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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2021-06-24PItt vs St Louis St Louis —1.5 Run Line PItt 8–2LOSE
2021-06-24Oakland vs TexasOver 8Oakland 5-1LOSE
2021-06-24KC vs NYYNYY -1.5 on Run Line NYY 8-1WIN
2021-05-16KC vs ChiSoxUNDER 8.5ChiSox 4-3WIN
2021-05-15Texas vs HoustonHouston -1.5 run lineHouston 6-5LOSE
2021-05-15Atlanta vs MilwaukeeOVER 7.5Atlanta 5-1LOSE
2021-05-15KC vs ChiSoxChiSox -1.5 run lineKC 5-1LOSE
2021-05-15NYY vs BalatimoreOVER 9NYY 8-2WIN
2021-05-15Oakland vs MinnesotaMinnesota -140Minnesota 5-4WIN
2021-05-14Cinci vs ColoradoOVER 10.5Colorado 9-6WIN
2021-05-09CHi Sox vs KCKC +150ChiSox 9-3LOSE
2021-05-08Milwaukee vs FLMilwaukee -1.5 Run LineMilwaukee 6-2WIN
2021-05-08CHiSox vs KCKC +155CHiSox 9-1LOSE
2021-05-08Cinci vs ClevelandCleveland -125Cleveland 9-2WIN
2021-05-04Cleveland vs KCKC -135Cleveland 5-3LOSE
2021-05-03PItt vs SD SD -1.5 run line SD 2-0WIN
2021-05-02NYM vs PhillyPhilly -115NYM 8-7LOSE
2021-05-02Colorado vs ArizonaArizona -140Arizona 8-4WIN
2021-05-02Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -1.5 run line Oakland 7-5WIN
2021-05-01Atlanta vs TorontoToronto +130Toronto 6-5WIN
2021-05-01Houston vs TBTB -105Houston 3-1LOSE
2021-05-01Cleveland vs CHiSoxChiSox Run Line -1.5CHiSox 7-3WIN
2021-05-01LA Dodgers vs MilwaukeeUNDER 7 LAD 6-5LOSE
2021-04-30ChiCubs vs CinciOVER 9Cinci 8-6WIN
2021-04-30KC vs MinnMinn -140Minnesota 9-1WIN
2021-04-30Houston vs TBOVER 7.5Houston 9-2WIN
2021-04-27Miami vs Milwaukee Milwaukee-150Milwaukee 5-4 WIN
2021-04-27Oakland vs TBTB +105TB 4-3WIN
2021-04-26Oakland vs TBOakland -110Oakland 2-1WIN
2021-04-25Philly vs Colorado Under 11.5 Colorado 12-2LOSE
2021-04-24NYY vs Cleveland Under 6.5NYY 2-1WIN
2021-04-24Toronto vs TB TB -110TB 5-3WIN
2021-04-24Washington vs NYMNYM -1.5 run line Washington 7-1LOSE
2021-04-24Seattle vs BoSoxOver 9 Seattle 8-2WIN
2021-04-21TB vs KCKC -110KC 9-8WIN
2021-04-19SF vs Philly Philly -110SF 2-0LOSE
2021-04-18Toronto vs KC KC -130KC 2-0WIN
2021-04-11Seattle vs MinnesotaMinnesota Run Line -1.5Seattle 8-6LOSE
2021-04-10Oakland vs Houston Houston -1.5Oakland 7-3LOSE
2021-04-09Detroit vs Cleveland Cleveland -1.5 Cleveland 4-1WIN
2021-04-08LAA vs Toronto Toronto -115LAA 7-5LOSE
2021-04-07Milwaukee vs ChiCubsChiCubs -113MilWaukee 4-2LOSE
2021-04-06SF vs SDSD -1.5 SD 3-1WIN
2021-04-06Arizona vs Colorado Colorado-123Arizona 10-8LOSE
2021-04-06Philly vs NYMNYM -122NYM 8-4WIN
2021-04-05ChiSox vs SeattleChiSox -1.5ChiSox 6-0WIN
2021-04-04ChiSox vs LAALAA -1.5LAA 7-4WIN
2021-04-03PItt vs ChiCubsChiCubs -1.5 ChiCubs 5-1WIN
2021-04-03Texas vs KC Over 8.5KC 11-4WIN