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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2021-06-24PItt vs St Louis St Louis —1.5 Run Line PItt 8–2LOSE
2021-06-24Oakland vs TexasOver 8Oakland 5-1LOSE
2021-06-24KC vs NYYNYY -1.5 on Run Line NYY 8-1WIN
2021-05-16KC vs ChiSoxUNDER 8.5ChiSox 4-3WIN
2021-05-15Texas vs HoustonHouston -1.5 run lineHouston 6-5LOSE
2021-05-15Atlanta vs MilwaukeeOVER 7.5Atlanta 5-1LOSE
2021-05-15KC vs ChiSoxChiSox -1.5 run lineKC 5-1LOSE
2021-05-15NYY vs BalatimoreOVER 9NYY 8-2WIN
2021-05-15Oakland vs MinnesotaMinnesota -140Minnesota 5-4WIN
2021-05-14Cinci vs ColoradoOVER 10.5Colorado 9-6WIN
2021-05-09CHi Sox vs KCKC +150ChiSox 9-3LOSE
2021-05-08Milwaukee vs FLMilwaukee -1.5 Run LineMilwaukee 6-2WIN
2021-05-08CHiSox vs KCKC +155CHiSox 9-1LOSE
2021-05-08Cinci vs ClevelandCleveland -125Cleveland 9-2WIN
2021-05-04Cleveland vs KCKC -135Cleveland 5-3LOSE
2021-05-03PItt vs SD SD -1.5 run line SD 2-0WIN
2021-05-02NYM vs PhillyPhilly -115NYM 8-7LOSE
2021-05-02Colorado vs ArizonaArizona -140Arizona 8-4WIN
2021-05-02Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -1.5 run line Oakland 7-5WIN
2021-05-01Atlanta vs TorontoToronto +130Toronto 6-5WIN
2021-05-01Houston vs TBTB -105Houston 3-1LOSE
2021-05-01Cleveland vs CHiSoxChiSox Run Line -1.5CHiSox 7-3WIN
2021-05-01LA Dodgers vs MilwaukeeUNDER 7 LAD 6-5LOSE
2021-04-30ChiCubs vs CinciOVER 9Cinci 8-6WIN
2021-04-30KC vs MinnMinn -140Minnesota 9-1WIN
2021-04-30Houston vs TBOVER 7.5Houston 9-2WIN
2021-04-27Miami vs Milwaukee Milwaukee-150Milwaukee 5-4 WIN
2021-04-27Oakland vs TBTB +105TB 4-3WIN
2021-04-26Oakland vs TBOakland -110Oakland 2-1WIN
2021-04-25Philly vs Colorado Under 11.5 Colorado 12-2LOSE
2021-04-24NYY vs Cleveland Under 6.5NYY 2-1WIN
2021-04-24Toronto vs TB TB -110TB 5-3WIN
2021-04-24Washington vs NYMNYM -1.5 run line Washington 7-1LOSE
2021-04-24Seattle vs BoSoxOver 9 Seattle 8-2WIN
2021-04-21TB vs KCKC -110KC 9-8WIN
2021-04-19SF vs Philly Philly -110SF 2-0LOSE
2021-04-18Toronto vs KC KC -130KC 2-0WIN
2021-04-11Seattle vs MinnesotaMinnesota Run Line -1.5Seattle 8-6LOSE
2021-04-10Oakland vs Houston Houston -1.5Oakland 7-3LOSE
2021-04-09Detroit vs Cleveland Cleveland -1.5 Cleveland 4-1WIN
2021-04-08LAA vs Toronto Toronto -115LAA 7-5LOSE
2021-04-07Milwaukee vs ChiCubsChiCubs -113MilWaukee 4-2LOSE
2021-04-06SF vs SDSD -1.5 SD 3-1WIN
2021-04-06Arizona vs Colorado Colorado-123Arizona 10-8LOSE
2021-04-06Philly vs NYMNYM -122NYM 8-4WIN
2021-04-05ChiSox vs SeattleChiSox -1.5ChiSox 6-0WIN
2021-04-04ChiSox vs LAALAA -1.5LAA 7-4WIN
2021-04-03PItt vs ChiCubsChiCubs -1.5 ChiCubs 5-1WIN
2021-04-03Texas vs KC Over 8.5KC 11-4WIN
2019-10-11Washington vs St. LouisSt. Louis -120PENDINGWIN
2019-10-08Houston vs TB Houston —1.5 run line PENDINGWIN
2019-10-07NYY vs MinnesotaOVER 9NYY 5-1LOSE
2019-10-07LAD vs Washington NatsWashington -130Washington 6-1WIN
2019-10-07Atlanta vs St. LouisOVER 8St Louis 5-4 WIN
2019-10-07Houston vs TBTB +1.5Tampa Bay 10-3WIN
2019-07-07Philly vs NYMOVER 8PHilly 8-3WIN
2019-07-07Cinci vs ClevelandCinci +125Cleveland 11-1LOSE
2019-07-07NYY vs TBTB +125TB 2-1WIN
2019-06-03LAA vs ChiCubsChiCubs-1.5 Run Line ChiCubs 8-1WIN
2019-06-03Philly vs SDOVER 7.5PENDINGWIN
2019-05-25BoSox vs HoustonBoSox +120Houston 4-3LOSE
2019-05-25Cinci vs ChiCubsOVER 10CHiCubs 8-6WIN
2019-05-25ChiSox vs MinnMinnesota -1.5 Run LineMinnesota 8-1WIN
2019-05-11Washington vs LADLAD -120Washington 5-2LOSE
2019-05-11Pitt vs St. LouisSt. Louis -1.5 Run LinePitt 2-1LOSE
2019-05-10Miami vs NYM NYM -1.5 NYM 11-2 WIN
2019-05-09PItt vs St. Louis St. Louis-145St Louis 17-4WIN
2019-05-08CHiSox vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 5-3WIN
2019-05-06BoSox vs BaltimoreOVER 9Boston 4-1LOSE
2019-05-05Seattle vs ClevelandCleveland -145Seattle 10-0 LOSE
2019-05-05KC vs DetroitDetroit -130Detroit 5-2WIN
2019-05-05Atlanta vs MiamiMiami +115Atlanta 3-1LOSE
2019-05-04Arizona vs ColoradoColorado -135Arizona 9-2LOSE
2019-05-04Seattle vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 5-4LOSE
2019-05-04Minn vs NYYOver 8.5Minn 7-3WIN
2019-05-03Minn vs NYYNYY -1.5 Run LineNYY 6-3WIN
2019-05-01Detroit vs PhillyPhill -1.5 Run Line Philly 7-3WIN
2018-10-28Boston vs LADOver 7.5Boston 5-1LOSE
2018-10-27Boston vs LADBoston +160Boston 9-6WIN
2018-10-23LAD vs BoSoxBoston -1.5 Run LineBoston 8-4WIN
2018-10-19LAD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee +105Milwaukee 7-2WIN
2018-10-18Houston vs BostonBoston +180Boston 4-1WIN
2018-10-17Milwaukee vs LADOver 7LAD 5-2PUSH
2018-10-16Boston vs HoustonOver 8.5Boston 8-2WIN
2018-10-14Houston vs BostonBoston -115Boston 7-5WIN
2018-10-13Houston vs BostonOVER 7Houston 7-2WIN
2018-10-12LAD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee +150Milwaukee 6-5WIN
2018-10-09Boston vs NYYBoston +135Boston 4-3WIN
2018-10-04Atlanta vs LADLAD -1.5 Run LineLAD 6-0WIN
2018-09-29Atlanta vs PhillyPhilly -155PHilly 3-0WIN
2018-09-28Atlanta vs PhillyAtlanta -125Atlanta 10-2WIN
2018-09-27Pitt vs ChiCubsChiCubs -160ChiCubs 3-0WIN
2018-09-26Atlanta vs NYMNYM -1.5 +140NYM 3-0WIN
2018-09-25KC vs CinciOVER 9KC 4-3LOSE
2018-09-24Baltimore vs BostonOVER 8Boston 6-2WIN
2018-09-24Miami vs WashingtonWashington -1.5 Run LineWashington 7-3WIN
2018-09-23Baltimore vs NYYNYY -1.5 Run LineBaltimore 6-3LOSE
2018-09-22Boston vs ClevelandCleveland -125Cleveland 5-4WIN
2018-09-22NYM vs WashingtonWashington -145Washington 6-0WIN
2018-09-18Toronto vs BaltimoreToronto -125Toronto 6-4WIN
2018-09-17St. Louis vs AtlantaAtlanta -140St Louis 11-6LOSE
2018-09-16Miami vs PhillyPhilly -1.5 Run LineMiami 6-4LOSE
2018-09-15Detroit vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 15-0WIN
2018-09-13Toronto vs BostonBoston -1,5Boston 4-3LOSE
2018-09-12NYY vs MinnesotaNYY -1.5 Run LineMinnesota 3-1LOSE
2018-09-11Texas vs LAALAA -150LAA 2-1WIN
2018-09-10ChiSox vs KCKC -130KC 4-3WIN
2018-09-09Atlanta vs ArizonaArizona -150Atlanta 9-5LOSE
2018-09-09Houston vs BoSOxBoSox-115BoSOx 6-5WIN
2018-09-09SF vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -150Milwaukee 6-3WIN
2018-09-06SD vs CinciCinci -145SD 6-2LOSE
2018-09-05TB. vs TorontoToronto +125Toronto 10-3WIN
2018-09-05KC vs ClevelandCleveland-1.5 Run lineCleveland 3-1WIN
2018-09-05KC vs ClevelandOver 8Cleveland 3-1LOSE
2018-09-04Philly vs MiamiOver 7Philly 9-4WIN
2018-09-04KC vs ClevelandOver 8.5Cleveland 9-3WIN
2018-09-03Detroit vs ChiSoxChiSox -125ChiSox 4-2WIN
2018-09-03SF vs ColoradoColorado -140Colorado 9-8WIN
2018-09-02LAA vs HoustonHouston -1.5 run lineHouston 4-2WIN
2018-09-02BoSox vs ChiSoxover 9.5ChiSox 8-0LOSE
2018-09-02Detroit vs NYYNYY -1.5 run lineDetroit 11-7LOSE
2018-09-01Colorado vs SDColorado -145Colorado 4-2WIN
2018-09-01Minnesota vs TexasTexas +120Texas 7-4WIN
2018-08-30Arizona vs LADOver 8Arizona 3-1LOSE
2018-08-29Miami vs BoSoxBoSox -1.5 run lineBoSox 14-6WIN
2018-08-28ChiSox vs NYYNYY -1.5 run lineNYY 5-4LOSE
2018-08-27Colorado vs LAAColorado +140LA 10-7LOSE
2018-08-27Washington vs PhillyPhilly +110Washington 5-3LOSE
2018-08-27Oakland vs HoustonOver 8Houston 11-4WIN
2018-08-26Cleveland vs KCCleveland -1.5 run lineCleveland 12-5WIN
2018-08-25ChiSox vs DetroitDetroit +105ChiSox 6-1LOSE
2018-08-25Houston vs LAAHouston -1.5 run lineHouston 8-3WIN
2018-08-25Philly vs TorontoToronto +125Toronto 8-6WIN
2018-08-24Philly vs TorontoToronto +125Toronto 4-2WIN
2018-08-24Seattle vs ArizonaArizona -1.5 Run LineSeattle 6-3LOSE
2018-08-23Cleveland vs BoSx Cleveland vs BoSoxBoston -1.5Boston 7-2WIN
2018-08-23Oakland vs MinnesotaOver 9.5Minn 6-4WIN
2018-08-21Atlanta vs PittPitt +110Atlanta 6-1LOSE
2018-08-12Pitt vs SFSF -115SF 4-3WIN
2018-08-12Cleveland vs ChiSoxOVER 9Cleveland 9-7WIN
2018-08-11NYM vs MiamiMiami -115Miami 4-3WIN
2018-08-11Seattle vs HoustonHouston -1.5 Run LineSeattle 3-2LOSE
2018-08-11LAD vs ColoradoColorado +135Colorado 3-2WIN
2018-08-09Minn vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 5-4LOSE
2018-08-09Atlanta vs WashingtonWashington -130Washington 6-3WIN
2018-08-07Cincinnati vs NYMCincinnati +110Cincinnati 6-1WIN
2018-08-06Pitt vs ColoradoColorado -140Colorado 2-0WIN
2018-08-04ChiSox vs TBTB -1.5 run lineChiSox 2-1LOSE
2018-08-04LA VS ClevelandOver 8.5Cleveland 3-0LOSE
2018-08-03SF vs ArizonaArizona -1.5Arizona 6-3WIN
2018-08-02Colorado vs St LouissSt Louis -140St Louis 3-2WIN
2018-08-01LAA vs TBOver 8TB 7-2WIN
2018-07-31Baltimore vs NYYNYY -1.5 Run LineNYY 6-3WIN
2018-07-30Toronto vs OaklandOakland -140Oakland 10-1WIN
2018-07-29LAD vs AtlantaAtlanta +135Arkanta 4-1WIN
2018-07-29Oakland vs ColoradoOVER 11.5ColoraDo 3-2LOSE
2018-07-28Toronto vs ChiSoxChiSox +140CHiSox 9-5WIN
2018-07-27Toronto vs ChiSoxChiSox +135Toronto 10-5LOSE
2018-07-26Washington vs MiamiMiami +135Washington 10-3LOSE
2018-07-25LAD vs PhillyPhilly +140Philly 7-3WIN
2018-07-25ChiSox vs LAALAA -1.5 run lineLAA 11-3WIN
2018-07-24Atlanta vs MiamiOver 7.5Miami 9-3WIN
2018-07-23SD vs NYMNYM -1.5 run lineSD 3-2LOSE
2018-07-22Colorado vs ArizonaOver 7.5Arizona 6-1LOSE
2018-07-22ChiSox vs SeattleSeattle -1.5 run lineSeattle 8-2WIN
2018-07-22Baltimore vs TorontoToronto -1.5 run lineToronto 5-4LOSE
2018-07-21Boston vs DetroitBoston -1.5 run lineDetroit 5-0LOSE
2018-07-21Pitt vs CinciOVER 9Pitt 6-2LOSE
2018-07-21ChiSox vs SeattleOver 8.5ChioSox 5-0LOSE
2018-07-21Colorado vs ArizonaOver 8Colorado 6-5WIN
2018-07-20SS vs PhillyPhilly -1.5 run linePhilly 11-5WIN
2018-07-19St Louis vs ChiCubsChiCubs -140ChiCubs 9-6WIN
2018-06-24Detroit vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 12-2WIN
2018-06-23Miami vs ColoradoOVER 11.5Miami 6-2LOSE
2018-06-23Baltimore vs AtlantaAtlanta -120Baltimore 7-5LOSE
2018-06-23St. Louis vs MilwaukeeSt. Louis +110St. Louis 3-2WIN
2018-06-23KC vs HoustonHouston -1.5 Run LineHouston 4-3LOSE
2018-06-13Washington vs NYYover 9.5Washington 5-4LOSE
2018-06-10NYY vs NYMNYY -1.5NYM 2-0LOSE
2018-06-10Baltimore vs TorontoOver 9Toronto 13-3WIN
2018-06-07Seattle vs TBSeattle -115Seattle 5-4WIN
2018-06-03Philly s SFPhilly -125SF 6-1LOSE
2018-06-03Texas vs LAALAA -1.5LAA 3-1WIN
2018-06-02NYY vs BaltimoreOver 9.5NYY 8-5WIN
2018-06-02Philly vs SFPhilly +115SF 2-0LOSE
2018-06-01Boston vs HoustonHouston -135Houston 7-3WIN
2018-05-31TB vs OaklandOakland -140Oakland 7-3WIN
2018-05-29Houston vs NYYHouston -130NYY 6-5LOSE
2018-05-29ChiCubs vs PittsburghChiCubs -130ChiCubs 8-6WIN
2018-05-29Minnesota vs KCOVER 9KC 2-1LOSE
2018-05-28Houston vs NYYUNDER 8.5Houston5-1WIN
2018-05-28Minnesota vs KCKC -115Minn 8-5LOSE
2018-05-27Atlanta vs BostonBoston -1.5Atlanta 7-1LOSE
2018-05-26LAA vs NYYNYY -1.5LAA 11-4LOSE
2018-05-25KC vs TexasOver 9.5Texas 8-4WIN
2018-05-23Atlanta vs PhillyPhilly-125Philly 4-0WIN
2018-05-23Boston vs TBBoston -135Boston 4-1WIN
2018-05-22Boston vs TBBoston -1.5Boston 4-2WIN
2018-05-22Miami vs NYMNYM -120Miami 5-1LOSE
2018-05-22SF vs HoustonHouston -1.5Houston 11-2WIN
2018-05-21Colorado vs LADLAD -1.5Colorado 2-1LOSE
2018-05-20Miami vs AtlantaAtlanta -1.5Atlanta 10-9LOSE
2018-05-19Oakland vs TorontoToronto +105Oakland 5-4LOSE
2018-05-19SD vs PittPitt -135SD 6-2LOSE
2018-05-19LAD vs WashingtonWashington -1.5LAD 4-1LOSE
2018-05-18Cleveland vs HoustonHouston 1.5Houston 4-1WIN
2018-05-17TB vs LAAover 7.5TB 7-1WIN
2018-05-16Oakland vs BostonOver 8Boston 6-4WIN
2018-05-16Cleveland vs DetroitCleveland -1.5Cleveland 6-0WIN
2018-05-15LAD vs MiamiLAD -1.5Miami 4-2LOSE
2018-05-15St Louis vs MinnesotaMinnesota -120Minnesota 4-1WIN
2018-05-14Colorado vs SDSD -110Colorado 6-4LOSE
2018-05-13Washington vs ArizonaArizona -135Washington 6-4LOSE
2018-05-12Boston vs TorontoBoston -135Boston 5-2WIN
2018-05-12SF vs PittsburghPittsburgh -140Pitt 6-5WIN
2018-05-11NYM vs PhillyPhilly -155NYM 3-1LOSE
2018-05-10Boston vs NYYNYY -135Boston 5-4LOSE
2018-05-10Cinci vs LADLAD -1.5Cinci 4-1LOSE
2018-05-10Milwaukee vs ColoradoColorado -140Milwaukee 5-2LOSE
2018-05-08Atlanta vs TBTB -135Atlanta 1-0LOSE
2018-05-08Washington vs SDOver 8Washington 4-0LOSE
2018-05-06Cleveland vs NYYNYY -135NYY 7-4WIN
2018-05-06LAD vs SDOver 9SD 3-0LOSE
2018-05-05NYY vs Houston NYY vs ClevelandNYY -130NYY 5-2WIN
2018-05-05Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -150Oakland 2-0WIN
2018-05-05Cleveland vs NYYOver 9NYY 5-2LOSE
2018-05-01KC vs BostonBoston -1.5KC 7-6LOSE
2018-05-01Colorado vs ChiCubsOver 10.5Colorado 3-1LOSE
2018-04-30Colorado vs ChiCubsChiCubs -1.5ChiCubs 3-2LOSE
2018-04-30KC vs BostonBoston -1.5Boston 10-6WIN
2018-04-29NYM vs SDNYM -135NYM 14-2WIN
2018-04-29Seattle vs ClevelandCleveland -115Seattle 10-4LOSE
2018-04-28Oakland vs HoustonHouston -1.5 Run LineHouston 11-0WIN
2018-04-28NYM vs SD NYM vs SDSD -130San Diego 12-2WIN
2018-04-28ChiSox vs KC GAME1KC -140CHiSox 8-0LOSE
2017-10-31Houston vs LADOver 7.5LAD 3-1LOSE
2017-10-28LAD vs HoustonUnder 8.5LAD 6-2WIN
2017-10-27LAD. Vs HoustonHouston -130Houston 5-3WIN
2017-10-25Houston vs LADOVER 7.5Houston 7-6WIN
2017-10-24Houston vs LADHouston +160LAD 3-1LOSE
2017-10-22NYY vs HoustonHouston -140Houston 4-0WIN
2017-10-20NYY vs HoustonHouston -130Houston 4-0WIN
2017-10-19LAD vs ChiCubsLAD -160LAD 11-1WIN
2017-10-19LAD vs ChiCubsOver 7LAD 11-1WIN
2017-10-18LAD vs ChiCubsLaD +105ChiCubs 3-2LOSE
2017-10-16Houston vs NYYNYY -140NYY 8-1WIN
2017-10-14NYY vs HoustonHouston-125Houston 2-1WIN
2017-10-12ChiCubs vs WashingtonWashington +105ChiCub 9-8LOSE
2017-10-11Washington vs ChiCubsWashington -110Washington 5-0WIN
2017-10-11NYY vs ClevelandCleveland-1.5 run lineNYY 5-2LOSE
2017-10-09lAD ca ArizonaArizona +110LAD 3-1LOSE
2017-10-06ChiCubs vs WashingtonWashington -1.5 run lineCHICAGO 3-0LOSE
2017-10-05Boston vs HoustonHouston -135Houston 8-3WIN
2017-10-05NYY VS ClevelandCleveland-140Cleveland 4-0WIN
2017-10-04Colorado vs ArizonaColorado +150Arizona 11-8LOSE
2017-10-03Minn vs NYYMinn +1.5.NYY 8-4LOSE
2017-09-26Miami vs ColoradoColorado-1.5Colorado 6-0WIN
2017-09-25ChiCubs vs St LouisChiCubs +130ChiCubs 10-2WIN
2017-09-24KC vs ChiSoxOver 9ChiSox 8-1PUSH
2017-09-22Tampa Bay vs BaltimoreTampa Bay -130Tampa Bay 8-3WIN
2017-09-11NYY vs TBOVER 8.5NYY 5-1LOSE
2017-09-11Detroit vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5Cleveland 11-0WIN
2017-09-08Colorado vs LADOver 7.5Colorado 5-4WIN
2017-09-07ChiCubs vs PittsburghChiCubs -130ChiCubs 8-2WIN
2017-09-03St Louis vs San FranciscoSt Louis -100St Louis 7-3WIN
2017-07-31Cleveland vs BostonCleveland-120Boston 6-2LOSE
2017-07-30Cinci can MiamiMiami -125Cinci 4-2LOSE
2017-05-23Minn vs BaltimoreBaltimore -125Minn 4-3LOSE
2017-05-17LAD vs SFUnder 6.5LAD 6-1LOSE
2017-05-16Atlanta vs TorontoToronto -135Atlanta 9-5LOSE
2017-05-15Milwaukee vs SDOver 7Milwaukee 6-5WIN
2017-05-13Baltimore vs KCBaltimore -110KC 4-3LOSE
2017-05-11LAD vs ColoradoOver 10.5Colorado 10-7WIN
2017-05-10LAA vs OaklandOakland -125Oakland 3-1WIN
2017-05-09NYY vs CinciCinci +105Cinci 5-3WIN
2017-05-08KC vs TBOver 8KC 7-3WIN
2017-05-06Detroit vs OaklandOakland -130Oakland 6-5WIN
2017-05-05SF vs CinciCinci -110Cinci 13-3WIN
2017-05-05Houston vs LAAHouston-120Houston 7-6WIN
2017-05-04NYM vs AtlantaNYM +115NYM 3-1WIN
2017-04-25Cinci vs MilwaukeeCinci +110Milwaukee 9-1LOSE
2017-04-20Arizona vs SD atArizona-115SD 4-1LOSE
2017-04-19Philly vs NYMNYM -130NYM 5-4WIN
2017-04-17Texas vs OaklandTexas +115Texas 7-0WIN
2017-04-15Arizona vs LADArizona +160LAD 8-4LOSE
2017-04-14SD vs AtlantaAtlanta-135Atlanta 5-2WIN
2017-04-13Oakland vs KCKC -125KC 3-1WIN
2017-04-12Texas vs LAATexas +125Texas 8-3WIN
2017-04-11NYM vs PhillyNYM -140NYM 14-4WIN
2017-04-09NYY vs BaltimoreBaltimore-115NYY 7-3LOSE
2017-04-07Seattle vs LAALAA -125LAA 5-1WIN
2017-04-06Philly vs CinciCinci -105Cinci 7-4WIN
2017-04-05Philly vs CinciCinci +105Cinci 2-0WIN
2017-04-04NYY vs TBOver 7.5NYY 5-0LOSE
2016-10-22LAD vs ChiCubsUNDER 6.5ChiCubs 5-0WIN
2016-10-20ChiCubs vs LADChiCubs -1.5ChiCubs 8-4WIN
2016-10-16LAD vs Chi CubsLAD -130LAD 1-0WIN
2016-10-07SFG vs ChiCubsSFG +160Chicago 1-0LOSE
2016-10-06Boston vs ClevelandOVER 8.5Cleveland 5-4WIN
2016-10-05SFG vs NYMSFG -115SFG 3-0WIN
2016-06-22Cinci vs TexasCinci +200Texas 6-4LOSE
2016-06-21St Louus vs ChiCubsChiCubs -135St. Louis 4-3LOSE
2016-06-20LAA va HoustonHouston -140Houston 10-7WIN
2016-06-16Texas vs OaklandOakland +105Texas 5-1LOSE
2016-06-15Miami vs SDSD +110SD 6-3WIN
2016-06-14Philly vs TorantoToranto -1.5Toranto 11-3,WIN
2016-06-14Minn vs LAALAA -125LAA 5-4WIN
2016-06-14Cinci vs AtlantaOver 7.5Cinci 3-1LOSE
2016-06-08Washington vs ChiSoxChiSox +180Washington 11-4LOSE
2016-05-30Cinci vs COloradoUNDER 11.5Cinci 11-8LOSE
2016-05-30ChiSox vs NYMNYM +135NYM 1-0WIN
2016-05-29Baltimore vs. ClevelandBaltimore -120Baltimore 6-4WIN
2016-05-29LAD vs NYMNYM +220LAD 4-2LOSE
2016-05-24Cinci vs LADCinci +180LAD 8-2LOSE
2016-05-20Cleveland vs BostonOver 8.5Cleveland 4-2LOSE
2016-05-20Milwaukee vs NYMNYM -1.5NYM 3-2LOSE
2016-05-20Washington vs MiamiWashington -130Washington 4-1WIN
2016-05-19Atlanta vs PittPitt -155PItt 8-2WIN
2016-05-15Minnesota vs ClevelandCleveland -135Minn 5-1LOSE
2016-05-15SD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -120Milwaukee 3-2WIN
2016-05-15Cinci vs PhillyOver 8Cinci 9/2WIN
2016-05-14Oakland vs TBTB -135TB 6-0WIN
2016-05-13SF vs ArizonaArizona +135SF 3-1LOSE
2016-05-12NYM vs LADOver 6LAD 5-0LOSE
2016-05-11NYY vs KCOver 7.5,KC 7-3WIN
2016-05-10ChiSox vs TexasTexas +110Texasx13-11WIN
2016-05-09NYM vs LADNYM -105NYM 4-2WIN
2016-05-04Seattle vs OaklandOakland +110Seattle 9-8LOSE
2016-05-03NYY vs BaltimoreBaltimore -115Baltimore 4-1WIN
2016-05-03Boston vs ChiSoxChiSox -135ChiSox 4-1WIN
2016-05-01Cleveland vs PhillyCleveland -120Philly 2-1LOSE
2016-05-01SD vs LADLAD -1.5LAD 1-0LOSE
2016-05-01Colorado vs ArizonaArizona -110Colorado 6-3LOSE
2016-05-01NYY vs BoSoxUNDER 8BoSox 8-7LOSE
2016-04-30Cleveland versus PhillyCleveland -120Philly 4-3LOSE
2016-04-29Atlanta vs ChiCubsChiCubs -1.5ChiCubs 6-1WIN
2016-04-28Milwaukee vs ChiCubsChiCubs -1.5ChiCuBs 7-2WIN
2016-04-28St. Louis vs ArizonaArizona +110Arizona 3-0WIN
2016-04-28Philly vs WashingtonWashington-155PHilly 3-0LOSE
2016-04-27Philly vs WashingtonWashington -1.5Philly 3-0LOSE
2016-04-27Cleveland vs MinnesotaCleveland-110Cleveland 6-5WIN
2016-04-26St Louis vs ArizonaSt Louis -130St. Louis 8-2WIN
2016-04-25Cleveland vs MinnCleveland -135Minn 4-3LOSE
2016-04-25Pitt vs ColoradoUnder 12PItt 6-1WIN
2016-04-24Philly vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -110Milwaukee 8-5WIN
2016-04-23Cleveland vs DetroitDetroit +105Cleveland 10-1LOSE
2016-04-23LAD vs ColoradoUnder 11LAD 4-1WIN
2016-04-21Detroit vs KCKC -145KC 4-0WIN
2016-04-21LAA vs ChiSoxOver 9LAA 3-2LOSE
2016-04-20LAD vs AtlantaLAD -130LAD 5-3WIN
2016-04-20Detroit vs KCUnder 8Detroit 3-2WIN
2016-04-20Toronto vs BaltimoreBaltimore -105Baltimore 4-3WIN
2016-04-19Colorado vs CinciOver 8.5Cinci 4-3LOSE
2016-04-19NYM vs PhillyNYM +105NYM 11-1WIN
2016-04-19TB vs BostonTB -105TB 3-0WIN
2016-04-18Milwaukee vs MinnMinn -130Minn 7-4WIN
2016-04-15LAA VS MinnLAA -120Minn 5-4LOSE
2016-04-14Baltimore vs TexasTexas -125Texas 6-3WIN
2016-04-14KC vs HoustonKC +110KC 6-2WIN
2016-04-13Texas vs SeattleSeattle -140Seattle 4-2WIN
2016-04-12NYY vs TorontoUnder 8.5NYY 3-2WIN
2016-04-12Cleveland vs TBTB +125TB 5-1WIN
2016-04-11Milwaukee vs St LouisSt Louis -155St. Louis 10-1WIN
2016-04-10Oakland vs SeattleSeattle -160Oakland 2-1LOSE
2016-04-09NYY vs DetroitDetroit -105NYY 8-4LOSE
2016-04-08Cleveland vs ChiSoxChiSox +120Cleveland 7-1LOSE
2016-04-08Oakland vs SeattleSeattle -1.5Oakland 3-2LOSE
2016-04-06Houston vs NYYNYY -115NYY 16-6WIN
2016-04-06ChiSox vs OaklandOakland -120Oakland 2-1WIN
2016-04-05NYM vs KCKC +100NYM 2-0LOSE
2016-04-04Minn vs BaltimoreMinnesota +125Baltimore 3-2LOSE
2016-04-04ChiCubs vs LAAChiCubs -130ChiCubs 9-0WIN
2016-04-04Colorado vs ArizonaOver 7.5Colorado 10-5WIN
2015-11-01KC vs NYMOver 7KC 7-2WIN
2015-10-31KC vs NYMover 7.5KC 5-3WIN
2015-10-30KC vs NYMOver 6.5NYM 9-3WIN
2015-10-28NYM vs KCNYM -115KC 7-1LOSE
2015-10-28NYM vs KCOver 7KC 7-1WIN
2015-10-27NYM vs KCKC +110KC 5-4WIN
2015-10-27NYM vs KCOver 7KC 5-4WIN
2015-10-21NYM vs ChiCubsChiCubs -110NYM 8-3LOSE
2015-10-20NYM vs ChiCubsChiCubs +105NYM 5-2LOSE
2015-10-19KC vs TorantoToranto -1.5 Run LineToranto 11-8WIN
2015-10-18Chi vs NYMNYM +130NYM 4-1WIN
2015-10-17Toranto vs KCOver 7.5kC 6-3WIN
2015-10-17ChiCubs vs NYMOver 6.5NYM 4-2LOSE
2015-10-16Totanto vs KCUnder 8KC 5-0WIN
2015-10-15NYM vs LADUnder 6NYM 3-2WIN
2015-10-14Houston vs KCKC -125KC 7-2WIN
2015-10-13St Louis vs ChiCubsChiCubs -120ChiCubs 6-4WIN
2015-10-08Houston vs KCKC -130Houston 5-2LOSE
2015-10-07ChiCubs vs PittChiCubs -125ChiCubs 4-0WIN
2015-10-01LAA vs TexasLAA +105Texas 5-3LOSE
2015-10-01Washington vs AtlantaWashington -1.5 run lineWashington 3-0WIN
2015-09-30Minn vs ClevelandCleveland -120Cleveland 10-2WIN
2015-09-30KC vs ChiSoxKC -115KC 5-3WIN
2015-09-29Oakland vs LAALAA -1.5LAA 8-1WIN
2015-09-28Boston vs NYYUnder 8.5Boston 5-1WIN
2015-09-28Detroit vs TexasTexas -135Detroit 7-4LOSE
2015-09-25Milwaukee vs St LouisOver 7Milwaukee 4-3PUSH
2015-09-25ChiSox vs NYYChiSox +135ChiSox 5-2WIN
2015-09-24ChiSox vs NYYNYY -110NYY 3-2WIN
2015-09-24SD vs SFSF -150SD 5-4LOSE
2015-09-24TB vs BostonUnder 8.5TB 4-2WIN
2015-09-23Texas vs OaklandOver 8Texas 10-3WIN
2015-09-20ChiSox vs ClevelandCleveland -150Cleveland 6-3WIN
2015-09-18KC vs DetroitDetroit +105Detroit 5-4WIN
2015-09-17KC vs ClevelandCleveland-125KC 8-4LOSE
2015-09-14Detroit vs MinnMinn -155Minn 7-1WIN
2015-09-13Boston vs TBTB -150Boston 2-0LOSE
2015-09-13Oakland vs TexasTexas -140Texas 12-4WIN
2015-09-11KC vs BaltimoreBaltimore +105Baltimore 14-8WIN
2015-09-10Detroit vs ClevelandCleveland -1.5 Run LineCleveland 7-5WIN
2015-09-09NYM vs WashingtonWashington -115NYM 5/3LOSE
2015-09-09Atlanta vs PhillyPhilly +130Atlanta 8-1LOSE
2015-09-08Milwaukee vs MiamiMiami -130Miami 6-4WIN
2015-09-05Atlanta vs WashingtonUnder 7.5Washington 8-2LOSE
2015-09-05Minn vs HoustonHouston -1.5 Run LineMinnesota 3-2LOSE
2015-09-04TB vs NYYNYY -150NYY 5-2WIN
2015-09-04Texas vs LAALAA -145LAA 5-2WIN
2015-09-04Cleveland vs DetroitOver 8.5Cleveland 8-1WIN
2015-09-04Philly vs BostonBoston -1.5Boston 7-5WIN
2015-09-03SF vs ColoradoColorado +120Colorado 11-3WIN
2015-09-02Detroit vs KCKC -1.5KC 12-1WIN
2015-09-01Detroit vs KCUnder 7Detroit 6-5LOSE
2015-09-01Washington vs St LouisStLouis -110At Louus 8-5WIN
2015-09-01SF vs LADLAD -115LAD 2-1WIN
2015-08-27Seattle vs ChiSoxChiSox -120ChiSox 4-2WIN
2015-08-25SD vs WashingtonOver 7Washington 8-3WIN
2015-08-25Houston vs NYYNYY +120Houston 15-1LOSE
2015-08-24ChiCubs vs ClevelandCleveland +125ChiCubs 2-1LOSE
2015-08-23KC vs BostonKC -105KC 8-6WIN
2015-08-22Minnesota vs BaltimoreBaltimore -145Minn 3-2LOSE
2015-08-22Cleveland vs NYYUnder 8.5NYY 6-2WIN
2015-08-21Arizona vs CinciOver 8Arizona 6-3WIN
2015-08-21SF vs PittSF -125SF 6-4WIN
2015-08-20Philly vs MiamiMiami -130Miami 9-7WIN
2015-08-20Arizona vs CinciOver 7Arizona 5-4WIN
2015-08-19Minnesota vs NYYMinnesota +175NYY 4-3LOSE
2015-08-18KC vs CinciOver 7.5KC 3-1LOSE
2015-08-17Miami vs MilwaukeeOver 8Miami 6-2PUSH
2015-08-17Oakland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -110Baltimore 4-2PENDING
2015-08-17Oak vs BaltimoreBaltimore -110Baltimore 4-2WIN
2015-07-30Washington vs MiamiUnder 6.5Washington 1-0WIN
2015-07-29PHilly vs TorantoUnder 9.5Toronto 8-2LOSE
2015-07-28ChiSox vs BostonBoston -130ChiSox 9-4LOSE
2015-07-27Colorado vs ChiCubsChiCubs -130ChiCubs 9-8WIN
2015-07-26Philly vs ChiCubsChiCubs -150PHikky 11-5LOSE
2015-07-24Detroit vs BostonBoston -130Boston 2-1WIN
2015-07-23Boston vs HoustonHouston -130Houston 5-4WIN
2015-07-22ChiCubs vs CinciOver 8Cinci 9-1WIN
2015-07-22ChiCubs vs CinciOver 8ChiCubs 6-5WIN
2015-07-19LAD vs WashingtonWashington -105LAD 5-0LOSE
2015-07-18Minnesota vs OaklandMinnesota +140Oakland 3-2LOSE
2015-07-12ChiSox vs CubsCubs -145Cubs 3-1WIN
2015-07-11Toranto vs KCToranto-130Toranto 6-2WIN
2015-06-30Boston vs TorontoToronto -140Boston 4-3LOSE
2015-06-30Milwaukee vs PhillyPhilly -125Milwaukee 4-3LOSE
2015-06-29NYY vs LAALAA -125LAA 4-1WIN
2015-06-27LAD bs MiamiMiami +200Miami 3-2WIN
2015-06-26ChiCubs vs St. LouisSt. louis -125St. Louis 3-2WIN
2015-06-14Washington vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee +135Washington 4-0LOSE
2015-06-14Minn vs Texas.Texas -110Minn 4-3LOSE
2015-06-13Cleveland vs DetroitCleveland -105Cleveland 5-4WIN
2015-06-12Cinci vs Chi CubsOver 6.5Cinci 5-4WIN
2015-06-10Cinci vs PhillyUnder 9Cinci 5-2WIN
2015-06-09Milwaukee vs PittPItt -160Milwaukee 4-1LOSE
2015-06-05Miami vs ColoradoColorado -110Miami 6-2LOSE
2015-06-03PItt vs SFSF +115PItt 5-2LOSE
2015-06-02NYY vs SeattleNYY +105NYY 5-3WIN
2015-06-01Baltimore vs HoustonBaltimore +110Houston 5-2LOSE
2015-05-31Washington vs CinciCinci +115Cinci 8-2WIN
2015-05-29Toranto vs MinnesotaMinnesota -110Toranto 6-4LOSE
2015-05-26Colorado vs cinciUnder 8Cinci 2-1WIN
2015-05-25Colorado vs Cinci.Over 8.5Colorado 5-4WIN
2015-05-24Texas vs NYYNYY -125Texas 5-2LOSE
2015-05-22LAA vs BostonBoston -115LAA 12-5LOSE
2015-05-21LAA vs TorantoToranto -110Toranto 8-4WIN
2015-05-16Colorado vs LADLAD -1.5Colorado 6-1LOSE
2015-05-15SF vs CinciCincinnati +125SF 9-2LOSE
2015-05-14Boston vs SeattleSeattle-120Boston 2-1LOSE
2015-05-13St. Louis vs ClevelandCleveland-120Cleveland 2-0WIN
2015-05-12Boston vs OaklandOakland-110Oakland 9-2WIN
2015-05-11Atlanta vs CinciCinci -130Atlanta 2-1LOSE
2015-05-11Washington vs ArizonaWashington -140Washington 11-1WIN
2015-05-07Houston vs LAALAA +105Houston 3-2LOSE
2015-05-06LAD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee +110Milwaukee 6-3WIN
2015-05-05TB vs BostonBoston -120Boston 2-0WIN
2015-05-03Washington vs NYMNYM -105Washington 1-0LOSE
2015-05-02Oakland vs texasTexas +115Texas 8-7WIN
2015-05-01toronto vs ClevelandCleveland -130Cleveland 9-4WIN
2015-04-26ChiCubs vs CincinnatiCincinnati +110ChiCubs 5-2LOSE
2015-04-25Washington vs MiamiMiami +130Miami 8-0WIN
2015-04-24Boston vs BaltimoreBoston -115Boston 7-5PENDING
2015-04-24Boston vs BaltimoreBoston-115Boston 7-5WIN
2015-04-22LAD vs SFLAD -125SF 3-2LOSE
2015-04-21Minn vs KCKC -140KC 6-5WIN
2015-04-21SD vs ColoradoColorado -110SD 7-6LOSE
2015-04-20ChiCubs vs PIttPItt -105Chi Cubs 5-2LOSE
2015-04-16TB vs TorontoToronto -110TB 4-2LOSE
2015-04-15Milwaukee vs St LouisOver 7St Louus 4-2LOSE
2015-04-14Cinci vs ChicagoCinci +135Cinci 3-2WIN
2014-10-22SF vs KCOver 7KC 7-2WIN
2014-10-21SF vs KCSF -110SF 7-1WIN
2014-10-07LAD vs St LouisSt Louis +145St. Louis. 3-2WIN
2014-10-07LAD vs St LouisOver 6.5St Louis 3-2LOSE
2014-10-06Washington vs SFSF -130Washington 4-1LOSE
2014-10-02Detroit vs BaltimoreDetroit -115Baltimore 12-3LOSE
2014-10-02KC vs LAAOver 8KC 3-2LOSE
2014-10-01SF vs PittUnder 6.5SF 8-0LOSE
2014-09-30Oakland vs KCOver 6.5KC 9-8WIN
2014-09-26NYY vs BostonBoston -110NYY 3-2LOSE
2014-09-25Baltimore vs NYYNYY -130NYY 6-5WIN
2014-09-24Colorado vs SDOver 7sD 4-3PUSH
2014-09-23KC vs ClevelandCleveland -105KC 7-1LOSE
2014-09-22Arizona vs MinnMinn -135Arizona 6-2LOSE
2014-09-21Detroit vs KCKC +105KC 5-2WIN
2014-09-20SF vs SDSF -115SD 3-2LOSE
2014-09-18Philly vs SDSD -125SD 7-3WIN
2014-09-17Boston bs PittOver 7PItt 9-1WIN
2014-09-16Washington vs AtlantaAtlanta +115Washington 3-0LOSE
2014-09-16Miami vs NYMNYM -130NYM 9-1WIN
2014-09-15Miami vs NYMNYM -140Miami 6-5LOSE
2014-09-14NYY vs BaltimoreBaltimore -125Baltimore 3-2WIN
2014-09-13TB vs TorontoToronto -130Toronto 6-3WIN
2014-09-12Chicago vs PittOver 7PItt 7-3WIN
2014-09-11Minn vs ClevelandCleveland -150Cleveland 8-2WIN
2014-09-10Miami vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -125Milwaukee 4-1WIN
2014-09-09St. Louis vs CinciOver 7Cinci 9-2WIN
2014-09-05NYM vs CinciCinci -110NYM 14-5LOSE
2014-09-04St Louis vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee +110St Louis 3-2LOSE
2014-09-03Milwaukee vs ChiCubsMilwaukee -125ChiCubs 6-2LOSE
2014-08-30Cleveland vs KCKC -140Cleveland 3-2LOSE
2014-08-29Colorado vs ArizAriz -140Ariz 5-2WIN
2014-08-27Boston vs TorontoToronto - 135Toronto 5-2WIN
2014-08-26Milwaukee vs SDOver 6.5SD 4-1LOSE
2014-08-25Colorado vs SFOver 7.5Colorado 3-2LOSE
2014-08-24Pitt vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -140Milwaukee 4-3WIN
2014-08-23Miami vs ColoradoUnder 10.5Colorado 5-4WIN
2014-08-22St Louis vs PhillyOver 7.5PHilly 5-4WIN
2014-08-22Atlanta vs CinciCinci +120Atlanta 3-1LOSE
2014-08-20KC vs ColoradoOver 9.5Colorado 5-2LOSE
2014-08-19Atlanta Vs PittPitt -150Atlanta 11-3LOSE
2014-08-19Baltimore vs ChiSoxChiSox +105Baltimore 5-1LOSE
2014-08-18KC vs MinnKC -160KC 6-4WIN
2014-08-18Atl vs PittOver 7Atl 7-3WIN
2014-08-16Milwaukee vs LADOver 6Milwaukee 3-2LOSE
2014-08-15Oakland vs AtlantaOver 7Atlanta 7-2WIN
2014-08-08ChiSox vs SeattleSeattle -160Seattle 4-1WIN
2014-08-07Boston vs St LouisOver 7St Louis 5-2PUSH
2014-08-06NYM vs WashingtonWashington -150Washington 7-1WIN
2014-08-05NYM vs WashingtonWashington -150NYM 6-1LOSE
2014-08-04Cinci vs ClevelandOver 7Cleveland 7-1WIN
2014-08-03Seattle vs BaltimoreBaltimore +105Baltimore 1-0WIN
2014-08-03Minnesota vs ChiSoxChiSox -160Minn 16-3LOSE
2014-08-01Toronto vs HoustonToronto -110Houston 3-1LOSE
2014-08-01Milwaukee vs St LouisOver 7Milwaukee 7-4WIN
2014-07-31Cinci vs MiamiOver 6.5Cinci 3-1LOSE
2014-07-30Pitt vs SFSF -120SF 7-5WIN
2014-07-29Arizona vs CinciCinci -140Cinci 3-0WIN
2014-07-28Milwaukee vs TBTB -130TB 2-1WIN
2014-07-27Arizona vs PhillyPhilly +110PHilly 4-2WIN
2014-07-27LAD vs SFSF +110LAD 4-3LOSE
2014-07-26Arizona vs PhillyOver 7.5Arizona 10-6WIN
2014-07-25Cleveland vs KCOver 8KC 6-4WIN
2014-07-23Cinci vs MilwaukeeCinci + 135Milwaukee 5-1LOSE
2014-07-22LAD vs PittPitt -115PItt 12-7WIN
2014-07-22Boston vs TorontoToronto +110Toronto 7-3WIN
2014-07-22Detroit vs ArizArizona +105Arizona 5-4WIN
2014-07-21Detroit vs Arizona.Arizona + 115Detroit 4-3LOSE
2014-07-20Seattle vs LAALAA -150LAA 6-5WIN
2014-07-20Colorado vs PittOver 7Pitt 5-3WIN
2014-07-19NYM vs SDSD -125SD 6-0WIN
2014-07-18Seattle vs LAALAA -125LAA 3-2WIN
2014-07-18Milwaukee vs WashingtonMilwaukee +120Milwaukee 4-2WIN
2014-07-13St. Louis vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee - 115Milwaukee 11-2WIN
2014-07-13ChiSox vs ClevelandCleveland -160Cleveland 3-2WIN
2014-07-13Pitt vs CinciCinci -130Cinci 6-3WIN
2014-07-13Arizona vs SFOver 7SF 8-4WIN
2014-07-13Detroit vs KCKC +120KC 5-2WIN
2014-07-13Boston vs HoustonBoston -140Boston 11-0WIN
2014-07-12Washington vs PhillyWashington -125Washington 5-3WIN
2014-07-09Pitt vs St LouisOver 7.5St Louis 5-2LOSE
2014-07-08Philly vs MilwaukeeOver 8PHilly 9-7WIN
2014-07-08LAD vs DetroitLAD +115Detroit 14-5LOSE
2014-07-07ChiSox vs BostonOver 10ChiSox 4-0LOSE
2014-07-06TB vs DetroitDetroit +105TB 7-3,LOSE
2014-07-05ChiCubs vs WashingtonWashington -150Washington 13-0WIN
2014-07-04Seattle vs ChiSoxOver 7ChiSox 7-1WIN
2014-06-30KC vs MinnKC -115KC 6-1WIN
2014-06-28Colorado vs MikwaukeeOver 9Milwaukee 7-4WIN
2014-06-28Cleveland vs SeattleSeattle -125Cleveland 5-0LOSE
2014-06-26Miami vs PhillyPhilly -150Philly 5-3WIN
2014-06-25LAD vs KCKC -135LAD 5-4LOSE
2014-06-24St Louis vs ColoradoColorado -120Colorado 10-5WIN
2014-06-24Washington vs MilwaukeeUnder 8Washington 4-2WIN
2014-06-20Philly vs St. LouisOver 7.5St. Louis 4-1LOSE
2014-06-19NYM vs MiamiOver. 7NYM 1-0LOSE
2014-06-19Houston vs TBTB -150TB 5-0WIN
2014-06-18Seattle vs SDSeattle -130SD 2-1LOSE
2014-06-18Milwaukee vs ArizonaArizona +105Arizona 4-3WIN
2014-06-15Pitt vs MiamiMiami +105Miami 3-2WIN
2014-06-14ChiCubs vs PhillyPhilly -115Philly 7-4WIN
2014-06-14Pitt vs MiamiMiami +110Pitt 8-6LOSE
2014-06-13SD vs NYMOver 6.5NYM 6-2WIN
2014-06-11Washington vs SFSF -125Washington 6-2LOSE
2014-06-08St Louis vs TorantoToronto -150St Louis 5-0LOSE
2014-06-08Milwaukee vs PittPitt + 105Milwaukee 1-0LOSE
2014-06-08Seattle vs TBTB +110Seattle 5-0LOSE
2014-06-08Houston vs MinnestoaHouston +105Houston 14-5WIN
2014-06-08Washington vs SDWashington -125Washington 6-0WIN
2014-06-08Philly vs CinciOver 8Cinci 4-1LOSE
2014-06-07Houston vs MinnMinnesota -125Minnesota 8-0WIN
2014-06-06Atlanta vs ArizonaAtlanta -110Atlanta 5-2WIN
2014-06-05St Louis vs KCOver 7.5KC 3-2LOSE
2014-06-05Milwaukee vs MinnMilwaukee -120Milwaukee 8-5WIN
2014-06-04St Louis vs KCSt Louis -125St Louis -5-2WIN
2014-06-04LAA vs HoustonLAA -135LAA 4-0WIN
2014-06-02Boston vs ClevelandBoston -115Cleveland 3-2LOSE
2014-06-02NYM vs PhillyPhilly +105NYM 11-2LOSE
2014-06-02KC vs St LouisOver 7.5KC 6-0LOSE
2014-06-01NYM vs PhillyOver 7NYM 4-3PUSH
2014-05-31Pitt vs LAD.LAD -125LAD 12-2WIN
2014-05-30Pitt vs LADLAD -130PItt 2-1LOSE
2014-05-29Detroit vs OaklandOakland -130Detroit 5-4LOSE
2014-05-28Cleveland at ChiSoxChiSox +105ChiSox 3-2WIN
2014-05-27Colorado vs Philly.Philly -125Colorado 6-2LOSE
2014-05-27Colorado vs PhillyOver 7Colorado. 6-2WIN
2014-05-26Miami vs WashingtonWashington -130Miami 3-2LOSE
2014-05-25Cleveland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -115Baltimore 4-2WIN
2014-05-24Colorado vs AtlantaAtlanta -150Colorado 3/1LOSE
2014-05-23Boston vs TBBoston -105Tampa Bay 1-0LOSE
2014-05-23ChiCubs vs SDSD -130SD 11-1WIN
2014-05-21Philly vs MiamiMiami -130Miami 14-5WIN
2014-05-20Baltimore vs PittPitt -125Baltimore 9-2LOSE
2014-05-20Arizona vs St LouisOver 7St Louis 5-0LOSE
2014-05-19Detroit vs ClevelandCleveland -105Cleveland 5-4WIN
2014-05-19Milwaukee vs AtlantaAtlanta -120Atlanta 9-3WIN
2014-05-18SD vs ColoradoColorado -150Colorado 8-6WIN
2014-05-18Toronto vs TexasTexas +110Washington 6-2WIN
2014-05-18NYM vs WashingtonWashington -150Washington 6-3WIN
2014-05-16Boston vs DetroitOver 7.5Detroit 1-0LOSE
2014-05-15SD vs CinciCinci -140Cinci 5-0WIN
2014-05-14Boston vs MinnOver 8.5Boston 9-4WIN
2014-05-13Detroit vs BaltimoreBaltimore +105Detroit 4-1LOSE
2014-05-12Atlanta vs SFSF -110SF 4-2WIN
2014-05-11Colorado vs CinciCinci -125Cinci 4-1WIN
2014-05-10NYY vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -130Milwaukee 5-4WIN
2014-05-09St Louis vs PittSt Louis -120Pitt 6-4LOSE
2014-05-09KC vs SeattleUnder 7.5KC 6-1WIN
2014-05-08Philly vs TorantoToranto -130Toranto 12-6WIN
2014-05-07Seattle vs OaklandOakland +110Oakland 2-0WIN
2014-05-07Arizona vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -140Arizona 3-2LOSE
2014-05-07St Louis vs AtlantaAtlanta +105St Louis 7-1LOSE
2014-05-06Seattle vs OaklandOakland -160Seattle 8-3LOSE
2014-05-06SF vs PittPitt +105PItt 2-1WIN
2014-05-06Minn vs ClevelandCleveland -140Cleveland 4-2WIN
2014-05-05LAD vs WashingtonWashington +105Washington 4-0WIN
2014-05-04St Louis vs ChiCubsSt Louis -135St Louis 5-4WIN
2014-05-02SF vs AtlantaAtlanta -140SF 2-1LOSE
2014-05-02Oakland vs BoSoxOver 9.5Boston 7-1LOSE
2014-05-02NYM vs ColoradoColorado -130Colorado 10-3WIN
2014-05-01TB vs BoSoxOver 8.5TB 6-5WIN
2014-04-30Milwaukee vs St Louis.St Louis -135St Louis 9-3WIN
2014-04-29Toronto vs KCKC -130KC 10-7WIN
2014-04-28Oakland vs TexasOver 8Oakland 4-0LOSE
2014-04-27Miami vs NYMNYM -130NYM 4-0WIN
2014-04-27Texas vs SeattleSeattle +105Seattle 6-5WIN
2014-04-26Philly vs ArizonaPhilly -130Philly 6-5WIN
2014-04-25Seattle vs TexasOver 7Seattle 6-5WIN
2014-04-24NYY vs BoSoxBoSox -110NYY 14-5LOSE
2014-04-23SD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -140Milwaukee 5-2WIN
2014-04-22SD vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -140SD 2-1LOSE
2014-04-21Miami vs AtlantaAtlanta -1.5. Run lineAtlanta 4-2WIN
2014-04-20NYY vs TBOver. 8.5NYY 5-1LOSE
2014-04-19Houston vs OaklandOakland -1.5Oakland 4-3LOSE
2014-04-19ChiSox vs TexasOver 9.5Texas. 6-3LOSE
2014-04-18Philly vs ColoradoColorado -150Colorado 12-1WIN
2014-04-18Houston vs Oakland.Over 7Oakland 11-3WIN
2014-04-16ChiCubs vs NYYChiCubs +155NYY 3-0LOSE
2014-04-15Washington vs MiamiMiami +1.5Miami 11-2WIN
2014-04-14Atlanta vs PhillyAtlanta -125Atlanta 9-6WIN
2014-04-14Seattle vs TexasTexas -135Seattle 7-1LOSE
2014-04-13Colorado vs SFSF -160SF 5-4WIN
2014-04-13Oakland vs SeattleSeattle +110Oakland 3-0LOSE
2014-04-10Ariz vs SFSF -115Arizona 6-5.LOSE
2014-04-09Texas vs BoStonOver 8.5Boston 4-2LOSE
2014-04-02Boston vs BaltimoreOver 8.5Boston 6-2LOSE
2014-04-01Philly vs TexasTexas -130Texas 3-2WIN
2014-03-31Philly vs TexasUnder 8PHikky 14-10LOSE
2013-10-30St. Louis vs BostonSt Louis +110Boston 6-1LOSE
2013-10-28Boston vs St. LouisSt. Louis -125Boston 3--1LOSE
2013-10-26Boston vs St LouisSt Louis -110St. Louis 5-4WIN
2013-10-24St Louis vs BostonOVER 7St Louis 4-2LOSE
2013-10-23St Louis vs BostonSt Louis +115Boston 8-1WIN
2013-10-18LAd vs SLSL -130St Louis. 9-0WIN
2013-10-13Detroit vs BostonBoston -115Boston 6-5WIN
2013-10-12LAD vs St LouisLAD -130St Louis 1-0LOSE
2013-10-11LAD vs St LouisOver 7.5St Louis 3-2LOSE
2013-10-10Detroit vs OaklandDetroit +105Detroit 3-0WIN
2013-10-09Pitt vs St LouisOVER 6.5St Louis 6-1WIN
2013-10-09Pitt vs St. LouisSt Louis -1.5/140St Louis 6-1WIN
2013-10-05Detroit vs OaklandOakland +115Oakland 1-0WIN
2013-10-03Pitt vs St LouisSt Louis -150St Louis 9-1WIN
2013-10-03LAD vs AtlantaAtlanta +130LAD 6-1LOSE
2013-10-01Cinci vs PittCinci +125PItt 6-2LOSE
2013-09-29SD vs SFSF - 115SF 7-6WIN
2013-09-28Pitt vs CinciOVER 7.5Pitt 8-3WIN
2013-09-27LAA vs TexasTexas -135Texas 5-3WIN
2013-09-27Toronto vs TBOver 8Toronto 6-3WIN
2013-09-23Milwaukee vs AtlantaAtlanta - 120Milwaukee 5-0LOSE
2013-09-23NYM vs CinciCinci -1.5 / -120Cincinnati Reds 3-2 10 inningsLOSE
2013-09-22St. Louis vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee + 145Milwaukee 6-4WIN
2013-09-20SF vs NYYUnder 8.5NYY 5-1WIN
2013-09-18Miami vs PhillyPhilly -130Miami 4-3LOSE
2013-09-17Texas vs TBTexas +115Texas 7-1WIN
2013-09-13Oakland vs TexasTexas -130Oakland 9-8LOSE
2013-09-13Seattle vs St Louis-1.5/+110St. Louis 2-1LOSE
2013-09-12Atlanta vs MiamiAtlanta -130Atlanta 6-1WIN
2013-09-12Boston vs TBTB +110TB 4-3WIN
2013-09-11TB vs BostonOver 7.5Boston 7-3WIN
2013-09-09Colorado vs SFOver 6.5SF 3-2LOSE
2013-09-08Arizona vs SFSF -140sF 3-2WIN
2013-09-07Toronto vs MinnToronto +115Toronto 11-2WIN
2013-09-06Pitt vs St. LouisSt. Louis +115At Louis 12-8WIN
2013-09-05Arizona vs SFSF -110Arizona 4-2LOSE
2013-09-04TB vs LAALAA -125TB 3-1LOSE
2013-09-04St Louis vs CinciOver 8St. Louis 5-4WIN
2013-09-03TB vs LAALAA +130Tampa Bay 7-1LOSE
2013-09-02Seattle vs KCKC +105KC 3-1WIN
2013-09-01Baltimore vs NYYNYY -120Baltimore 7-3LOSE
2013-08-31NYM vs WashingtonWashington -150NYM 11-3LOSE
2013-08-30Miami vs AtlantaAtlanta -135Atlanta 2-1WIN
2013-08-30Minn vs TexasMinnesota +330Minn 3-2. HUGE $$$$ WINWIN
2013-08-29Oakland vs DetroitOver 7.5Detroit 7-6WIN
2013-08-28NYY vs TorontoToronto +135Toronto 7-2WIN
2013-08-27Milwaukee vs PittMilwaukee +105Milwaukee 7-6WIN
2013-08-26NYY vs TorontoNYY +105Toronto 5-2LOSE
2013-08-25Boston vs LADLAD +105Boston 8-1LOSE
2013-08-23Oakland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -130Baltimore 9-7WIN
2013-08-22Atlanta vs St. LouisAtlanta + 130LOSE
2013-08-20Cleveland vs LAALAA -110Clev 4-1 14 inningsLOSE
2013-08-19Cleveland vs LAALAA -140Cleveland 5-2LOSE
2013-08-18Washington vs Atlanta Washington vs AtlantaAtlanta -145Atlanta 2-1WIN
2013-08-17LAD vs PhillyOver 7LAD 5-0LOSE
2013-08-16Arizona vs PittPitt -150PItt 6-2WIN
2013-08-15LAA vs NYYOver 8.5LAA 8-4WIN
2013-08-11Minn vs ChiSoxChiSox-125Minn 5-2LOSE
2013-08-10Oakland vs TorontoToronto -130Toronto 5-4WIN
2013-08-10Baltimore vs SFSF +115SF 3-2WIN
2013-08-09Milwaukee vs SeattleSeattle -125Milwaukee 10-5LOSE
2013-08-08ChiCubs vs PhillyPhilly +105PHilly 12-1WIN
2013-08-07Toronto vs SeattleSeattle -115Seattle 9-7WIN
2013-08-07Minn vs KCKC -145KC 5-2WIN
2013-08-06ChiCubs vs PhillyPhilly -120PHilly 9-8WIN
2013-08-06St Louis vs LADSt Louis +130St. Louis 5-1WIN
2013-08-05Toronto vs SeattleSeattle -130toronto 3-1LOSE
2013-08-04Seattle vs BaltimoreBaltimore -1.5 / 115PENDINGPENDING
2013-08-03Cleveland vs MiamiCleveland -130Cleveland 4-2WIN
2013-08-03Texas vs OaklandOakland -130Oakland 4-2WIN
2013-08-03Washington vs MilwaukeeOver 8.5Wash 3-0LOSE
2013-08-01Toronto vs LAALAA -125LAA 8-2WIN
2013-07-31Seattle vs BostonBoston -150Boston 5-4WIN
2013-07-30NYM vs MiamiMiami -140NYM 4-2LOSE
2013-07-30Cinci vs SDCinci -145SD 4-2LOSE
2013-07-29LAA vs TexasLAA +130Texas 4-3LOSE
2013-07-28Boston vs BaltimoreBaltimore -110Boston 5-0LOSE
2013-07-28ChiCubs vs SFSF -145Chicubs 2-1LOSE
2013-07-27LAA vs OaklandOakland -140Oakland 3-1WIN
2013-07-27NYM vs WashingtonWashington -140Washington 4-1WIN
2013-07-27Minn vs seattleSeattle -140Minn 4-0PENDING
2013-07-27Pitt vs MiamiPitt -150PItt 7-4WIN
2013-07-27KC vs ChiSoxOver 7.5KC 1-0LOSE
2013-07-26Minn vs SeattleOver 7Minn 3-2LOSE
2013-07-25SD vs MikwaukeeMikwaukee -130SD 10-8LOSE
2013-07-24Pitt vs WashingtonWashington -135PItt 4-2LOSE
2013-07-23Miami vs ColoradoColorado -150Miami 4-2LOSE
2013-07-23TB vs BostonBoston -140Boston 6-2WIN
2013-07-22Balt vs KCKC +115Baltimore 9-2LOSE
2013-07-21TB vs TorontoToronto -125TB 4-3LOSE
2013-07-20ChiCubs vs ColoradoColorado -150Colorado 9-3WIN
2013-07-20Tampa Bay vs TorontoToronto -115TB 4/3LOSE
2013-07-20Pitt vs CinciCinci -140Cinci 5-4WIN
2013-07-19Pitt vs CinciCinci -125Cinci 5-3WIN
2013-07-13LAA vs SeattleOver 6.56-0LOSE
2013-07-13NYM vs PittNYM +130PItt 4-2LOSE
2013-07-12St. Louis vs ChiCubsSt. Louis +105St Louis 3-2WIN
2013-07-12Boston vs OaklandOakland -110Bost 4-2LOSE
2013-07-12Colorado vs LADOver 6.5Col 3-0LOSE
2013-07-11Wash vs PhillyPhilly +125PHilly 3-1WIN
2013-07-10LAA vs ChiCubsLAA +110LAA 13-2WIN
2013-07-10Texas vs BaltimoreBaltimore -140Baltimore 6-1WIN
2013-07-09Washington vs PhillyPhilly -140PHilly 4-2WIN
2013-07-09Atlanta vs MiamiAtlanta -165Atlanta 6-4WIN
2013-07-08NYM vs SFSF +110NYM 4-3LOSE
2013-07-07Minn vs TorontoToronto -165Toronto 11-5WIN
2013-07-07Miami vs St LouisOver 7.5St Louis 3-2LOSE
2013-07-06Oakland vs KCKC-115KC 4-3WIN
2013-07-05Balt vs NYYNYY +110NYY 3-2WIN
2013-06-30SD vs MiamiSD -120Miami 6-2LOSE
2013-06-30ChiCubs vs SeattleSeattle -120Cubs 7-6LOSE
2013-06-30NYY vs BaltOver 8.5PENDINGLOSE
2013-06-30SF vs ColoradoColorado -125PENDINGLOSE
2013-06-28SD vs MiamiSD +115SD 9-2WIN
2013-06-28SF vs ColoradoSF +135Colorado 4-1LOSE
2013-06-28SF vs ColoradoOver 10.5Colorado 4-1LOSE
2013-06-27ChiCubs vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -110Cubs 7-2LOSE
2013-06-27Texas vs NYYNYY +110Texas 2-0LOSE
2013-06-26LAA vs DetroitDetroit -145LAA 7-4LOSE
2013-06-26Philly vs SDOver 7.5PHilly 7-5WIN
2013-06-25Clev vs BaltBaltimore -125Baltimore 6-3WIN
2013-06-25Texas vs NYYNYY +115NYY 4-3WIN
2013-06-25Minn vs MiamiMiami -110Miami 4-2WIN
2013-06-24Cleveland vs BaltimoreBaltimore -130Cleveland 5-2LOSE
2013-06-23Texas vs St. Louisover 7.5Texas 2-1LOSE
2013-06-23Houston vs ChiCubsUnder 10.5ChiCubs 14-6LOSE
2013-06-23Colorado vs WashingtonWashington -125Colorado 7-6LOSE
2013-06-22Atlanta vs Milwaukee.Atlanta -130MILWAUKEE 2-0LOSE
2013-06-22Pitt vs LAALAA -120PITT 6-1LOSE
2013-06-21Texas vs StLouisSt Louis -110Texas 6-4LOSE
2013-06-20Miami vs SFSF -1.5/+120Miami 2-1LOSE
2013-06-19LAD vs NYYLAD +125NYY 6-4LOSE
2013-06-19Baltimore vs DetroitDetroit -145Baltimore 13-3LOSE
2013-06-18SD vs SFSF -150SF 5-4WIN
2013-06-18KC vs ClevClev -125Cleveland 4-3WIN
2013-06-17ChiCubs vs St. LouisOver 7.5St. Louis 5-2LOSE
2013-06-17Oak vs TexasTexas -125Texas 8-7WIN
2013-06-16LAD vs PittPitt -115PItt 6-3WIN
2013-06-16Seattle vs OaklandOakland -130Oakland 10-2WIN
2013-06-16Toronto vs TexasTexas -1.5/-105Toranto 7-2LOSE
2013-06-15Washington vs ClevelandCleveland +120Washington 7-6LOSE
2013-06-15St. Louis vs MiamiOVER 7.5St. Louis 13-7WIN
2013-06-14Arizona vs SDSD -120SD 2-1WIN
2013-06-14SF vs AtlantaATlanta -150SF 6-0LOSE
2013-06-13St Louis vs NYMSt Louis -135St. Louis 2-1WIN
2013-06-13Philly vs MinnPhilly -140PHilly 3-2WIN
2013-06-12Atlanta vs SDAtlanta -125SD 3-2LOSE
2013-06-12Detroit vs KCOver 7.5KC 3-2LOSE
2013-06-11Atlanta vs SDAtlanta -115SD 3-2WIN
2013-06-11Arizona vs LADLAD -140LAD 5-3WIN
2013-06-10Atlanta vs SDAtlanta -135SD 7-6LOSE
2013-06-09Minnesota vs WashingtonWashington -1.5/+120Washington 7-0WIN
2013-06-09Philly vs MilwaukeePhilly +135Milwaukee 9-1LOSE
2013-06-08Atl vs LADAtl -140Atlanta 2-1WIN
2013-06-08Philly vs MilwaukeeOver 8.5Milwaukee 4-3LOSE
2013-06-07Pitt vs ChiCubsPitt +105Pitt 2-0WIN
2013-06-07Atlanta vs LADOver 7LAD 2_1LOSE
2013-06-06TB vs DetroitDetroit -1.5/+105Detroit 5-2WIN
2013-06-06Atlanta vs LADAtlanta -105LAD 5-0LOSE
2013-06-05Minn vs KCKC -140KC 4-1WIN
2013-06-04SD vs LADLAD -140LAD 9/7WIN
2013-06-04Pitt vs AtlOver 7Atlanta 5-4WIN
2013-06-03Houston vs LAALAA -1.5/+110Houston 2-1LOSE
2013-06-03Oakland vs MilwaukeeOakland +105Oakland 10-2WIN
2013-06-02ChiSox vs OaklandOakland -110Oakland 2-0WIN
2013-06-02Milwaukee vs PhillyOver 8PHilly 7-5WIN
2013-06-02Houston vs LAALAA -1.5/-125Houston 5-4LOSE
2013-06-01SF vs St LouisSt Louis -140St Louis 8-0WIN
2013-06-01Washington vs AtlantaAtlanta -145Atlanta 2-1WIN
2013-06-01Milwaukee vs PhillyPhilly -115Milwaukee 4-3LOSE
2013-05-31Seattle vs MinnesotaSeattle -130Seattle 3-0WIN
2013-05-30Ariz vs TexasTexas -130Texas 9-5WIN
2013-05-30Toronto vs Atlanta.Atlanta -1.5/+140Atlanta 11-3WIN
2013-05-29Oak vs SFOakland +105Oakland 9-6WIN
2013-05-28Minn vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -125Minn 6-5LOSE
2013-05-28Philly vs BostonBoston -125PHilly 3-1LOSE
2013-05-27Baltimore vs WashingtonOver 7.5Baltimore 6-2WIN
2013-05-27SF vs OaklandOakland +110Oakland 4-1WIN
2013-05-27LAA vs LADLAA -115LAD 8-7LOSE
2013-05-26Minn vs DetroitDetroit -1.5/-110Detroit 6-1WIN
2013-05-26LAA vs KC.LAA -120LAA 5-2WIN
2013-05-25Colorado vs SFSF -130SF 6-5WIN
2013-05-25Baltimore vs TorontoBalt +130Baltimore 6-5WIN
2013-05-24St Louus vs LADLAD +110St Louis 7-0LOSE
2013-05-24LAA vs KCKC +110LAD 5-2LOSE
2013-05-23ChiCubs vs PittPitt -140PItt 4-2WIN
2013-05-23Ckeveland vs BostonCleveland +135Cleveland 12-3WIN
2013-05-22Oakland vs TexasTexas -130Texas 3-1WIN
2013-05-22Philly vs MiamiOver 6.5PHilly 3-0LOSE
2013-05-21KC vs HoustonKC -130KC 7-3WIN
2013-05-20Washington vs SFOver 8SF 8-0PUSH
2013-05-19Milwaukee vs St LouisSt Louis -125St Louis 4-2WIN
2013-05-19Houston vs Pitt-1.5 / +110Pitt 1-0LOSE
2013-05-19NYM vs Chi CubsUnder 9NYM 4-3WIN
2013-05-18NYM vs ChiCubsChuCubs -140Chi Cubs 8-2WIN
2013-05-18ChiSox vs LAALAA -140LAA 12-9WIN
2013-05-18SF vs ColoradoUnder 10.5Col 10-2LOSE
2013-05-17LAD vs AtlantaAtlanta -130Atlanta 8-5WIN
2013-05-16Milwaukee vs PittPitt -140PItt 7/1WIN
2013-05-15SD vs BaltimoreBaltimore -145SD 8-4LOSE
2013-05-15Texas vs OaklandOakland -110Texas 6-2LOSE
2013-05-14Clev vs PhillyPhilly +110PHilly 6-2WIN
2013-05-14Seattle vs NYYOver 6.5NYY 4-3WIN
2013-05-14Wash vs LADOver 6.5LAD 2-0LOSE
2013-05-13Atl vs ArizAtlanta -110Atl 10-1WIN
2013-05-11Pitt vs NYMNYM -110PItt 11-2LOSE
2013-05-10Atlanta vs SFOver 6.5SF 8-2WIN
2013-05-09Oakland vs ClevOakland -120Cleveland 9-2LOSE
2013-05-08Detroit vs WashDetroit -110Wash 3-1LOSE
2013-05-06Philly vs SFSF -135PHilly 6-2LOSE
2013-05-05Boston vs TexasTexas -140Texas 4-3WIN
2013-05-05LAD vs SFOver 6.5SF 4-3WIN
2013-05-04Oakland vs NYYNYY -125NYY 4-2WIN
2013-05-04Ariz vs SDSD +105ArizLOSE
2013-05-03TV vs ColoradoTB -135TB 7-4WIN
2013-05-02Miami vs PhillyMiami +200Philly 7-1LOSE
2013-05-01Boston vs TorontoBoston -135Boston 10-1WIN
2013-04-30Boston vs TorontoBoston -125TorontoLOSE
2013-04-29Clev vs KCKC -145Cleveland 9-0LOSE
2013-04-28Philly vs NYM.NYM +105PHilly 5-1LOSE
2013-04-28Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -120Oakland 9-8WIN
2013-04-28Atlanta vs DetroitOver 7.5Detroit 8-3WIN
2013-04-27Baltimore vs OaklandOakland -145Baltimore 7-3LOSE
2013-04-27TB vs ChiSoxunder 7TB 10-4LOSE
2013-04-27ChiCubs vs MiamiMiami +110ChiCubs 3-2LOSE
2013-04-26LAA vs SeattleOver 7.5LAA 6-3WIN
2013-04-25LAA vs SeattleLAA -125LAA 6-3WIN
2013-04-24St Louis vs WashingtonWashington -145St Louis 4-2LOSE
2013-04-23Milwaukee vs SDMilwaukee -115Milwaukee 6-3WIN
2013-04-22Seattle vs HoustonHouston +155Seattle 7-1LOSE
2013-04-21St. Louis vs PhillySt. Louis -115PHilly 7-3LOSE
2013-04-20KC vs BostonBoston -150Boston 4-3WIN
2013-04-19St. Louis vs PhillyPhilly +115PHilly 8-2WIN
2013-04-19St. Louis vs PhillyPhilly +115PHilly 8-2WIN
2013-04-18SF vs MilwaukeeSF -115Milwaukee 7-2LOSE
2013-04-17Detroit vs SeattleDetroit +105Detroit 2-1WIN
2013-04-16Arizona vs NYYOver 9NYY 4-2LOSE
2013-04-15St. Louis vs PittSt. Louis -120St Louis 10-6WIN
2013-04-14Cinci vs PittCinci -150PItt 10-7. Reds SUCK. Lost a 5-0 leadLOSE
2013-04-13Philly vs MiamiPhilly -150Miami 2-1.LOSE
2013-04-13ChiSox vs ClevChiSox -130Clev 9-4LOSE
2013-04-12Philly vs MiamiOver 8Philly 3-1LOSE
2013-04-11Toronto vs DetroitDetroit -125Detroit 11-1WIN
2013-04-11Baltimore vs BostonBaltimore +110Baltimore 3-2WIN
2013-04-10Atlanta vs MiamiAtlanta -155Atlanta 8-0WIN
2013-04-09NYY vs ClevNYY -125NYY 14-1WIN
2013-04-08NYM vs PhillyPhilly -115NYM 7-2LOSE
2013-04-08Houston vs SeattleOver 7.5Seattle 3-0LOSE
2013-04-07KC vs PhillyPhilly -135KC 9-8LOSE
2013-04-06KC vs PhillyPhilly -130PHilly 4-3WIN
2013-04-05SD vs ColoradoUnder 11Colorado 5-2WIN
2013-04-04Detroit vs MinnDetroit -140Minn 8-2LOSE
2013-04-03Philly vs AtlantaAtlanta -135Atlanta 9-2WIN
2013-04-03Cleveland vs TorantoUnder 9Cleveland 3-2WIN
2013-04-02SF vs LAD.SF +105SF 3-0WIN
2013-04-01Seattle vs OaklandSeattle +105Seattle 2-0WIN
2012-10-27SF vs DetroitOver 7SF 2-0LOSE
2012-10-25Detroit vs SFDetroit -120SF 2-0LOSE
2012-10-24Detroit vs SFDetroit -170SF 8-3LOSE
2012-10-22St Louis vs SFSF -135SF 9-0WIN
2012-10-21St Louis vs SFOver 6.5SF 6-1WIN
2012-10-12St Louis vs washWash -125St Louis 9-7.LOSE
2012-10-11Detroit vs OaklandDetroit -135Detroit 6-0WIN
2012-10-10St Louis vs WashingtonWashington -115St Louis 8-0LOSE
2012-10-10Balt vs NYYNYY R/L @ +115NYY 3-2LOSE
2012-10-09Detroit vs OakOver 7Oak 2-0LOSE
2012-10-08Washington vs St LouisSt Louis -110St Louis 12-4WIN
2012-10-07Oakland vs DetroitOakland +140Detroit. 5-4LOSE
2012-10-07Washington vs St LouisSt Louis -110Washington 3-2LOSE
2012-10-02Detroit vs KCKC -110KC 4-2WIN
2012-10-02Cinci vs St LouisOver 7Cinci 3-1LOSE
2012-10-01Baltimore vs TBTB -130TB 5-3WIN
2012-09-30Washington vs St LouisSt Louis -135St Louis 10-4WIN
2012-09-30TB vs ChiSoxOVER 7.5TB 6-2WIN
2012-09-29Philly vs MiamiPhilly -135Philly 9-5WIN
2012-09-29NYM vs AtlantaAtlanta R/L @ +105Atlanta 2-0WIN
2012-09-28Boston vs BaltimoreBaltimore R/L @ -110Baltimore 9-1WIN
2012-09-28Detroit vs MinnDetroit -140Minn 4-2LOSE
2012-09-28LAA vs TexasLAA +105LAA 7-4WIN
2012-09-27Pitt vs NYMOver 7NYM 6-5WIN
2012-09-27Washington vs PhillyWash -140Washington. 7-3WIN
2012-09-26NYY vs MinnNYY R/L -150NYY 8-2WIN
2012-09-26Arizona vs SFSF -150SF. 6-0WIN
2012-09-25Philly vs WashOver 7Philly 6-3WIN
2012-09-25Miami vs AtlAtl R/L @ -135Atlanta 4-3LOSE
2012-09-24Pitt vs NYMPitt +100NYM 6-2LOSE
2012-09-24St Louis vs HoustonSt Louis R/L @-135St Louis 6-1WIN
2012-09-23Texas vs SeattleTexas -140Texas 3-2WIN
2012-09-22Atlanta vs PhillyPhilly-125Atl 7-2LOSE
2012-09-20Milw vs PittPitt +110Milwaukee 9-7LOSE
2012-09-20Toronto vs NYYNYY R/L @ -120NYY 10-7WIN
2012-09-20ChiSox vs KCKC -110KC 4-3WIN
2012-09-20LAD vs WashWashington -125Wash 4-1WIN
2012-09-19LAD vs Wash----game 1. Postponed from last nightWash -115Washington 3-1WIN
2012-09-19Texas va LAALAA -125Texas 6-2LOSE
2012-09-19Atl vs MiamiAtl -140Atl 3-0WIN
2012-09-18Balt vs SeattleOver 7Baltimore. 4-2LOSE
2012-09-17Detroit vs ChiSoxDetroit -120chiSox 5-4LOSE
2012-09-17Colorado vs SFSan Fran on the R/L @ +100SF 2-1LOSE
2012-09-16SF vs ArizAruz -120Arizona 10-2WIN
2012-09-15Wash vs AtlantaWashington + 120Atl 5-4LOSE
2012-09-14Pitt vs ChiCubsChicubs +140Chi Cubs 7-4WIN
2012-09-14NYM vs MilwaukeeMilw R/L @ +145NYM 7-3LOSE
2012-09-14Seattle vs TexasTexas R/L @ -140Texas 9-3WIN
2012-09-14Seattle vs TexasUnder 9Texas 9-3LOSE
2012-09-12Cleveland vs Texas.Texas R/L @-130Texas 5-2WIN
2012-09-12LAD vs ArizAriz -125Ariz 3-2WIN
2012-09-12St Louis vs SDSt Louis -125SD ,3-2LOSE
2012-09-11St Louis vs SDSt Louis -135SD 6-4LOSE
2012-09-11ChiSox vs DetroitOver 8Detroit 5-3PUSH
2012-09-10Atl vs MilwMilwaukee +105Milwaukee 4-1WIN
2012-09-10SF vs ColoradoUnder 10.5Colorado 6-5LOSE
2012-09-09Milwaukee vs St LouisSt Louis -130St Louis. 5-4WIN
2012-09-08Texas vs TBTexas -130Texas 4-2WIN
2012-09-08SD vs ArizAriz -115Aroz 8-5WIN
2012-09-07LAD va SF.SF -110SF 5-2WIN
2012-09-07Toronto vs BostonBoston -140Tor 7-5LOSE
2012-09-07Clev vs MinnMinn -135Clev 7-6LOSE
2012-09-07Milwaukee vs St LouisSt Louis - 130Milwaukee 5-4 13 inningsLOSE
2012-09-06Milw vs MiamiOver 7.5Miami 6-2WIN
2012-09-06Colorado vs AtlantaAtl on R/L @-110Atl 1-0LOSE
2012-09-06NYY vs BaltNYY +105Balt 10-6LOSE
2012-09-05NYM vs St LouisSt Louis -140NYM 6-2LOSE
2012-09-05LAA vs OakOakland +105LAA 7-1LOSE
2012-09-05SD vs LADLAD -140As 4-3LOSE
2012-09-05Ariz vs SFSF -140Ariz 6-1LOSE
2012-09-04Colorado vs AtlAtlanta R/L @ +100Colorado 6-0LOSE
2012-09-04Baltimore vs TorontoBaltimore +105Baltimore. 12-0WIN
2012-09-03Chi Cubs vs WashWash R/L @+110Wash 2-1.LOSE
2012-09-03Philly vs CinciOver 8PHilly 4-2LOSE
2012-09-03LAA vs OaklandOakland +105LAA 8-3LOSE
2012-09-02Minn vs KCKC -140KC 6-4WIN
2012-09-02SD vs ColoradoColorado +105Colorado 11-10WIN
2012-09-02Texas vs ClevTexas Run Line @ +100Texas 8-3WIN
2012-09-01Tampa Bay vs TorontoTampa Bay -145TB. 5-4WIN
2012-08-31Philly vs AtlantaAtlanta +105Philly 8-5 10 inningsLOSE
2012-08-31ChiSox vs DetroitDetroit -140Detroit 7-4WIN
2012-08-30Ariz vs LADLAD run line. +105Ariz 2-0LOSE
2012-08-29Wash vs MiamiUnder 8.5Wash 8-4LOSE
2012-08-29St Louis vs PittSt Louis -115PItt 5-0LOSE
2012-08-29Boston vs LAABOston +220**LAA 10-3LOSE
2012-08-28NYM vs PhillyOver 8.5NYM 9-5WIN
2012-08-28Tor vs NYYNYY -1.5 @ -130NYY 2-1LOSE
2012-08-28Boston vs LAA**LAA -1.5 @ +100LAA 6-5LOSE
2012-08-28Oak vs ClevOak -120Oakland 7-0WIN
2012-08-27St Louis vs PittSt Louis -120St Louis 4-3WIN
2012-08-27Milw vs Chi CubsMilw -130Milwaukee 15-4WIN
2012-08-27Toronto vs NYYUNDER 9.5**Toronto 8-7LOSE
2012-08-26St Louis vs CinciOver 8.5St Louis. 8-2WIN
2012-08-26Wash vs PhillyWash +110PHilly 4-2LOSE
2012-08-26SD vs ArizAriz -135 **SD 5-4LOSE
2012-08-25Milwaukee vs PittPitt -110PItt 4-0WIN
2012-08-25Washington vs PhillyWash +105**PHilly 4-2LOSE
2012-08-25LAA vs DetroitDetroit -110Detroit 5-3WIN
2012-08-24Colorado vs ChiCubsOver 10ChiCubs. 5-3LOSE
2012-08-24Milwvs PittMilw -115Milwaukee 6-5WIN
2012-08-24Atl vs SFAtl +110SF 5-3LOSE
2012-08-23Toronto vs DetroitOver 7.5Detroit 3-2LOSE
2012-08-23Philly vs CinciOver 7PHilly 4-3PUSH
2012-08-23Minn vs TexasTexas -1.5 @ +120Texas 10-6WIN
2012-08-22Atl vs WashWashington +105Atl 5-1LOSE
2012-08-22NYY vs ChiSoxOver 8.5ChiSox 2-1LOSE
2012-08-22Miami vs ArizAriz -1.5 @+120Ariz 3-0WIN
2012-08-21SF vs LADLAD -115**SF 4-1LOSE
2012-08-21LAA vs BostonBoston +105LAA 5-3LOSE
2012-08-21Clev vs SeattleSeattle -1.5 @ +105Seattle 5-1WIN
2012-08-20Miami vs ArizAriz -145Miami 12-3LOSE
2012-08-20SF vs LADLAD -130SF 2-1LOSE
2012-08-20Atl vs WashWash - 135. **Wash 5-4WIN
2012-08-19Colorado vs MiamiUnder 10Colorado 3-2WIN
2012-08-19LAD vs AtlAtl -120LAD 5-0LOSE
2012-08-19NYM vs WashWashington -1.5 @ +105Washington 5-2WIN
2012-08-19ChiSox vs KCChiSox -125**KC 5-2LOSE
2012-08-19TB vs LAALAA -145TB 8-3LOSE
2012-08-18Philly vs MilwPhiy +105Philly 4-3WIN
2012-08-18Pitt vs St LouisSt Louis -160St Louis 5-4WIN
2012-08-18ChiSox vs KCChiSix -1.5 @ +110**KC 9-4LOSE
2012-08-17LAD vs AtlLAD +110Atlanta 4-3 11 inningsLOSE
2012-08-17Philly vs MilwaukeeOVER 8Milwaukee 6-2PUSH
2012-08-17TB vs LAALAA -155TB 12-3LOSE
2012-08-17Clev vs OaklandOakland -125**Oakland 6-4WIN
2012-08-16Texas vs NYYNYY -125Texas 10-6LOSE
2012-08-16Miami vs Coloradounder 10.5Colorado 5-3WIN
2012-08-16Boston vs BaltBoston - 135Boston 6-3WIN
2012-08-15Texas vs NYYNYY -120NYY 3-2WIN
2012-08-15Philly vs MiamiMiami + 135Miami 9-2WIN
2012-08-15Detroit vs MinnOVER 9.5Detroit 5-1LOSE
2012-08-15NYM vs CinciUnder 7.5Cinci 6-1WIN
2012-08-15LAD vs PittPitt +135.LAD9-3LOSE
2012-08-14LAD vs PittPitt +115LAD 11-0LOSE
2012-08-14Texas vs NYYNYY -145NYY 3-0WIN
2012-08-14Clev vs LAALAA -1.5@ +105**LAA 9-6WIN
2012-08-14Milw vs ColOver 118-6WIN
2012-08-13Texas vs NYYover 9NYY 8-2WIN
2012-08-13Detroit vs Minnover 9.5Minn 9-3WIN
2012-08-13Milw vs ColoradoCol +135Colorado 9-6WIN
2012-08-13Wash vs SFSF -115Washington 14-2LOSE
2012-08-12NYY vs TorontoOver 9Toronto 10-7WIN
2012-08-12Oak vs ChiSoxChiSox - 145ChiSox 7-3WIN
2012-08-12KC vs BaltBalt -125Balt 5-3WIN
2012-08-12Atl vs NYMOver 7.5NYM 6-5WIN
2012-08-11Colorado vs SFSF -1.5 @ +100SF 9-3WIN
2012-08-11St. Louis vs PhillyOVER 8St Louis 4-1LOSE
2012-08-11Detroit vs TexasDetroit - 145Texas 2-1LOSE
2012-08-11SD vs PittPitt -1.5 @+135SD 5-0LOSE
2012-08-10Cinci vs ChiCubsCincu -145Cinci 10-8WIN
2012-08-10SD vs PittPitt -140SD 9-8. Pitt blew 6 run lead.LOSE
2012-08-10KC vs BaltBalt -120Balt 7-1WIN
2012-08-10Atl vs NYMOver 7.5Atl 4-0. NYM suckLOSE
2012-08-09Toronto vs TBToronto +180TB 7-1LOSE
2012-08-09Boston vs ClevOver 9Clev 5-3LOSE
2012-08-09SF vs StLouisst Louis -140St Louis 3-1WIN
2012-08-08NYY vs DetroitUnder 8.5NYY 12-8LOSE
2012-08-08Miami vs NYMNYM -140Miami 13-0LOSE
2012-08-08Atl vs PhillyAtl -145Atlanta 12-6WIN
2012-08-08Texas vs BostonOver 9.5Texas 10-9WIN
2012-08-07Col vs LADOver 7.5Col 3-1LOSE
2012-08-07Ariz vs PittPitt -120Ariz 10-4LOSE
2012-08-07SF vs StLStL -1. 100SF 4-2LOSE
2012-08-07Atl vs PhillyOver 7Philly 3-0LOSE
2012-08-06Minn va ClevClev -125Minn 14-3LOSE
2012-08-06SF vs StLSF +110StLouis 8-2LOSE
2012-08-06Seattle vs BaltBalt -140Baltimore 3-1WIN
2012-08-05SF vs ColUnder 11SF 8-3PUSH
2012-08-05Minn vs BostonBoston -1.5. -105Boston 6-4WIN
2012-08-05LAA vs ChiSoxChiSox -110ChiSox 4-2WIN
2012-08-05NYM vs SDSD +135SD 7-3WIN
2012-08-05Milwaukee vs St LouusOver 8.5st Louis 3-0LOSE
2012-08-04Pitt vs CinciUnder 9Cinci 5-4PUSH
2012-08-04Toronto vs OakToronto. +150Toronto 3-1WIN
2012-08-04Clev vs DetroitDetroit -1.5 run line +105Detroit 6-1WIN
2012-08-04Ariz vs PhillyPhilly -140PHilly 3-0WIN
2012-08-04NYM vs SDOver 6.5NYM 6-2WIN
2012-08-03Miami vs Washington. Game 2Washington -140Miami 5-2LOSE
2012-08-03SF vs ColUnder 10.5SF 16-4LOSE
2012-08-03ChiCubs vs LADOver 7LAD 6-1PUSH
2012-08-02SD vs CinciUnder 8.5Cinci 9-4LOSE
2012-08-02Philly vs WashWash -115Wash 3-0WIN
2012-08-02LAA vs TexasLAA +110Texas 15-9LOSE
2012-08-02Clev vs KCClev +120KC 7-6 11 inningsLOSE
2012-08-02Tor vs OaklandOakland -130Oakland 4-1WIN
2012-08-01Pitt vs CubsPitt -125Pitt 8-4WIN
2012-08-01TB vs OakOak -125TB 4-1LOSE
2012-08-01Miami vs AtlUnder 7.5Miami 4-2WIN
2012-08-01Clev vs KCClev -115KC 5-2LOSE
2012-08-01StL vs ColSt Louis -135StLouis 9-6WIN
2012-07-31Philly vs WashingtonWash -150Philly 8-0LOSE
2012-07-31Pitt vs Chi CubsPitt -135PItt 5-0WIN
2012-07-31Clev vs KCOver 9.5KC 8-3WIN
2012-07-31Chi Sox vs MinnChi Sox -150Chi Sox 4-3WIN
2012-07-30Ariz vs LADUnder 7.5Ariz 7-2LOSE
2012-07-30TB vs OaklandOakland +120Oakland 4-3. 15 inningsWIN
2012-07-30Toronto vs SeattleToronto-110Seattle 4-1LOSE
2012-07-29Pitt vs HoustonHouston +135Houston 9-5WIN
2012-07-29Philly vs AtlOver 7.5Atlanta 6-2WIN
2012-07-29Oak vs BaltBalt - 110Balt 6-1WIN
2012-07-29LAD vs SFSF +105LAD 4-0LOSE
2012-07-28Washington vs MilwWash -135Wash 4-1WIN
2012-07-28Rays vs LAAUnder 7.5TB 3-0WIN
2012-07-28LAD vs SFSF -110LAD 10-0LOSE
2012-07-28Clev vs MinnMinn +115Minn 12-5WIN
2012-07-27Detroit vs TorontoToronto -120Toronto 8-3WIN
2012-07-27Philly vs AtlPhilly -115Atlanta 6-1LOSE
2012-07-27Chi Sox vs TexasChi Sox +130ChiSox 9-5WIN
2012-07-27Pitt vs HoustonUnder 8.5Pitt 6-5LOSE
2012-07-27Wash vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -130Milwaukee 6-0WIN
2012-07-26TB vs BaltBalt +105Balt 6-2WIN
2012-07-26Oak vs TorontoToronto -115Toronto 10-4WIN
2012-07-26NYM va ArizAriz -1.5 +110NYM 3-1LOSE
2012-07-26Wash vs MilwMilw -130Wash 8-2LOSE
2012-07-26KC vs SeattleUnder 7Seattle 4-1WIN
2012-07-25Chi Cubs vs PittPitt -130PItt 3-2WIN
2012-07-25Boston vs TexasTexas -135Texas 5-3WIN
2012-07-25Ariz vs ColOver 9Col 4-2LOSE
2012-07-24Milw vs PhillyPHilly -135PHilly 7-6WIN
2012-07-24Oak vs TorontoOak +120Oak 7-2WIN
2012-07-24KC vs LAAUnder 9KC 4-1WIN
2012-07-23Milw vs PhillyOver 8PHilly 7-6WIN
2012-07-23Minn vs Chi SoxChi Sox -130ChiSox 7-4WIN
2012-07-23KC vs LAALAA -1.5LAA 6-3WIN
2012-07-23NYY vs SeattleNYY-160NYY 4-1WIN
2012-07-22LAD vs NYMNYM -150LAD 8-3LOSE
2012-07-22SF vs PhillyPhilly -145Philly 4-3WIN
2012-07-22NYY vs OakNYY-150Oak 5-4LOSE
2012-07-22Texas vs LAALAA+105LAA7-4WIN
2012-07-22ChiSox vs DetroitDetroit -135DEet6-4WIN
2012-07-21NYY vs OakNYY -130Oakland 2-1LOSE
2012-07-21TX vs LAAOVER 8.5Texas 9-2WIN
2012-07-21LAD vs NYMNYM +125LAD 8-5LOSE
2012-07-21Chi Cubs vs St LouisSt Louis -145St Louis 12-0WIN
2012-07-20Texas vs LAALAA -145LAA 6-1WIN
2012-07-20SF vs PhillyOVER 8SF 7-2WIN
2012-07-20NYY vs OaklandNYY -125Oak 3-2LOSE
2012-07-19Seattle vs KCSeattle -130Seattle 6-1WIN
2012-07-19Cleveland vs TBOVER 7TB 6-0LOSE
2012-07-19SF vs AtlantaAtlanta - 115Atlanta 3-2WIN
2012-07-19NYY vs OaklandUNDER 8Oakland 4-3WIN
2012-07-19Houston vs SDSD-150SD 1-0WIN
2012-07-18Philly vs LADLAD -120LAD 5-3WIN
2012-07-18Balt vs MinnUNDER 9Baltimore 2-1WIN
2012-07-18Seattle vs KCKC -130KC 8-7WIN
2012-07-18Philly vs LADLAD -120LAD 5-3WIN
2012-07-17NYM vs WashingtonWash -125Wash 5-4WIN
2012-07-17SF vs AtlAtl -115SF 9-0LOSE
2012-07-17Pitt vs ColPitt +115PItt 6-2WIN
2012-07-17St Louis vs MilOver 9.5Mil 3-2LOSE
2012-07-16Washington vs MiamiWashington -115Miami 5-3LOSE
2012-07-16LAA vs DetroitOver 10Detroit 8-6WIN
2012-07-16Pitt vs ColoradoColorado -120Colorado 5-4WIN
2012-07-15Ariz vs CubsAriz +105Cubs 3-1LOSE
2012-07-15Philly vs ColoradoPhilly -130Philly 5-1WIN
2012-07-15NYM vs AtlNYM-110Atlanta 6-1LOSE
2012-07-15ChiSox vs KCChiSox -160CHiSox 2-1WIN
2012-07-15Clev vs TorontoToronto -150Toronto 3-0WIN
2012-07-14Houston vs SFOVER 7SF 3-2LOSE
2012-07-14Philly vs COloradoPhilly -125Philly 8-5WIN
2012-07-14Ariz vs CubsCubs -125Cubs 4-1WIN
2012-07-14Oak vs MinnMinn -115Oakland9-3LOSE
2012-07-14Wahington vs MiamiWashington +105Miami 2-1LOSE
2012-07-13Cleveland vs TorontoToronto -125Cleveland 1-2LOSE
2012-07-13Washington vs MiamiMiami -125Washington 5-1LOSE
2012-07-13Philly vs ColoradoOver 10Colorado 6-2LOSE
2012-07-13Texas vs SeattleTexas -145Texas 3-2WIN
2012-07-08Atl vs PhillyAtl +125Atl 4-3WIN
2012-07-08SF vs PittPitt -125Pitt 13-2WIN
2012-07-08SF va PittOver 8Pitt 13-2WIN
2012-07-07Chi Cubs vs NYMNYM -140NYM 3-1WIN
2012-07-04Miami vs MilwMiami -125Miami 7-6WIN
2012-07-04KC vs TorontoTor -150Tor 4-1WIN
2012-07-04Texas vs ChiSoxTexas -115ChiSox 5-4. 10 inningsLOSE
2012-07-04Balt vs SeattleBalt -110Balt 4-2WIN
2012-07-03Philly vs NYMNYM -120NYM 11-1WIN
2012-07-03Colorodo vs St LOVER 9Col 3-2LOSE
2012-07-03SD vs ArizAriz -150SD 9-5LOSE
2012-07-02Cinci vs LADOver 7Cinci 8-2WIN
2012-07-02Cinci vs LADOver 7Cinci 8-2WIN
2012-07-02Boston vs OaklandOakland +105Oak 6-1WIN
2012-07-02KC vs TorontoToronto -140KC 11-3LOSE
2012-07-01LAD vs NYMOVER 6LAD. 8-3WIN
2012-07-01Boston vs SeattleBoston -120Boston 2-1WIN
2012-07-01Cleveland vs BaltBalt +105Clev 6-2LOSE
2012-06-30NYM vs LADUnder 7NYM 5-0WIN
2012-06-30SD vs ColCol - 115SD 8-4LOSE
2012-06-29Oak vs TexzasUNDER 10.5Texas 4-3WIN
2012-06-29SD vs ColCol -145Col10-2WIN
2012-06-29Philly vs MiamiOver 7Miami 6-2WIN
2012-06-28Wash vs ColWash-140Col 11-10 11 inningaLOSE
2012-06-28ChiSox vs NYYOver 10ChiSox4-3LOSE
2012-06-28Ariz vs AtlantaAtlanta - 120Ariz 3-2LOSE
2012-06-28Detrit vs TampaTampa -130Detroit 5-2LOSE
2012-06-27NYM vs Chi CubsNYM -140NYM 17-1WIN
2012-06-27Toronto vs BostonBoston -140Boston 10-4WIN
2012-06-27LAA vs BaltUNDER 7.5LAA 13-1LOSE
2012-06-27Pitt vs PhillyOVER 8Pitt 11-7WIN
2012-06-27Detroit vs TexasTexas -140Texas 13-9WIN
2012-06-26Pitt vs PhillyPhilly -140Philly 5-4WIN
2012-06-26TB vs KCunder 9KC 8-2LOSE
2012-06-26SD vs HoustonHouston -140Houston 5-3WIN
2012-06-25Clev vs NYYOver 9.5NYY 7-1LOSE
2012-06-25NYM vs Chi CubsNYM -130Chi Cubs 6-1LOSE
2012-06-25Wash vs ColCol +165Col 4-2WIN
2012-06-24Houston vs ClevelandOver 8.5Houston 7-1LOSE
2012-06-24Houston vs ClevelandCleveland +110Houston 7-1LOSE
2012-06-24Toronto vs MiamiMiami -145Miami 9-0WIN
2012-06-24TB vs PhillyTB +115TB 3-2WIN
2012-06-23Detroit vs PittPitt + 135Pitt 4-1WIN
2012-06-23St L vs KCSt Louis -135St Louis 8-2WIN
2012-06-23Seattle vs SDOver 6.5Seattle 5-1LOSE
2012-06-23Wash vs BaltimoreWash +110Wash 3-1WIN
2012-06-22Milwaukee vs ChiSoxChi Sox - 135Milwaukee 1-0 10 inningsLOSE
2012-06-22Toronto vs MiamiToronto +115Toronto 12-5WIN
2012-06-22SF vs OaklandOver 7SF 5-4WIN
2012-06-21Miami vs BostonMiami +Boston 6-5LOSE
2012-06-21TB vs WashWash -125Wash 5-2WIN
2012-06-21SF vs LAASF +150LAA6-0LOSE
2012-06-20Cincin vs ClevelandUnder 9.5Clev 8-1WIN
2012-06-20St Louis vs DetroitDetroit -125St Louis 3-1LOSE
2012-06-19Chi Cubs vs Chi SoxUNDER 9Cubs 2-1WIN
2012-06-19Philly vs ColoradoOVER 7.5Philly 7-2WIN
2012-06-19TB vs WashWash +135TB 5-4LOSE
2012-06-19LAD vs OakLAD +115Oak 3-0LOSE
2012-06-19Seattle vs ArizAriz Run Line -1.5 at +125Seatlle 12-10LOSE
2012-06-18KC vs St LouisSt Louis -140St Louis 10-7WIN
2012-06-18KC vs HoustonHouston -120Houston 9-7WIN
2012-06-18Cubs vs Chi SoxUNDER 9Cubs 12-3LOSE
2012-06-18Atl vs NYYOver 8.5NYY 5-3LOSE
2012-06-18SF vs LAASF -110SF 5-3WIN
2012-06-17Miam vs TBTB +110TB 3-0WIN
2012-06-17Ariz vs LAAAriz +115LAA 2-0LOSE
2012-06-17Chi Sox vs LADLAD -135LAD 2-1WIN
2012-06-17Boston vs Chi CubsOVER 9Boston 7-4WIN
2012-06-16Pitt vs ClevelandClev-140Pitt 9-2LOSE
2012-06-16Col vs DetroitDetroit - 150Detroit 4-1WIN
2012-06-16Ariz vs LAAUNDER 8LAA 2-0WIN
2012-06-15PITT VS CLEVPitt +130Cleveland 2-0LOSE
2012-06-15NYY vs WashNYY + 110NYY 7-2WIN
2012-06-15SF vs SeattleSF-110SF 4-2WIN
2012-06-15Chi Sox vs LADOVER 5.5LAD 7-6WIN
2012-06-14NYM vs TBTB -130NYM 9-6LOSE
2012-06-14Philly vs MinnMinn -135Philly 6-1LOSE
2012-06-14ChiSox vs StLOVER 8StL 5-3PUSH
2012-06-13NYM vs TBUNDER 9NYM 9-1LOSE
2012-06-13Philly vs MinnPhilly -150Philly 9-8WIN
2012-06-13LAA vs LADLAA -140LAA 2-1WIN
2012-06-13Houston vs SFSF -1.5 Run Line +110SF 10-0 Cain Pitches PERGECT GAMEWIN
2012-06-12Boston vs MiamiBoston +105Boston 2-1WIN
2012-06-12Philly vs MinnOVER 9Minn 11-7WIN
2012-06-12Ariz vs TexasAriz +160Texas 9-1LOSE
2012-06-11Washington vs TorontoToronto -155Wash 6-3LOSE
2012-06-10LAA vs ColCol-120LAA 10-8LOSE
2012-06-10KC vs PittPitt -120Pitt 3-2WIN
2012-06-10Wash vs BostonUNDER 9Wash 4-3WIN
2012-06-10Philly vs BaltBalt + 140Balt 5-4WIN
2012-06-09Toronto vs AtlantaToronto +135Atl 5-2LOSE
2012-06-09Texas vs SFSF +105SF 5-2WIN
2012-06-09LAD vs SeattleLAD -135LAD 8-3WIN
2012-06-09Oak vs ArizAriz -140Ariz 8-3WIN
2012-06-08Philly vs BaltimoreOVER 9Philly 9-6WIN
2012-06-08Texas vs SFSF +135Texas 5-0LOSE
2012-06-08KC vs PittPitt -135Pitt 4-2WIN
2012-06-07Cleveland vs DetroitDetroit -125Detroit 7-5WIN
2012-06-07LAD vs PhillyUNDER 7.5LAD 8-3LOSE
2012-06-07Pitt vs CinciOVER 8.5Pitt 5-4WIN
2012-06-07Toronto vs Chi SoxChi Sox -150Chi Sox 4-3WIN
2012-06-06SF vs SDSF -120SF 6-5WIN
2012-06-06Clev vs DetroitDetroit - 155Clev 9-6LOSE
2012-06-06TB vs NYYNYY -130NYY 4-1WIN
2012-06-05TB vs NYYNYY -130NYY 7-0WIN
2012-06-05Chic Cubs vs MilwMilw - 150Cubs10-0LOSE
2012-06-05SF vs SDOVER 6SD 6-5WIN
2012-06-04LAD vs PhillyLAD -120LAD 4-3WIN
2012-06-03NYY vs DetroitNYY + 165NYY 5-1WIN
2012-06-03Atlanta vs WashWash -145Atl 3-2LOSE
2012-06-03St Louis vs NYMSt Lousi -110PENDINGNYM 6-1LOSE
2012-06-03Balt vs TBTB -150TB 8-4WIN
2012-06-03Boston vs TorontoToronto -130Toronto 5-1WIN
2012-06-01Miami vs PhillyPhilly -110Philly 6-4WIN
2012-06-01NYY vs DetroitNYY -160NYY 9-4WIN
2012-06-01Texas vs LAAOver 8LAA 4-2LOSE
2012-05-31Detroit vs BostonOver 9Detroit 7-3WIN
2012-05-31Houston vs ColoradoHouston +105Col 11-5LOSE
2012-05-31Milw vs LADLAD + 110Milw 6-2LOSE
2012-05-30Detroit vs BostonBoston -125Boston 6-4WIN
2012-05-30Houston vs ColoradoUNDER 10Col 13-5LOSE
2012-05-30Milw vs LADOver 6Milw 6-3WIN
2012-05-27Washghington vs AtlantaAtl -120Washington 7-2LOSE
2012-05-27SD vs NYMNYM -150NYM 2-0WIN
2012-05-25Toronto vs TexasToronto + 125Texas 14-3LOSE
2012-05-25SF vs MiamiMiami -145Miami 7-6WIN
2012-05-25KC vs BaltimoreBaltimore - 135Baltimore 8-2WIN
2012-05-24Minn vs ChiSoxChiSox -155Chi Sox 11-8WIN
2012-05-24Philly vs St LouisOVER 8Philly 10-9WIN
2012-05-24LAA vs SeatlleSeattle + 105LAA 3-0LOSE
2012-05-19Atlanta vs TBTB -110TB 5-2WIN
2012-05-19Miami vs ClevCleveland +105Cleveland 2-0WIN
2012-05-18ChiSox vs CubsCubs -135ChiSox 3-2LOSE
2012-05-18Boston vs PhillyPhilly -165Philly 6-4WIN
2012-05-18Boston vs PhillyOVER 7Philly 6-4WIN
2012-05-18LAA vs SDOVER 6LAA 7-2WIN
2012-05-18NYM vs TorTor -155Toronto 14-5WIN
2012-05-17Oak vs TexasOak +220Texas 4-1LOSE
2012-05-17Miami vs AtlAtl -115Atl 7-0WIN
2012-05-17Balt vs KCBaltimore +110Baltimore 5-3WIN
2012-05-17ChiSox vs LAAChi Sox +150Chi Sox 6-1WIN
2012-05-17Boston vs TBOver 8.5Boston5-3LOSE
2012-05-17Boston vs TBBoston +110Boston 5-3WIN
2012-05-17Philly vs CubsPhilly -165Philly 8-7WIN
2012-05-16Chi Sox vs LAAUNDER 7.5LAA 7-2LOSE
2012-05-15Clev vs MinnMinn +125Clev 5-0LOSE
2012-05-15TB vs TorTB -115TB 4-3WIN
2012-05-15Col vs SFOVER 7Col 5-4WIN
2012-05-14cHI sOX VS dETROITcHI sOX +125Chi Sox 7-5WIN
2012-05-14tEXAS VS kcover 10KC 3-1LOSE
2012-05-13NYY vs SeattleOVER 10.5Seattle 6-2LOSE
2012-05-13TB vs BaltTB -120TB 9-8WIN
2012-05-13Pitt vs HoustonPITT -120Pitt 3-2WIN
2012-05-12Clev vs BostonBoston -135Boston 4-1WIN
2012-05-12MYM vs MilwaukeeNYM +125NYM 9-3WIN
2012-05-12Ariz vs SFAriz +105SF 5-2LOSE
2012-05-12Col vs LADLAD -130LAD 2-1WIN
2012-05-11Miami vs NYMMiami -130Miami 6-5WIN
2012-05-11Texas vs LAAYTexas -150Texas 10-3WIN
2012-05-11KC vs ChiSoxOVER 7.5ChiSOx 5-0LOSE
2012-05-10NYY vs TBNYY -140NYY 5-3WIN
2012-05-09SF vs LADLAD -130LAD 6-2WIN
2012-05-08Washington vs PittWashington -120Pitt 5-4 Pitt score 2 runs in bottom of 9 to win BSLOSE
2012-05-08Mianmi vs HoustonUNDER 8Houston 3-2WIN
2012-05-08Boston vs KCOVER 8.5KC 6-4WIN
2012-05-08St Louis vs ArizonaAriz -135St. Louis 6-1LOSE
2012-05-08Colorado vs SDColorado -120SD 3-1LOSE
2012-05-08Tornoto vs OaklandToronto -120Oakland7-3LOSE
2012-05-07Chi Sox vs ClevelandCleveland -120Cleveland 8-6WIN
2012-05-07Boston vs KCBoston -125Boston 11-5WIN
2012-05-07Atlanta vs CubsCubs +110Cubs 5-1WIN
2012-05-06Baltimore vs BostonBoston -150Baltimore 9-6 17 inningsLOSE
2012-05-06Philly vs WashingtonPhilly +105philly 9-3WIN
2012-05-06Chi Sox vs DetroitDetroit - 135Detroit 3-1WIN
2012-05-05LAD vs CubsLAD -130LAD 5-1WIN
2012-05-05Balt vs BostonBoston -120Balt 8-2LOSE
2012-05-05Texas vs ClevelandTexas -150Texas 5-2WIN
2012-05-05St Louis vs HoustonSt Louis -145Houston 8-2LOSE
2012-05-05Atl vs COlAtl -135Atl 13-9WIN
2012-05-04Ariz vs NYMNYM +105Ariz 5-4LOSE
2012-05-04Tor vs LAALAA -125Tor 4-0LOSE
2012-05-04NYY vs KCOver 8.5NYY 6-2LOSE
2012-05-04Minn vs SeattleSeattle -135Minn 3-2LOSE
2012-05-04Milw vs SFSF -115Milw 6-4LOSE
2012-05-03Cleveland vs Chi SoxChi Sox -120Cleveland 7-5LOSE
2012-05-03Toronto vs LAAToronton +125Toronta 5-0WIN
2012-05-02Philly vs AtlantaAtlanta +105Atl 15-13WIN
2012-05-02Seattle vs Tampa BayOVER 7.5TB 5-4WIN
2012-05-02NYM vs HoustonNYM + 135Houston 8-1LOSE
2012-05-02Texas vs TorantoTexas +115Toranto11-5LOSE
2012-05-01Ariz vs WashWash -140Ariz 5-1LOSE
2012-05-01Philly vs AtlantaAtlanta -120Philly 4-2LOSE
2012-05-01NYM vs HoustonOVER 8Houston 6-3WIN
2012-05-01Milwaukee vs SDSD +105SD 2-0WIN
2012-04-30Oakland vs BostonBoston -150Boston 11-6WIN
2012-04-30Seattle vs TBTB -110TB 3-2WIN
2012-04-30Chi Cubs vs PhillyOVER 7.5Phillies 6-4WIN
2012-04-29LAA vs ClevelandCleveland -110Cleveland 4-1WIN
2012-04-29Pitt vs AtlAtl -170Atl 4-3WIN
2012-04-29Boston Vs Chi SoxChi SOx +110Chicago White Sox 4-1WIN
2012-04-29Milw vs St LSt Louis -115Milwaukee3-2LOSE
2012-04-29NYM vs ColCol +105NYM 6-5LOSE
2012-04-28Wash vs LADLAD +110LAD 4-3WIN
2012-04-28Ariz vs MiamiUnder 7.5Miami 3-2WIN
2012-04-28Oakland vs BaltimoreBaltmore -135Balt 10-1WIN
2012-04-28Detroit vs NYYDetroit +115Detroit 7-5WIN
2012-04-28Milw vs St LouisSt Louis -155SL 7-3WIN
2012-04-27KC vs MinnKC +110KC 7-6WIN
2012-04-27Detrit vs NYYNYY +115NYY 7-6WIN
2012-04-27Oak vs BaltBaltimore -130Oakland 5-2LOSE
2012-04-26KC vs ClevClev -160KC 4-2LOSE
2012-04-26Boston vs CHi SoxBoston -115Boston 10-3WIN
2012-04-25St Louis vs Chi CubsSt Lousi - 145St Louis 5-1WIN
2012-04-25LAA vs TBLAA -115TB 3-2LOSE
2012-04-25Washington vs SDSD +125Washington 7-2LOSE
2012-04-24Chi Sox vs OaklandUNDER 7Oakland 2-0WIN
2012-04-24Texas vs NYYTexas -145Texas 2-0WIN
2012-04-24Tornonto vs BaltimoreToronto -115Baltimore 2-1LOSE
2012-04-24Colorado vs PittColorado pk emPitt 5-4LOSE
2012-04-23SF vs NYMSF -150SF 6-1WIN
2012-04-23Atl vs LADOVER 7.5LAD 7-2WIN
2012-04-23St Louis vs Chic CubsSt Lousi -115Chicago 3-2LOSE
2012-04-22St Louis vs PittSt Louis -130St Louis 5-1WIN
2012-04-22Atlanta vs ArizonaArizona -145aRIZONA 6-4WIN
2012-04-21SF vs NYMNYM -115NYM 5-4WIN
2012-04-20Col vs MilwaukeeMilwaukee -145Col 4-3LOSE
2012-04-20Philly vs SDOVER 6Philly 4-1LOSE
2012-04-19Philly vs SDPhilly -115Philly 2-0WIN
2012-04-18Texas vs BostonBoston -110Texas 6-3LOSE
2012-04-18Detroit vs KCKC +115Detroit 4-3LOSE
2012-04-17San Diego vs ColoradoColorado -120Colorado 5-3WIN
2012-04-16Pittsburgh vs ArizonaAriz -130Ariz 5-1WIN
2012-04-16Philly vs SFSF +105Philly 5-2LOSE
2012-04-15Arizona vs ColoradoAriz +105Arizona 5-2WIN
2012-04-13Milwauke vs AtlantaAtlanta -125Atlanta 10-8WIN
2012-04-13Arizona vs Coloradoover 8.5PENDINGWIN
2012-04-12Miami vs PhillyMiami -110Philly 3-1LOSE
2012-04-12Arizon vs SDUnder 6.5Ariz 3-1WIN
2012-04-11KC vs OaklandOakland -130Oakland 5-4 (12 innings)WIN
2012-04-11SF vs ColoradoSF -120Col 17-8 (Really)LOSE
2012-04-10St Louis vs CinciUnder 9.5St Louis 3-1WIN
2012-04-10NYY vs BaltimoreNYY -130NYY 5-4 (12 innings)WIN
2012-04-09Atlanta vs HoustonAtlanta -160Houston 8-3LOSE
2012-04-08Philly vs PittPhilly -120Pitt 5-4LOSE
2012-04-07Colorado vs HoustonOVER 9Houston 7-3WIN
2012-04-06SF vs ArizonaAriz -110Ariz 5-4WIN
-0001-11-30Oakland vs TorontoToronto +105Toronto 5-4WIN
-0001-11-30LAA vs BostonUnder 8.5Boston 8-3LOSE
-0001-11-30NYM vs PittPitt +105PItt3-1WIN
-0001-11-30Seattle vs OaklandOakland-125Oakland 4-3WIN