WIN
2015-12-21Detroit vs NOOver 51.5Detroit 35-27WIN
2015-12-20Cleveland vs SeattleCleveland +14.5Seattle 30-13LOSE
2015-12-20Atlanta vs JAXAtlanta +4Atlanta 23-17WIN
2015-12-20KC vs BaltimoreKC -6.5KC 34-14WIN
2015-12-20Cinci vs SFUNDER 41Cinci 24-14WIN
2015-12-19NYJ vs DallasDallas +3.5NYJ 19-16WIN
2015-12-17TB vs St LouisSt Louis -2St Louis 31-23WIN
2015-12-14NYG vs MiamiUnder 47.5NYG 31-24LOSE
2015-12-14NYG vs MiamiMiami +1.5NYG 31-24LOSE
2015-12-13Pitt vs CinciPitt +2.5PItt 33-20WIN
2015-12-13Tenn vs NYJNYJ -7NYJ 30-8WIN
2015-12-13Dallas vs GBGB -6GB 28-7WIN
2015-12-13Seattle vs BaltimoreSeattle -10Seattle 35-6WIN
2015-12-10Minnesota vs ArizonaArizona -10.5Arizona 23-20LOSE
2015-12-07Dallas vs WashingtonDallas +3Dallas 19-16WIN
2015-12-07Dallas vs WashingtonOver 42.5Dallas 19-16LOSE
2015-12-06KC vs OaklandKC -3KC 34-20WIN
2015-12-06Indy vs PittPitt - 7PItt 45-10WIN
2015-12-06Atlanta vs TBOver 46TB 23-19LOSE
2015-12-06Philly vs NEPhilly +8Philly 35-28WIN
2015-12-03Green Bay vs DetroitGB -2GB 27-23WIN
2015-11-30Baltimore vs ClevelandOver 41Baltimore 33-27WIN
2015-11-29nYG vs WashingtonWashington +3Washington 20-14WIN
2015-11-29Arizona vs SFOver 45Arizona 19-13LOSE
2015-11-29NE vs DenverDenver +3Denver 30-24WIN
2015-11-29Oakland vs TennTenn +1.5Oakland 24-21LOSE
2015-11-29Minn vs AtlantaAtlanta -2.5Minn 20-10LOSE
2015-11-29New Orleans vs HoustonNO +3Houston 24-6LOSE
2015-11-29SD vs JaxSD +5SD 31-25WIN
2015-11-26Chicago vs GBChicago +8.5Chicago 17-13WIN
2015-11-23Buffalo vs NEUNDER 48NE 20-13WIN
2015-11-22St. Louis vs BaltimoreBaltimore -2.5Baltimore 16-13WIN
2015-11-22NYJ vs HoustonNYJ -3Houston 24-17LOSE
2015-11-22KC vs SDSD +3KC 33-3LOSE
2015-11-22Denver vs ChicagoChicago +2Denver 17-15PUSH
2015-11-22TB vs PhillyPhilly -6TB 45-17LOSE
2015-11-22Cinci vs ArizonaArizona 4Arizona 34-31LOSE
2015-11-19Tennessee vs JaxOver 41.5Jax 19-13LOSE
2015-11-15New England vs NYGUnder 54.5New England 27-26WIN
2015-11-15Dallas vs TBDallas +1Tampa Bay 10-6LOSE
2015-11-15New Orleans vs WashingtonWashington -1Washington 47-14WIN
2015-11-15Jax vs BaltimoreBaltimore -4.5Jacksonville 22-20LOSE
2015-11-15Arizona vs SeattleArizona +3Arizona 39-32WIN
2015-11-15Minnesota vs Oaklandover 43.5Minnesota 30-14WIN
2015-11-15Miami vs PhillyPhilly -6Miami 20-19LOSE
2015-11-12Buffalo vs NYJNYJ -2Buffalo 22-17LOSE
2015-11-08Jacksonville vs NYJNYJ -8NYJ 28-23LOSE
2015-11-08Philly vs DallasDallas +3Philly 33-27LOSE
2015-11-08Miami vs BuffaloUnder 44Buffalo 33-17LOSE
2015-11-08St. Louis vs MinnesotaSt. Louis +2Minnesota 21-18LOSE
2015-11-08Washington vs New EnglandWashington +14NE 27-10LOSE
2015-11-08NYG vs TBTB +2NYG 32-18LOSE
2015-11-05Cleveland vs CinciOver 45Cinci 31-10LOSE
2015-11-02Indy vs CarolinaIndy +5.5Carolina 29-26WIN
2015-11-01GB vs Denverover 45Denver 20-10LOSE
2015-11-01Arizona vs ClevelandOver 46Arizona 34-20WIN
2015-11-01Seattle vs DallasDallas +4.5Seattle 13-12WIN
2015-11-01Cinci vs PittPitt +1Cinci 16-10LOSE
2015-11-01SF vs St LouisSt. Louis -7.5St. Louis 27-6WIN
2015-11-01Minnesota vs DaBearsDaBears Chicago + 1Minnesota 23-20LOSE
2015-10-29Miami vs NEMiami +8NE 36-7LOSE
2015-10-26Baltimore vs ArizonaOver 49Arizona 26-18LOSE
2015-10-25Houston vs MiamiMiami -4Miami 44-26WIN
2015-10-25NYJ vs NENYJ +7.5NE 30-23WIN
2015-10-25TB vs WashibgtonOver 42.5Washington 31-30WIN
2015-10-25PHilly vs CarolinaCarolina -3Carolina 27-16WIN
2015-10-25Minn vs DetroitMinnesota -1Minnesota 28-19WIN
2015-10-22Seattle vs SFSF +6.5Seattle 20-3LOSE
2015-10-19NYG. Vs PhillyPHilly -3.5PHilly 27-7WIN
2015-10-19NYG vs PhillyUnder 51.5Philly 27-7WIN
2015-10-18Houston vs JAXJax -2.5Houston 31-20LOSE
2015-10-18SD vs GBGB -10GB 27-20LOSE
2015-10-18Chicago vs DetroitChicago +3.5Detroit 37-34WIN
2015-10-18Miami vs TennMiami +2Miami 38-10WIN
2015-10-18Washington vs NYJNYJ -7NYJ 34-20WIN
2015-10-18Washington vs NYJNYJ -7NYJ 34-20WIN
2015-10-18Cinci vs BuffaloBuffalo +3Prince 34-21LOSE
2015-10-18KC vs MinnUnder 43Minn 16-10WIN
2015-10-18Baltimore vs SFSF +2.5SF 25-20WIN
2015-10-15Atlanta vs New OrleansAtlanta -3.5NewxOrleans 31-21LOSE
2015-10-11Washington vs AtlantaAtlanta -7Atlanta 25-19LOSE
2015-10-11Seattle vs CinciUnder 43.5Cinci 27-24LOSE
2015-10-11Chicago Bears vs KCOver 45Chicago 18-17LOSE
2015-10-11Denver vs OaklandOakland +4Denver 16-10LOSE
2015-10-11Jax vs TBJAX +2.5TB 38-31LOSE
2015-10-08Indy vs HoustonOver 41Indy 27-20WIN
2015-10-05Detroit vs SeattleUnder 43Seattle 13-10WIN
2015-10-04Oakland vs ChicagoChicago +3.5Chicago 22-20WIN
2015-10-04Houston vs AtlantaOver 47Atlanta 48-21WIN
2015-10-04Houston vs AtlantaAtlanta -5.5Atlanta 48-21WIN
2015-10-04Minnesota vs DenverDenver -7Denver 23-20LOSE
2015-10-04St Louis vs ArizonaArizona -7St Louis 24-22LOSE
2015-10-04Carolina vs TBCarolina -3Carolina 37-23WIN
2015-10-01Baltimore vs PittsburghBaltimore -2.5Baltimore 23-20WIN
2015-09-28KC vs GBover 48GB 38-28WIN
2015-09-27Atlanta vs DallasUnder 44Atlanta 39-28LOSE
2015-09-27SF vs ArizonaSF +6.5Arizona 47-7LOSE
2015-09-27Chicago vs SeattleUnder 43.5Seattle 26-0WIN
2015-09-27PHilly vs NYJNYJ -1PHilly 24-17LOSE
2015-09-27Atlanta vs DallasAtlanta -1Atlanta 39-28WIN
2015-09-27Cinci vs Baltimore.Cinci +2.5Cinci 28-24WIN
2015-09-24Washington vs NYGNYG -3NYG 32-21WIN
2015-09-21NYJ vs IndyIndy -6NYJ 20-7LOSE
2015-09-21NYJ vs IndyOver 45.5NYJ 20-7LOSE
2015-09-20SD vs CinciOver 47.5Cinci 24-19LOSE
2015-09-20St. Louis vs WashingtonWashington +3Washington 24-10WIN
2015-09-20SD vs CinciCinci -3Cincinnati 24-19WIN
2015-09-20Seattle vs GBGB -3Green Bay 27-17WIN
2015-09-20SF vs PittOver 45.5Pitt 43-18WIN
2015-09-20Dallas vs PhillyUnder 55Dallas 20-10WIN
2015-09-17Denver vs KCKC -3Denver 31-24LOSE
2015-09-17Denver vs KCUnder 42.5Denver 31-24LOSE
2015-09-14Philly vs AtlantaUnder 55Atlanta 26-24WIN
2015-09-14Minnesota vs SFUnder 42SF 20-3WIN
2015-09-14Minn vs SFMinn -2SF 20-3LOSE
2015-09-13Indy vs BuffaloBuffalo +2.5Buffalo 27-14WIN
2015-09-13Detroit vs SDSD -2.5SD 33-28WIN
2015-09-13New Orleans vs ArizonaUnder 48.5Arizona 31-19LOSE
2015-09-13Baltimore vs DenverBaltimore +4.5Denver 19-13LOSE
2015-09-10PItt vs NEPItt +7NE 28-21PUSH
2015-09-03Oakland vs SeattleOakland +3.5Seattke 31-21LOSE
2015-08-24Cinci vs TBCinci +2.5TB 25-11LOSE
2015-08-23St Louis vs TennesseeSt Louis +2.5Tennessee 27-14LOSE
2015-08-23GB vs PittOver 40.5PItt 24-19WIN
2015-08-23Dallas vs SFUnder 40SF 23-6WIN
2015-08-22JAX vs NYGNYG -2.5NYG 22-12WIN
2015-08-21Atlanta vs NYJAtlanta +1NYJ 30-22LOSE
2015-08-20Detroit vs WashingtonWashington -2.5Washington 21-17WIN
2015-02-01Seattle vs NENE +1NE 28-24WIN
2015-02-01Seattle vs NEOver 47NE 28-24WIN
2015-01-18Green Bay vs SeattleOVER 45.5Seattle 28-22WIN
2015-01-18Indy vs New EnglandUNDER 53.5New England 45-7WIN
2015-01-18Indy vs New EnglandNew England -6.5New England 45-7WIN
2015-01-11Dallas vs GBDallas +6Green Bay 26-21WIN
2015-01-11Indy vs DenverDenver -7Indy 24-13LOSE
2015-01-10Baltimore vs New EnglandNew England -7New England 35-31LOSE
2015-01-10Carolina vs SeattleSeattle -11.5Seattle 31-17WIN
2015-01-04Cinci vs IndyCinci +4Indy 26-10LOSE
2015-01-04Detroit vs DallasUnder 48.5Dallas 24-20WIN
2015-01-03Arizona vs CarolinaCarolina -5.5Carolina 27-16WIN
2015-01-03Baltimore vs PittBaltimore +3Baltimore 30-17WIN
2014-12-28Jax vs HoustonOver 38.5Houston 23-17WIN
2014-12-28SD vs KCOver 41KC 19-7LOSE
2014-12-28Philly vs NYGNYG -1Philly 34-26LOSE
2014-12-28NYJ vs MiamiMiami -7NYJ 37-24LOSE
2014-12-28New Orleans vs TBOver 46.5New Orkeans 23-20LOSE
2014-12-28Detroit vs GBGB -7.5Green Bay 30-20WIN
2014-12-22Denver vs CinciDenver -3Cinci 37-28LOSE
2014-12-21Baltimore vs HoustonBaltimore -5Houston 25-13LOSE
2014-12-21NYG vs St LouisNYG +6.5NYG 37-27WIN
2014-12-21Indy vs DallasDallas -3Dallas 42-7WIN
2014-12-21KC vs PittOver 47.5PItt 20-12LOSE
2014-12-21Atlanta vs New OrleansAtlanta +6.5Atlanta 30-14WIN
2014-12-21Detroit vs ChicagoChicago +8.5Detroit 20-14WIN
2014-12-21Seattle vs ArizonaUnder 36Seattle 36-6LOSE
2014-12-20SD vs SFSD +1.5SD 38-35WIN
2014-12-15New Orleans vs ChicagoChicago +3NO 31-15LOSE
2014-12-15New Orleans vs Chicago.Over 53.5NO 31-15LOSE
2014-12-14Pitt vs AtlantaAtlanta +3Pitt 27-20LOSE
2014-12-14Oakland vs KCKC -10KC 31-13WIN
2014-12-14Miami vs NENE -7NE 41-13WIN
2014-12-14GB vs BuffaloUnder 50Buffalo 21-13WIN
2014-12-14TB vs CarolinaUnder 41.5Carolina 19-17WIN
2014-12-14Minn vs DetroitOver 41Detroit 16-14LOSE
2014-12-14Dallas vs PhillyPhilly -3Dallas 38-27LOSE
2014-12-08Atlanta vs GBAtlanta +13.5GB 43-37WIN
2014-12-07Pitt vs CinciCinci -3PItt 42-21LOSE
2014-12-07StLouis vs WashingtonStLouis -2.5St. Louis 24-0WIN
2014-12-07Seattle vs PhillyPhilly pick emSeattle 24-14LOSE
2014-12-07NYJ vs MinnesotaOver 40Minn 30-24WIN
2014-12-07Buffalo vs DenverDenver -9.5Denver 24-17LOSE
2014-12-04Dallas vs ChicagoChicago +4Dallas 41-28LOSE
2014-12-01Miami vs NYJMiami -6.5Miami 16-13LOSE
2014-12-01Miami vs NYJOver 41.5Miami 16-13LOSE
2014-11-30Washington vs IndyIndy -9Indy 49-27WIN
2014-11-30SD vs BaltimoreBaltimore -6.5SD 34-33LOSE
2014-11-30NO vs PittOver 54NO 35-32WIN
2014-11-30Carolina vs MinnOver 42.5Minn 31-13WIN
2014-11-30NYG vs JaxJax +3.5JAX 25-24WIN
2014-11-30Oakland vs St LouisSt Louis -6.5St Louis 52-0WIN
2014-11-27Chicago Bears vs Detroit LionsDetroit - 7Detroit 34-17WIN
2014-11-24Baltimore vs New OrleansNO -2.5Baltimore 34-27LOSE
2014-11-23Jacksonville vs IndyIndy -13.5Indy 23-3WIN
2014-11-23Jacksonville vs IndyUNDER 50.5Indy 23-3WIN
2014-11-23Detroit vs New EnglandNew England - 7New England 34-9WIN
2014-11-23Miami vs DenverDenver -7Denver 39-36LOSE
2014-11-23St. Louis vs San DiegoSt. Louis +5.5SD 27-24WIN
2014-11-23Cinci vs HoustonOver 43.5Cinci 22-13LOSE
2014-11-20KC vs OaklandOakland +7Oakland 24-20WIN
2014-11-17Pitt vs TennTenn +6Pittsburgh 27-24WIN
2014-11-16Oakland vs SDSD - 10SD 13-6LOSE
2014-11-16Detroit vs ArizonaUNDER 42Arizona 14-6WIN
2014-11-16Denver vs St LouisOVER 51St Louis 22-7LOSE
2014-11-16Philly vs GBGB - 5.5GB 53-20WIN
2014-11-16Seattle vs KCUnder 42.5KC 24-20LOSE
2014-11-16Minnesota vs ChicagoChicago -2.5Chicago 21-13WIN
2014-11-10Carolina vs PhillyUnder. 48.5PHilly 45-21LOSE
2014-11-09Dallas vs JAXUNDER 45.5Dallas 31-17LOSE
2014-11-09Miami vs DetroitMiami +3Detroit 20-16LOSE
2014-11-09KC vs BuffaloOVER 42KC 17-13LOSE
2014-11-09SF vs New OrleansNew Orleans -6SF 27-24LOSE
2014-11-09Atlanta vs TBAtlanta -2.5Atlanta 27-17WIN
2014-11-09Tennessee vs BaltimoreBaltimore - 10Baltimore 21-7WIN
2014-11-06Cleveland vs CinciOver 44.5Cleveland 24-3LOSE
2014-11-03Indy vs NYGUnder 50.5InDy 40-24LOSE
2014-11-02Jacksonville vs CinciOver 43.5Cinci 33-23WIN
2014-11-02SD vs MiamiSD +2Miami 37-0LOSE
2014-11-02Washington vs MinnUnder 43.5Minn 29-26LOSE
2014-11-02St. Louis vs SFSF -9.5St. Louis 13-10LOSE
2014-11-02Philly vs HoustonPhilly -1PHikly 31-21WIN
2014-11-02Arizona vs DallasOver 44Arizona 28-17WIN
2014-10-30New Orleans vs CarolinaNew Orleans -3New OrLeans 28-10WIN
2014-10-27Washington vs DallasUnder 49.5Washington 20-17WIN
2014-10-26St. Louis vs Kansas CitySt. Louis +7KC 34-7LOSE
2014-10-26Baltimore vs CinciUNDER 45.5Cinci 27-24LOSE
2014-10-26Indy vs PittsburghIndy -3.5PItt 51-34LOSE
2014-10-26Philly vs ArizonaPhilly +1.5Arizona 24-20LOSE
2014-10-26Green Bay vs New OrleansNew Orleans -2.5PENDINGPENDING
2014-10-26Houston vs TennesseeHouston -3Houston 30-17WIN
2014-10-26Buffalo vs NYJOver 40.5Buffalo 43-23WIN
2014-10-23SD vs DenverUnder 51Denver 35-21LOSE
2014-10-20Houston vs PittHouston +3Pitt 30-23LOSE
2014-10-19Miami vs ChicagoOver 48Miami 27-14LOSE
2014-10-19Atlanta vs BaltimoreBaltimore -6.5Baltimore 29-7WIN
2014-10-19Minnesota vs BuffaloBuffalo -5.5Buffalo 17-16PENDING
2014-10-19KC vs SDKC +3.5KC 23-20WIN
2014-10-19Cinci vs IndyINdy -3Indy 27-0WIN
2014-10-16NYJ vs New EnglandOver 44.5New England 27-25WIN
2014-10-13SF vs St LouisOver 43.5SF 31-17WIN
2014-10-12Denver vs NYJNYJ +9.5Denver 31-17LOSE
2014-10-12SD vs OaklandOakland +7SD 31-28WIN
2014-10-12GB vs MiamiUnder 49GB 27-24LOSE
2014-10-12Jax vs TennOver 42Tenn 16-14LOSE
2014-10-12NE vs BuffaloBuffalo +2.5NE 37-22LOSE
2014-10-09Indy vs HoustonUnder 46.5Indy 33-28LOSE
2014-10-06Seattle vs WashingtonWashington +7.5Seattle 27-17LOSE
2014-10-06Seattle vs WashingtonUnder 45.5Seattle 27-17WIN
2014-10-05Pittsburgh vs JAXUNDER 47.5Pitt 17-9WIN
2014-10-05KC vs SFSF -4.5SF 22-17WIN
2014-10-05Houston vs DallasHouston + 6.5Dallas 20-17WIN
2014-10-05Baltimore vs INDYIndy -3Indy 20-13WIN
2014-10-05Atlanta vs NYGOver 50NYG 30-20PUSH
2014-10-02Minn vs GBOver 47GB 42-10WIN
2014-09-28GB vs ChicagoOver 51Green Bay. 38-17WIN
2014-09-28Jax vs SDUnder 45.5Sad 33-14LOSE
2014-09-28Buffalo vs HoustonHouston. -2.5Houston 23-17WIN
2014-09-28Carolina vs BaltimoreBaltimore -3Baltimore 38-10WIN
2014-09-25NYG vs WashingtonOver 46NYG 45-14WIN
2014-09-22Chicago vs NYJ.Chicago +1Chicago 27-19WIN
2014-09-22Chicago vs NYJOver 45Chicago 27-19WIN
2014-09-21KC vs MiamiMiami -3.5KC 34-15LOSE
2014-09-21GB vs DetroitOver 52Detroit 19-7LOSE
2014-09-21Baltimore vs Cleveland.Over 41Baltimore 23-21WIN
2014-09-21Dallas vs St LouisDallas -1.5Dallas 34-31WIN
2014-09-18TB vs AtlantaUnder 46Atlanta 56-14LOSE
2014-09-15Philly vs IndyOver 53.5PHikly 30-27WIN
2014-09-14Dallas vs TennesseeTennessee - 3Dallas 26-10LOSE
2014-09-14Seattle vs San DiegoSan Diego + 4.5Sam Diego 30-21WIN
2014-09-14Miami vs BuffaloBuffalo -1Buffalo 29-10WIN
2014-09-14Dallas vs TennesseeUNDER 49.5Dallas 26-10WIN
2014-09-14Atlanta vs CinciCinci -5.5Cinci 24-10WIN
2014-09-14New England vs MinnOVER 48NE 30-7LOSE
2014-09-11Pitt vs BaltimoreOver 45Baltimore 26-6LOSE
2014-09-08NYG vs DetroitDetroit -4.5Detroit 35-14WIN
2014-09-08SD vs ArizOver 45Arizona 18-17LOSE
2014-09-07Carolina vs TBTB -2.5Carolina 20-14LOSE
2014-09-07Tennessee vs KCKC -3Tennessee 26-10LOSE
2014-09-07New Orleans vs AtlantaOver 50.5Atl 37-34WIN
2014-09-07Buffalo vs ChicagoChicago -7Buffalo 23-20LOSE
2014-09-04GB vs SeattleSeattle -5.5Seattle 36-16WIN
2014-08-23Minn vs KCKC -3.5Minn 30-12LOSE
2014-08-22NYG vs NYJ.NYJ -1NYG 35-24LOSE
2014-08-22Chicago vs SeattleChicago +7Seattle 34-6LOSE
2014-08-18Cleveland vs WashingtonCleveland +2.5Washington 24-23WIN
2014-08-16Arizona vs MinnesotaOver 41Minnestia 30-28WIN
2014-08-08Miami vs AtlantaAtlanta -3.5Atlanta 16-10WIN
2014-08-07Indy vs NYJNYJ -3.5NYJ 13-10LOSE
2014-08-07Cinci vs KCCinci +2.5KC 41-39WIN
2014-08-03NYG vs BuffakoBuffalo -3NYG 17-13LOSE
2014-02-02Seattle vs DenverSeattle +2.5Seattle 43-8WIN
2014-02-02Seattle vs DenverUNDER 47.5Seattle 43-8LOSE
2014-01-12SF vs CarolinaCarolina +1SF 23-10LOSE
2014-01-12SF vs CarolinaOVER 41SF 23-10LOSE
2014-01-12SD vs DenverSD +8Denver 24-17WIN
2014-01-11New Orleans vs SeattleNew Orleans +9Seattle 23-15WIN
2014-01-11Indy vs New EnglandNew England -7New England 43-22WIN
2014-01-05SF vs Green BayGreen Bay +3SF 23-20PUSH
2014-01-05SD vs CinciCinci -7SD 27-10LOSE
2014-01-04KC vs IndyIndy -1Indy 45-44PUSH
2014-01-04New Orleans vs PhillyNew Orleans +3New Orleans 26-24WIN
2014-01-04KC vs IndyUNDER 46Indy 45-44LOSE
2013-12-29Carolina vs AtlantaAtlanta +6.5Carllina 21-20WIN
2013-12-29NYJ vs MiamiMiami -6.5NYJ 20-7LOSE
2013-12-29TB vs New OrleansNew Orleans -11New Orleans 42-17WIN
2013-12-29KC vs SDKC +9SD 27-24WIN
2013-12-29Detroit vs MinnOver 50.5Minn 14-13LOSE
2013-12-23Atlanta vs SFAtlanta +14.5Sad 34-24WIN
2013-12-22Dallas vs WashingtonWashington +3Dallas 24-23WIN
2013-12-22Chicago vs PhillyOVER 55PHikky 54-11WIN
2013-12-22Tampa Bay vs St LouisSt. Louis -4St. Louis 23-13WIN
2013-12-22Dallas vs WashingtonOVER 53Dallas 24-23LOSE
2013-12-22Arizona vs SeattleSeattle -10Arizona 17-10LOSE
2013-12-22Minnesota vs CinciMinnesota +9.5Cinci 42-14LOSE
2013-12-15Green Bay vs DallasUNDER 49Green Bay 37-36LOSE
2013-12-15New England vs MiamiMiami -1Miami 24-20WIN
2013-12-15Arizona vs TennesseeTennessee +2.5Arizona 37-34LOSE
2013-12-15NYJ vs CarolinaCarolina -10Carolina 30-20PUSH
2013-12-12San Diego vs DenverDenver -10SD 27-20LOSE
2013-12-12San Diego vs DenverOVER 56.5SD 27-20LOSE
2013-12-09Dallas vs ChicagoOver 49Chicago 45-28WIN
2013-12-09Dallas vs ChicagoChicago -1Chicago 45-28WIN
2013-12-08Minn vs BaltimoreBaltimore -6Baltimore 29-25LOSE
2013-12-08Tenn vs DenverOver 48.5Denver 51-28WIN
2013-12-08NYG vs SDOver 47SD 37-14WIN
2013-12-08Seattle vs SFSF -2.5SF 19-17LOSE
2013-12-05Houston vs JaxJax +3Jax 27-20WIN
2013-12-05Houston vs JaxOver 42.5Jax 27-20WIN
2013-12-02New Orleans vs SeattleUnder 48Seattle 34-7WIN
2013-12-01Arizona vs PhillyPhilly -3PHilky 24-21PUSH
2013-12-01Tennessee vs IndyIndy -3.5Indy 22-14WIN
2013-12-01Cinci vs San DiegoSan Diego -1Cinci 17-10LOSE
2013-12-01Miami vs NYJMiami +2.5Miami 23-3WIN
2013-12-01Chicago vs MinnesotaUnder 50Minn 23-20WIN
2013-11-28Pitt vs BaltimoreBaltimore -3Baltimore 22-20LOSE
2013-11-25SF vs WashingtonUNDER 46SF 27-6WIN
2013-11-24Dallas vs NYGNYG -2.5Dallas 24-21LOSE
2013-11-24NYJ vs BaltimoreBaltimore - 3Baltimore 19-3WIN
2013-11-24Chicago vs St LouisSt Louis -1St. Louis 42-21WIN
2013-11-24Minn vs GBMinn +5.5Minn / GB. 26-26WIN
2013-11-24TB vs DetroitDetroit - 7.5TB 24-21LOSE
2013-11-24Tenn vs OaklandOver 41Tenn 23-19WIN
2013-11-21New Orleans vs AtlantaNew Orleans -9New Orleans 17-13LOSE
2013-11-18New England vs CarolinaCarolina -3Carolina 24-20WIN
2013-11-18New England vs CarolinaOver 47Carolina 24-20LOSE
2013-11-17Oakland vs HoustonHouston - 9Oakland 28-23LOSE
2013-11-17Atlanta vs TBOVER 43.5TB 41-28WIN
2013-11-17SF vs New OrleansNew Orleans - 3New Orleans 23-20PUSH
2013-11-17Green Bay vs NYGNYG -4NYG 27-13WIN
2013-11-17Minnesota vs SeattleSeattle - 12Seattle 41-20WIN
2013-11-17KC vs DenverKC +7.5Denver 27-17LOSE
2013-11-14Indy vs TennIndy -2.5Indy 30-27WIN
2013-11-10Philly vs Green BayGreen Bay +1PHilly 27-13LOSE
2013-11-10Jacksonville vs TennesseeOVER 41.5Jacksonville 29-27WIN
2013-11-10Seattle vs AtlantaAtlanta +4Seattle 33-10LOSE
2013-11-10Oakland vs NYGNYG - 7NYG 24-20LOSE
2013-11-10Houston vs ArizonaArizona -3Arizona 27-24PUSH
2013-11-10Dallas vs New OrleansNew Orleans -6.5New Orleans 49-17WIN
2013-11-07Washington vs MinnMinnesota +1Minn 34-27WIN
2013-11-04Chicago vs GBUnder 50.5Chicago 27-20WIN
2013-11-03Atlanta vs CarolinaOVER 45Carolina 34-10LOSE
2013-11-03SD vs WashingtonWashington -1Washington 30-24WIN
2013-11-03Indy vs HoustonIndy -1Indy 27-24WIN
2013-11-03Minn vs DallasUNDER 49.5Dallas 27-23LOSE
2013-10-31Cinci vs MiamiMiami +3Miami 22-20WIN
2013-10-28Seattle vs St LouisUNDER 44SeaTtle 14-9WIN
2013-10-27sF vs JacksonvilleOver 40.5Jax 42-10WIN
2013-10-27Dallas vs DetroitDetroit -3Detroit 31-30LOSE
2013-10-27NYJ vs CinciCinci -5Cinci 49-9WIN
2013-10-27Buffalo vs New OrleansUnder 48New Orkeans 35-17LOSE
2013-10-27Miami vs New EnglandOver 45NE 27-17LOSE
2013-10-27Washington vs DenverDenver -11Denver 45-21WIN
2013-10-27Atlanta vs ArizonaArizona -3Ariz 27-13WIN
2013-10-24Carolina vs TBOVER 40Carolina 31-13WIN
2013-10-21Minn vs NYGNYG -3.5NYG 23-7WIN
2013-10-20Dallas vs PhillyPhilly -3Dallas 17-3LOSE
2013-10-20Tampa Bay vs AtlantaUNDER 43Atlanta 31-23LOSE
2013-10-20Houston vs KCKC - 6KC 17-16LOSE
2013-10-20St. Louis vs CarolinaCarolina - 7Carolina 30-15WIN
2013-10-20Cincinnati vs DetroitCinci +2Cinci 27-24WIN
2013-10-14Indy vs SDIndy -1SD 19-9LOSE
2013-10-13Carolina vs MinnesotaMinnesota - 1.5Carolina 35-10LOSE
2013-10-13New Orleans vs New EnglandNew Orleans +2NE 30-27LOSE
2013-10-13Washington vs DallasOVER 52.5Dallas31-16LOSE
2013-10-13Philly vs TBOVER 45.5Philly 31-20WIN
2013-10-13Tennessee vs SeattleSeattle - 12.5Seattle 20-13LOSE
2013-10-13St Louis vs HoustonHouston -7.5St Louis38-13LOSE
2013-10-10NYG vs ChicagoOVER 47Chicago 27-21WIN
2013-10-07NYJ vs AtlantaOVER 44.5NYJ 30-28WIN
2013-10-07NYJ vs AtlantaNYJ +10.5NYJ 30-28WIN
2013-10-06Carolina vs ArizonaArizon +2.5Arizona 22-6WIN
2013-10-06New Orleans vs ChicagoChicago +1.5New Orleans26-18LOSE
2013-10-06Seattle vs IndyIndy +2.5Indy 34-28WIN
2013-10-06Houston vs SFSF -5.5SF 34-3WIN
2013-10-06Jax vs St. LouisOVER 41St Louis34-20WIN
2013-10-03Buffalo vs ClevelandOVER 41.5Cleveland 37-24WIN
2013-09-30Miami vs New OrleansNew Orleans - 7New Orleans 38-17WIN
2013-09-30Miami vs New OrleansOVER 48New Orleans 38-17WIN
2013-09-29Dallas vs San DiegoDallas -1Sad Diego 30-21LOSE
2013-09-29Dallas vs San DiegoUNDER 47San Diego 30-21LOSE
2013-09-29Pittsburgh vs MinnesotaPittsburgh - 3Minn 34-27LOSE
2013-09-29Seattle vs HoustonHouston + 2.5Seattle 23-20 OTLOSE
2013-09-29Chicago vs DetroitDetroit - 3Detroit 40-32WIN
2013-09-29NYG vs Kansas CityKansas City - 4KC 31-7WIN
2013-09-26SF vs St LouisSt Louis + 3.5SF 35-11LOSE
2013-09-23Oakland vs DenverOber 48.5Denver 37-21WIN
2013-09-23Oakland vs DenverDenver -15Denver 37-21WIN
2013-09-22Indy vs San FranSan Fran - 9.5Indy 27-7LOSE
2013-09-22Buffalo Bills vs NYJBuffalo +2.5NYJ 27-20LOSE
2013-09-22NY Giants vs Carolina PantersOVER 47Carolina 38-0LOSE
2013-09-22Houston vs BaltimoreHouston -1Baltimore 30-9LOSE
2013-09-22Indy vs SFOVER 46.5Indy 27-7LOSE
2013-09-19Kansas City vs PhillyOver 50KC 26-16LOSE
2013-09-16Pitt vs CinciCinci -6.5Cinci 20-10WIN
2013-09-16Pitt vs CinciUNDER 40.5Cinci 20-10WIN
2013-09-15Miami vs IndyIndy -2.5Miami 24-20LOSE
2013-09-15Washington vs GreenBayUNDER 50.5Green Bay 38-20LOSE
2013-09-15Detroit vs ArizonaOVER 47.5Arizona 25-21LOSE
2013-09-15Jacksonville vs OaklandOakland -4.5Oakland 19-9WIN
2013-09-15Minnesota vs ChicagoChicago -6Chicago 31-30LOSE
2013-09-12NYJ vs NEUnder 43.5NE 13-10WIN
2013-09-09Philly vs WashingtonPhilly +3.5PHilly 33-27WIN
2013-09-09Houston vs SDOver 44Houston 31-28WIN
2013-09-08Oakland vs IndyIndy -10Indy 21-17LOSE
2013-09-08Cinci vs ChicagoCinci +3Chicago 24-21PUSH
2013-09-08GB vs SFOver 48.5SF 34-28WIN
2013-09-08KC vs JacksonvilleKC -4KC 28-2WIN
2013-09-05Baltimore vs DenverDenver -7Denver 49-27WIN
2013-09-05Baltimore vs DenverOver 49.5Denver 49-27WIN
2013-08-25Minn vs SFSF -3SF 34-14WIN
2013-08-24Buffalo vs WashingtonWashington pkWashington 30-7WIN
2013-08-23Seattle vs GBSeattle -2Seattle 17-10WIN
2013-08-22NE vs DetroitDetroit -2.5Detroit 40-9WIN
2013-08-19Pitt vs WashingtonWashington -3Washington 24--13WIN
2013-08-17Dallas vs ArizonaArizona -3Arizona 12-7WIN
2013-08-15Carolina vs PhillyPhilly -3PHilly 14-9WIN
2013-08-04Miami vs Dallasover 33Dallas 24-20WIN
2013-02-03Baltimore Ravens vs SF 49ersSan Fran -3.5Balt 34-31LOSE
2013-02-03Baltimore Ravens vs San Fran 49ersOVER 47Balt 34-31WIN
2013-01-20San Fran vs AtlantaAtlanta +4.5San Fran 28-24WIN
2013-01-20Baltimore vs New EnglandBaltimore +8Baltimore 28-13WIN
2013-01-20Baltimore vs New EnglandOVER 51.5Balt 28-13LOSE
2013-01-20San Fran vs AtlantaUNDER 49San Fran 28-24LOSE
2013-01-13Seattle vs Atlanta Seattle vs Atlanta Seattle vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Atlanta 30-28LOSE
2013-01-13Houston vs New Englandunder 49New England 41-28LOSE
2013-01-12Baltimore vs DenverUNDER 44.5Baltimore 38-35 (2OT)LOSE
2013-01-12Green Bay vs San FranSan Fran -3San Fran 45-31WIN
2013-01-06Indy vs BaltimoreBaltimore -7Baltimore 24-9WIN
2013-01-06Seattle vs WashingtonWashington +3Seattle 24-14LOSE
2013-01-05Cinci vs HoustonOVER 43Houston 19-13LOSE
2013-01-05Minn vs Green BayOVER 45.5Green bat 24-10LOSE
2013-01-05Minnesota vs Green BayGreen Bay -7.5Green Bay 24-10WIN
2012-12-30NYJ vs Buffalo*Buffalo -3Buffalo 28-9WIN
2012-12-30Miami vs New England*New England - 10New England 28-0WIN
2012-12-30Philly vs NYGPhilly +7NYG 42-7LOSE
2012-12-30Dallas at WashingtonOVER 49Washington 28-18LOSE
2012-12-30Baltimore vs CinciCinci - 2.5Cinci 23-17WIN
2012-12-30Carolina vs New OrleansOVER 54Carolina. 44-38WIN
2012-12-30Oakland vs San Diego*San Diego - 10SD 24-21LOSE
2012-12-30Arizona vs SF*SF -16.5SF 27-13LOSE
2012-12-30St Louis vs Seattle*Seattle -11Seattle 20-13LOSE
2012-12-23New Orleans vs DallasOVER 52.5New Orleans 34-31WIN
2012-12-23Cincinnati vs PittsburghPittsburgh -3Cinci 13-10LOSE
2012-12-23Buffalo vs MiamiBuffalo +5Miami 24-10LOSE
2012-12-23NYG vs BaltimoreNYG -1.5Baltimore 33-14LOSE
2012-12-23Chicago Bears vs Arizona CardinalsChicago - 6.5Chicago 28-13WIN
2012-12-22Atlanta vs DetroitAtlanta -3.5Atlanta 31-18WIN
2012-12-17NYJ vs TennesseeTennessee +1Tennessee. 14-10WIN
2012-12-17NYJ vs TennesseeUNDER 41Tennessee 14-10WIN
2012-12-16Minn vs St LouisSt Louis - 3Minn 36-22LOSE
2012-12-16Indy vs HoustonHouston -10Houston 29-17WIN
2012-12-16Pittsburgh vs DallasOVER 45Dallas 27-24WIN
2012-12-16Seattle vs BuffaloBuffalo +5Seattle. 50-17LOSE
2012-12-16Detroit vs ArizonaArizona +6.5Arizona 38-10WIN
2012-12-13Cinci vs PhillyUNDER 45Cinci 34-13LOSE
2012-12-13Cinci vs PhillyPhilly +5Cinci 34-13LOSE
2012-12-10Houston vs New EnglandHouston +5.5New England 42-14LOSE
2012-12-10Houston vs New EnglandOVER 51New England 42-14WIN
2012-12-09San Diego vs PittOver 39.5SD 34-24WIN
2012-12-09St Louis vs BuffaloSt Louis +3St Louis 15-12WIN
2012-12-09Dallas vs CincinnatiCinci -3Dallas 20-19LOSE
2012-12-09Miami vs SFSF -10SF 27-13WIN
2012-12-09New Orleans vs NYGNYG -5NYG 52-27WIN
2012-12-06Denver vs OaklandDenver -9.5Denver 26-13WIN
2012-12-06Denver vs OaklandUnder 48Denver 26-13WIN
2012-12-03NYG vs WashingtonWashington +3Washington 17-16WIN
2012-12-02Seattle vs ChicagoSeattle + 3.5Seattle 23-17WIN
2012-12-02San Fran vs St LouisSt Louis +8St Louis 16-13WIN
2012-12-02Indy vs DetroitDetroit - 6Indy 35-33LOSE
2012-12-02New England vs MiamiOVER 51New England 23-16LOSE
2012-12-02New England vs MiamiNew England -9New England 23-16LOSE
2012-12-02Cincinnati vs San DiegoSan Diego +2Cinci 20-13LOSE
2012-12-02Pittsburgh vs BaltimoreOVER 35.5PItt 23-20WIN
2012-11-29New Orleans vs AtlantaAtlanta -3.5Atlanta 23-13WIN
2012-11-26Carolina vs PhillyOVER 41.5Carolina 30-22WIN
2012-11-25Oakland vs CincinnatiCincinnati -8Cincinnati 34-10WIN
2012-11-25Atlanta vs Tampa BayOVER 51Atlanta 24-23LOSE
2012-11-25Baltimore vs San DiegoSD pkBaltimore 16-13LOSE
2012-11-25SF vs New OrleansNew Orleans +1.5SF 31-21LOSE
2012-11-25Green Bay vs NYGNYG -3NYG 38-10WIN
2012-11-22NE vs NYJUnder 48.5New England 49-19LOSE
2012-11-22Washington vs DallasOver 47.5Wash 38-31WIN
2012-11-19Chicago vs SFSF - 3.5sF 32-7WIN
2012-11-18Green Bay vs DetroitOVER 52Green Bay. 24-20LOSE
2012-11-18Tampa Bay vs CarolinaTB -1Tampa Bay 27-21WIN
2012-11-18Cincinnati vs Kansas CityUNDER 43.5Cinci 28-6WIN
2012-11-18NYJ vs St LouisSt Louis -3.5NYJ 27-13LOSE
2012-11-18Baltimore vs PittsburghBaltimore -3Baltimore 13-10PUSH
2012-11-18SD vs DenverDenver -7.5Denver 30-23LOSE
2012-11-15Miami vs BuffaloMiami +2.5Buffalo 19-14LOSE
2012-11-12Kansas City vs PittsburghUNDER 41PItt 16-13 OTWIN
2012-11-12Kansas City vs PittsburghKansas City +13PItt 16-13 OTWIN
2012-11-11NYJ vs SeattleSeattle -6Seattle 28-7WIN
2012-11-11San Diego vs Tampa BayOVER 47Tampa Bay 34-24WIN
2012-11-11Atlanta vs New OrleansOVER 53New Orleans 31-27WIN
2012-11-11Oakland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -7.5Baltimore 55-20WIN
2012-11-11Houston vs ChicagoChicago -1Houston 13-6LOSE
2012-11-08Indy vs JaxOver 42Indy 27-10LOSE
2012-11-05Philly vs New OrleansNew Orleans -3New Orleans 28-13WIN
2012-11-05Philly vs New OrleansOver 52New Orleans 28-13LOSE
2012-11-04Tampa Bay vs OaklandTampa Bay + 2TB 42-32WIN
2012-11-04Carolina vs WashingtonOver 48.5Carolina 21-13LOSE
2012-11-04Minnesota vs SeattleSeattle - 4Seattle 30-20WIN
2012-11-04Buffalo vs HoustonHouston - 10Houston 21-9WIN
2012-11-04Chicago vs TennesseeChicago -3.5Chicago 51-20WIN
2012-11-04Arizona vs Green BayArizona +10Green Bay 31-17LOSE
2012-11-01KC vs SDSD -7.5SD 31-13WIN
2012-10-29SF vs ArizonaOver 38.5SF 24-3LOSE
2012-10-29SF vs ArizonaSF -7SF 24-3WIN
2012-10-28Jacksonville vs Green BayGreen Bay -14.5Green Bay 24-15LOSE
2012-10-28NYG vs DallasDallas +2NYG 29-24LOSE
2012-10-28Indy vs TennIndy +3.5Indy 19-13WIN
2012-10-28Carolina vs ChicagoOver 42.5Chicago 23-22WIN
2012-10-28Miami vs NYJMiami +2.5Miami 30-9WIN
2012-10-25TB vs MinnOver 43TB 36-17WIN
2012-10-22Detroit vs Chicago.Chicago -6.5Chicago 13-7LOSE
2012-10-22Detroit vs ChicagoUnder 47.5Chicago 13-7WIN
2012-10-21Tennessee vs BuffaloOVER 46.5Tenn 35-34WIN
2012-10-21NYJ vs New EnglandNew England -10New England 29-26LOSE
2012-10-21Washington vs NYGOVER 51.5NYG 27-23.LOSE
2012-10-21Dallas vs CarolinaDallas -3Dallas 19-14WIN
2012-10-21Green Bay vs St LouisSt Louis +5GB 30-20LOSE
2012-10-18Seattle vs SFSF -7SF 13-6PUSH
2012-10-15Denver vs SDUnder 47.5Denver 35-24LOSE
2012-10-14Indy vs NYJNYJ -3NYJ 35-9WIN
2012-10-14Buffalo vs ArizonaArizona -4Buffalo 19-16LOSE
2012-10-14NE vs SeattleOver 44Seattle 24-23WIN
2012-10-14NYG vs SFSF -6.5NYG 26-3LOSE
2012-10-14Oakland vs AtlantaAtlanta -10Atlanta 23-20LOSE
2012-10-11Pitt vs TennOver 43.5Tenn 26-23WIN
2012-10-08Houston vs NYJHouston - 9Houston 23-17LOSE
2012-10-07San Diego at New OrleansNew Orleans - 3New Orleans 31-24WIN
2012-10-07Buffalo vs SFSF -10SF 45-3WIN
2012-10-07Philly vs PittPitt -3PItt 16-14LOSE
2012-10-07Chicago vs JAXChicago -5.5Chicago 41-3WIN
2012-10-07Miami vs CinciOVER 45Miami 17-13LOSE
2012-10-04Arizona vs St LouisUnder 39.5St Louis 17-3WIN
2012-10-01Chicago vs DallasChicago +3Chicago 34-18WIN
2012-09-30Miami vs ArizAriz -5Arizona 24-21 OTLOSE
2012-09-30New England vs Buffalo New England vs BuffaloNew England - 4New England 52-28WIN
2012-09-30Minn vs DetroitOVER 49Minn 20-13LOSE
2012-09-30Cincinnati vs JacksonvilleCinci -1Cinci 27-10WIN
2012-09-24Green Bay vs SeattleUNDER 46Seattle 14-12WIN
2012-09-23Cincinnati vs WashingtonOver 50Cinci 38-31WIN
2012-09-23NY Jets vs MiamiNY Jets -2NY jets 23-20WIN
2012-09-23Jacksonville vs IndyIndy -3Jax 22-17LOSE
2012-09-23Houston vs DenverHouston -1.5Houston 31-25WIN
2012-09-20NYG vs CarolinaNYG +3NYG 36-7WIN
2012-09-17Denver vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Atlanta 27-21WIN
2012-09-16Washington vs St LouisSt Louis +3.5St Louis 31-28WIN
2012-09-16Houston vs JacksonvilleOver 41Houston 27-7LOSE
2012-09-16NYJ vs PittPitt -5.5PItt 27-10WIN
2012-09-16Arizona vs NE PatsArizona +14Arizona 20-18WIN
2012-09-13Chicago vs GBChicago +5GB 23-10LOSE
2012-09-10San Diego vs OaklandUnder 47.5San Diego 22-14WIN
2012-09-09Buffalo vs NYJNYJ -3NYJ 48-28WIN
2012-09-09Miami vs HoustonHouston -13Houston 30-10WIN
2012-09-09Indy vs ChicagoChicago -9.5Chicago 41-21WIN
2012-09-09Seattle vs ArizOver 41Ariz 20-16LOSE
2012-09-05Dallas vs NYGNYG -3.5Dallas 24-17LOSE
2012-01-08Pitt vs DenverPitt - 8.5Denver 29 - 23LOSE
2012-01-08Atl vs NYGNYG -2.5New York 24-2WIN
2012-01-07Detroit vs New OrleansNew Orleans -10.5New Orleans 45-28WIN
2012-01-07Cincinnati vs HoustonCinci +4Houston 31-10LOSE
2012-01-01Dallas vs NYGDallas +3NYG 31-14LOSE
2012-01-01Baltimore vs CincinnatiBaltimore - 2.5Baltimore 24-16WIN
2012-01-01San Diego vs OaklandSan Diego + 3SD 38-26WIN
2012-01-01KC vs DenverDenver -3KC 7-3LOSE
2012-01-01Seattle vs ArizonaOVER 40Arizona 23-20WIN
2012-01-01Tennessee vs HoustonHouston +1Tennessee 23-22PUSH
2012-01-01Buffalo vs New ENglandNew England -10.5New England 49-21WIN
2011-12-25Chicago vs Greebn BayGreen Bay - 11Green Bay 35-21WIN
2011-12-24SF vs SeattleUNDER 37.5SF 19-17WIN
2011-12-24Tampa Bay vs CarolinaCarolina - 7.5Carolina 48-16WIN
2011-12-24Cleveland vs BatimoreUnder 38.5Baltimore 20-14WIN
2011-12-24Minnesota vs WashingtonWashington -6.5Minn 33-26LOSE
2011-12-24Tampa Bay vs CarolinaOVER 48Carolina 48-16WIN
2011-12-24St Louis vs PittPitt - 11Pittsburgh 27-0WIN
2011-12-19Pittsburg vs SFPitt + 3SF 20-3LOSE
2011-12-18Baltimore vs San DiegoSan Diego +2.5San Diego 34-13WIN
2011-12-18Cleveland vws ArizonaCleveland + 6.5Ariz 20-17WIN
2011-12-18Mimai vs BuffaloBuffalo -1Miami 30-23LOSE
2011-12-18Carolina vs HoustonCarolina +6Carolina 28-13WIN
2011-12-18Indy vs TennesseeIndy + 6.5Indy 27-13WIN
2011-12-17Dallas vs Tampa BayDallas - 7Dallas 31-15WIN
2011-12-15Jacksonville vs AtlantaAtlanta - 11.5Atlanta 41-14WIN
2011-12-11NYG vs DallasNYG + 4.5NYG 37-34WIN
2011-12-11Buffalo vs Sad DiegoSan Diego - 7SD 37-10WIN
2011-12-11Chicao vs DenverDenver - 3Denver 13-10PUSH
2011-12-11SF vs ArizonaOVER 39.5Ariz 21-19WIN
2011-12-11Philly vs MiamiMiami - 3Philly 26-10LOSE
2011-12-11Tampa Bay vs JacksonvilleJAX + 3JAX 41-14WIN
2011-12-05San Diego vs JAXSan Diego -3SD 38-14WIN
2011-12-05San Diego vs JAXOVER 39.5SD 38-14WIN
2011-12-04St Lousi vs San FranSan Fran -14SF 26-0WIN
2011-12-04Kansas City vs ChicagoChicago -7Kansas City 10-3LOSE
2011-12-04Cincinnati at PittsburghOVER 42.5Pitt 35-7 Lost by .5 no score in Q4LOSE
2011-12-04Denver at MinnMinn -1Denver 35-32LOSE
2011-12-01Philly vs SeattleSeattle +3Seattle 31-14WIN
2011-11-28NYG vs New OrleansOVER 51New Orleans 49-24WIN
2011-11-24Miami vs Dallasunder 45Dalls 20-19WIN
2011-11-20Philly vs NYGNTG -6Philly 17-10LOSE
2011-11-20San Diego vs ChicagoChicago -3.5Chicago 31-20WIN
2011-11-20Buffalo vs MiamiMiami -3Miami 35-8WIN
2011-11-20Tampa Bay vs Green BayOVER 48.5Green Bay 35-26WIN
2011-11-20Dallas vs WashingtonWashington +7Dalls 27-24 OTWIN
2011-11-14Minnesota vs Green BayUNDER 49.5Green Bay 45-7LOSE
2011-11-13New England vs NYJNew England + 2.5NE 37-16WIN
2011-11-13Jacksonville vs IndyIndy + 3Jacksonville 17-3LOSE
2011-11-13Washington vs MiamiMiami -4Miami 20-9WIN
2011-11-13Detroit vs ChicagoChicago -3Chicago 37-13WIN
2011-11-13St Lousi vs ClevelandUNDER 36St Louis 13-12WIN
2011-11-13Arizona vs PhillyPhilly -14Ariz 21-17LOSE
2011-11-07Chicago vs PhillyPhilly -8Chicago 30-24LOSE
2011-11-06Denver vs OaklandDenver + 7.5Denver 38-24WIN
2011-11-06St Louis vs ArizonaArizona -1Arizona 19-13WIN
2011-11-06Tampa Bay vs New OrleansOVER 50.5New Orleans 27-16LOSE
2011-11-06NY Jets vs BuffaloNY Jets + 2.5NY JETS 27-11WIN
2011-11-06Miami vs Kansas CityMiami + 5Miami 31-3WIN
2011-10-31San Diego vs Kansas CitySan Diego -3 and OVER 44.5Kansas City 23-20LOSE
2011-10-30Dallas vs PhillyDallas +3Philly 34-7LOSE
2011-10-30Cincinnati vs SeattleSeattle +1Cinci 34-21LOSE
2011-10-30Jacksonville vs HoustonHouston - 9.5Houston 24-14WIN
2011-10-30Miami vs NYGUNDER 41.5NYG 20-17WIN
2011-10-30Minnesota vs CarolinaOver 46.5Minn 24-21LOSE
2011-10-24Baltimore vs JacksonvilleJacksonville +10Jacksonville 12 - 10WIN
2011-10-23St Louis vs DallasDallas -14Dallas 34-7WIN
2011-10-23Houston at TennesseeTennessee -2Houston 41-7LOSE
2011-10-23Washiungton vs CarolinaOver 43Carolina 33-20WIN
2011-10-16Houston vs BaltimoreHouston +7Baltimore 29-14LOSE
2011-10-16Buffalo vs NYGNYG -3NYG 27-24PUSH
2011-10-16Carolina vs AtlantaAtlanta -3Atlanta 31-17WIN
2011-10-10Chicago vs DetroitDetroit - 7Detroit 24-13WIN
2011-10-09Tampa Bay vs San FranTampa Bay +3SF 48-3LOSE
2011-10-09Philly vs BuffaloPhilly -3Buffalo 31-24LOSE
2011-10-09New Orleans vs CarolinaOVER 51New Orleans 30-27WIN
2011-10-09Cincinnati- JacksonvilleUNDER 37Cincinnati 30-20LOSE
2011-10-09Seattle vs NYGNYG -9.5Seattle 36-25LOSE
2011-10-03Indy vs Tampa BayIndy +10Tampa Bay 24-17WIN
2011-10-02N Y Jets vs BaltimoreBaltimore -4Baltimore 34-17WIN
2011-10-02Detroit vs DallasDetroit + 2.5Detroit 34-30WIN
2011-10-02Cincinnati vs BuffaloBengals + 3Cinci 23-20WIN
2011-10-02Minnesota vs Kansas CityMinn -3KC 22-17LOSE
2011-10-02Carolina vs ChicagoChicago - 6.5Chicago 34-29LOSE
2011-09-26Washington vs DallasUnder 45Dallas 18-16WIN
2011-09-25Pitt vs IndyPitt -11Pitt 23-20LOSE
2011-09-25Baltimore vs St LouisOver 42Balt 37-7WIN
2011-09-25Jax vs CarolinaCarolina - 3.5Carolina 16-10WIN
2011-09-18Jacksonville vs NY JetsNY Jets - 8.5NY Jets 32-3WIN
2011-09-18Seattle vs PittsburghPittsburgh - 14Pitt 24-0WIN
2011-09-18Tampa Bay vs MinnesotaMinnesota - 2Tampa Bay 24-20LOSE
2011-09-12Oakland vs DenverOver 42Oakland 23-20WIN
2011-09-11Minn vs SDSD -8SD 24-17LOSE
2011-09-11Seattle vs SFSF -5.5SF 33-17WIN
2011-09-11Philly vs St LouisSt Lousi +4Philly 31-13LOSE
2011-09-11Detroit vs Tampa BayOver 42Detroit 27-20WIN
-0001-11-30Pitt vs PhillyPhilly -3.5PHilly 32-21WIN
-0001-11-30TB vs AtlantaAtlanta -7TV 23-20LOSE