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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2016-01-01Tennessee vs NorthwesternTennessee -8Tennessee 45-6WIN
2016-01-01FL vs MichiganMichigan -3.5Michigan 41-7WIN
2016-01-01Notre Dame vs Ohio StateOVER 57Ohio State 44-28WIN
2016-01-01Iowa vs StanfordStanford - 6Stanford 45-16WIN
2016-01-01Mississippi vs Oklahoma StateOVER 68Ole Miss 48-20PUSH
2016-01-01Mississippi vs Oklahoma StateMississippi -7.5Ole Miss 48-20WIN
2015-12-31Michigan State vs AlabamaOver 45Alabama 38-0LOSE
2015-12-30Memphis vs AuburnAuburn -3.5Auburn 31-10WIN
2015-12-30Louisville vs Texas AMUNDER 49.5Louisville 27-21WIN
2015-12-29Texas Tech vs LSULSU - 7LSU 56-27WIN
2015-12-29Air Force vs CalCal -6.5Cal 55-36WIN
2015-12-28CMU vs MinnesotaMinnesota -6Minnesota 21-14WIN
2015-12-26Tulsa vs Va TechVa Tech -13.5Va Tech 55-53LOSE
2015-12-26U Conn vs MarshallOver 43.5Marshall 16-10LOSE
2015-12-26Indiana vs DukeDuke +3Duke 44-41WIN
2015-12-26Miami vs Washington StateMiami +2.5Washington St 20-14LOSE
2015-12-24MTSU vs WMUMTSU +5WMU 45-31LOSE
2015-12-23Boise St vs NIUNIU +10Boise 55-7LOSE
2015-12-22Akron vs Utah StUtah State - 7Akron 23-21LOSE
2015-12-22Temple vs ToledoOver 48Toledo 32-17WIN
2015-12-19BYU vs UtahUtah -2.5Utah 35-28WIN
2015-12-19SJS vs Ga StateSan Jose State -1SJS 27-16WIN
2015-12-05Air Force vs SD StateSD State -6SD State 27-24LOSE
2015-12-05Florida vs AlabamaAlabama -17Alabama 29-15LOSE
2015-12-05Temple vs HoustonTemple +6Houston 24-13LOSE
2015-12-05Texas State vs Arkansas StateArkansas State -25Arkansas State 55-17WIN
2015-12-05WV vs K-StateOver 56K State 24-23LOSE
2015-12-04Bowling Green vs NIUBowling Green -13.5Bowling Green 34-14WIN
2015-11-28Northwestern vs IllinoisNorthwestern -1M'Western 24-14WIN
2015-11-28UNC vs NC StateUNC -3UNC 45-34WIN
2015-11-28Ohio St vs MichiganOhio St -1Ohio State 42-13WIN
2015-11-28Georgia vs Georgia TechGeorgia -4Georgia 13-7WIN
2015-11-28VaTech va UVAVaTech -3Va Tech 23-20PUSH
2015-11-28Texas AM vs LSUUnder 56.5LSU 19-7WIN
2015-11-28MTSU vsUTSAMTSU -12MTSU 42-7WIN
2015-11-27Troy vs Ga StateOver 56Ga State 31-21LOSE
2015-11-27Miami vs PittMiami +7Miami 29-24WIN
2015-11-27EMU vs CMUCMU-23CMU 35-28LOSE
2015-11-27Navy vs HoustonNavy -3Houston 52-31LOSE
2015-11-27Boise St vs San Jose StSan Jose St +7.5Boise 40-23LOSE
2015-11-26USF vs UCFUCF +23.5USF 44-3LOSE
2015-11-26Texas Tech vs TexasTexas -1Texas Tech 48-45LOSE
2015-11-26USF vs UCFOver 53.5USF 44-3LOSE
2015-11-24Bowling Green vs Ball StUnder 75Bowling Green 48-10WIN
2015-11-21UNCC vs KentuckyKentucky -24Kentucky 58-10WIN
2015-11-21Duke vs UVADuke +2UVA 42-34LOSE
2015-11-21Navy vs TulsaNavy -12Navy 44-21WIN
2015-11-21Michigan State vs Ohio StateOhio State -14Michigan State 17-14LOSE
2015-11-21UNC vs Va TechOver 61UNC 30-27LOSE
2015-11-21Colorado vs Washington StateWashington State - 15Washington State 27-3WIN
2015-11-21SD state vs UNLVSD State -15.5SD State 52-14WIN
2015-11-20Cinci vs USFOver 66USF 65-27WIN
2015-11-20Air Force vs Boise StAir Force +11Air Force 37-30WIN
2015-11-19ECU vs UCFUCF +15ECU 44-7LOSE
2015-11-19ULM vs Texas StTexas St -6.5Texas St 16-3WIN
2015-11-18WMU vs NIUUnder 61NIU 27-19WIN
2015-11-18CMU vs KentOver 40.5CMU 27-14WIN
2015-11-14Utah State vs Air ForceOver 51Air Force 35-28WIN
2015-11-14Nebraska vs RutgersNebraska -8Nebraska 31-14WIN
2015-11-14Alabama versus Mississippi StateMississippi State +7.5Alabama 31-6LOSE
2015-11-14Tulane vs ArmyTulane +3Tulane 34-31WIN
2015-11-14FIU vs MarshallMarshall -10Marshall 52-0WIN
2015-11-13USC vs ColoradoColorado +18USC 27-24WIN
2015-11-12BG vs WMUUnder 74BG 41-27WIN
2015-11-12Va Tech vs Ga Techover 50.5Va Tech 23-21LOSE
2015-11-12Va Tech vs Ga TechGa Tech -1VA Tech 23-21LOSE
2015-11-12ULL vs So AlabamaSo Alabama -1So Alabama 32-25WIN
2015-11-10CMU vs ToledoToledo -3Toledo 28-23WIN
2015-11-08Idaho vs So. AlabamaIdaho +8.5So Alabama 52-45WIN
2015-11-07TCU s Oklahoma StateOklahoma State +5Oklahoma State 49-29WIN
2015-11-07UL Lafayette vs Ga Stateover 61.5ULL 23-21LOSE
2015-11-07Cinci vs HoustonCinci +9Houston 33-30WIN
2015-11-07Army vs Air ForceAir Force -17Air Force 20-3PUSH
2015-11-07Navy vs MemphisMemphis -7.5Navy 45-20LOSE
2015-11-07Hawaii vs UNLVUNLV -9.5UNLV 41-21WIN
2015-11-07Wisconsin vs MarylandWisconsin -10.5Wisconsin 31-24LOSE
2015-11-05Arkansas St vs Appy StateArkansas St +12Arkansas St 40-27WIN
2015-11-05Miss State vs MissouriUnder 42.5Miss St. 31-13LOSE
2015-11-05Ball State vs WMUWMU -14WMU 54-7WIN
2015-11-03Northern Illinois vs ToledoToledo -6.5NIU 32-27LOSE
2015-11-03NIU vs ToledoOver 62.5NIU 32-27LOSE
2015-10-31Wyoming vs Utah StOver 49Utah St 58-27WIN
2015-10-31Maryland vs IowaIowa-17.5Iowa 31-15LOSE
2015-10-31Central Michigan vs AkronOver 45Central Michigan 13-6LOSE
2015-10-31Stanford vs Washington StateStanford -10.5Stanford 30-28LOSE
2015-10-31Michigan vs MinnesotaMinnesota +13Michigan 29-26WIN
2015-10-31Notre Dame vs TempleTemple +11Notre Dame 24-20WIN
2015-10-31UTEP vs So. MissSouthern Miss -24Southern Miss 34-13LOSE
2015-10-31Georgia State vs Arkansas St.Arkansas State - 17Arkansas State 48-34LOSE
2015-10-31Mississippi vs AuburnOle Miss -7Ole Miss 27-19WIN
2015-10-31UCF vs CinciCinci -26Cinci 52-7WIN
2015-10-30Wyoming vs Utah StUtah St -26Utah St 58-/7WIN
2015-10-29Oregon vs Arizona St.Arizona St -2.5Oregon 61-55LOSE
2015-10-29UNC vs PittUNC -2UNC 26-19WIN
2015-10-29Buffalo vs Miami OHBuffalo -7Buffalo 29-24LOSE
2015-10-29WV vs TCUTCU -13TCU 49-10WIN
2015-10-29Texas St vs Ga SourhernGa Southern -20.5Ga Southern 37-13WIN
2015-10-24Fresno vs Air ForceOver 55Air Force 42-14WIN
2015-10-24Utah vs USCUnder 60USC 42-24LOSE
2015-10-24UVA vs UNCUNC -17UNC 26-13LOSE
2015-10-24Ohio State vs RutgersRutgers +21.5Ohio State 49-7LOSE
2015-10-24Hawaii vs NevadaNevada -7Nevada 30-20WIN
2015-10-24Old Dominion vs FIUFIU - 13FIU 41-12WIN
2015-10-23Memphis vs TulsaMemphis -10Memphis 66-42WIN
2015-10-22Georgia Southern vs Appy StGa Southern +7.5Appy St 31-13LOSE
2015-10-22Temple vs ECUTemple +3Temple 24-14WIN
2015-10-22Cal vs UCLAOver 69UCLA 40-24LOSE
2015-10-20ULL vs Arkansas StOver 57Arkansas St 37-27WIN
2015-10-17Kent St vs UMassKent St +7KeNt St 15-10WIN
2015-10-17Rutgers vs IndianaIndiana -6Rutgers 55-52LOSE
2015-10-17Missouri vs GeorgiaMissouri +15Georgia 9-6WIN
2015-10-17Northern Ilkinois vs Miami OhioUnder 57NII 45-12PUSH
2015-10-17Louisville vs FSUFSU -7FSU 41-21WIN
2015-10-17Appy St vs UL MonroeAppy St -13Appy St 59-14WIN
2015-10-17Ole Miss vs MemphisOle Miss 10.5Memphis 37-24LOSE
2015-10-17Syracuse vs UVAUnder 53.5UVA 44-38 OTLOSE
2015-10-17Michigan State vs MichiganOver 41.5Michigan St 27-23WIN
2015-10-15WKU vs North TexasUnder 71WKU 55-28LOSE
2015-10-15Auburn vs KYKY +2.5Auburn 30-27LOSE
2015-10-15WKU vs North TexasWKU -33WKU 55-28LOSE
2015-10-15UCLA vs Stanfordover 56Stanford 56-35WIN
2015-10-13Arkansas St vs So AlabamaOver 59Ark St. 49-31WIN
2015-10-10Miami OH vs OhioOhio -14Ohio 34-3WIN
2015-10-10Minnesota vs PurdueUNDER 47Minnesota 41-13LOSE
2015-10-10Illinois vs IowaIowa -10Iowa 29-20LOSE
2015-10-10U Mass vs Bowling GreenUnder 79.5Bowling Green 62-38LOSE
2015-10-10Miami vs Florida StateMiami + 7.5Florida State 29-24WIN
2015-10-10Cal vs UtahUtah -7Utah 30-24LOSE
2015-10-10Oklahoma State vs WV Oklahoma St vs WVover 61Oklahoma State 33-26LOSE
2015-10-08Washington vs USCUSC -17Washington 17-12LOSE
2015-10-05Detroit vs SeattleUnder 43Seattle 13-10WIN
2015-10-03Miami OH vs Kent StKent St - 10Kent State 20-14LOSE
2015-10-03North Texas ST vs Southern MissNTS + 16.5Southern Miss 49-14LOSE
2015-10-03Louisville vs NC StateNC State -3.5Louisville 20-13LOSE
2015-10-03Air Force vs NavyUnder 49.5Navy 33-11WIN
2015-10-03Arizona vs StanfordStanford -13.5Stanford 56-17WIN
2015-10-03Arizona State versus UCLAArizona State +13.5Arizona State 38-23WIN
2015-10-03Miss. Vs FLUnder 50FL 38-10WIN
2015-10-01Miami vs CinciMiami -6Cinci 34-23LOSE
2015-10-01Miami vs CinciUnder 70.5Cinci 34-23WIN
2015-09-26Mississippi State vs AuburnAuburn -2.5Miss St 17-9LOSE
2015-09-26Northern Illinois vs BCUnder 47.5BC 17-14WIN
2015-09-26UCF vs South CarolinaSouth Carolina -14SC 31--14WIN
2015-09-26Texas A&M vs ArkansasArkansas +7.5Texas AM 28-21WIN
2015-09-26FIU vs La Techover 55La Tech 27--17LOSE
2015-09-26Cal vs WashingtonCal -2Cal 30-24WIN
2015-09-25Stanford vs Oregon StateOregon State +14.5Stanford 42-24LOSE
2015-09-25Boise State vs UVAUVA +1.5Boise State 56-14LOSE
2015-09-24Cinci vs MemphisOver 69Memphis 53-46WIN
2015-09-19SC vs GeorgiaSC +17Georgia 52-20LOSE
2015-09-19Memphis vs BGBG +3.5Memphis 44-41WIN
2015-09-19Temple vs U MassUnder 55Temple 25-23WIN
2015-09-19Illinois vs UNCUNC 7.5UNC 48-14WIN
2015-09-19SMU vs TCUSMU +37.5TCU 56-37WIN
2015-09-19BYU vs UCLAUCLA -16UCLA 24-23LOSE
2015-09-18FSU vs BCUnder 47.5FSU 14-0WIN
2015-09-17Clemson vs LouisvilleLouisville +6Clemson 20-17WIN
2015-09-12EMU vs WyomingWyoming -13EMU 48-29LOSE
2015-09-12Oregon vs Mich StMichigan St -4Michigan State 31-28LOSE
2015-09-12Idaho vs USCUSC -44USC 59-9WIN
2015-09-12Tulane vs Ga TechGa Tech -30.5Ga Tech 65-10WIN
2015-09-12LSU vs Mississippi StateMississippi State +4LSU 21-19WIN
2015-09-12SD State vs CalCal -13Cal 35-7WIN
2015-09-12U Mass vs ColoradoOver 62.5Colorado 48-14LOSE
2015-09-10La Tech vs WKULa Tech -1WKU 41-38LOSE
2015-09-07Va Tech vs Ohio StateOhio State -14Ohio St. 42-24WIN
2015-09-07Ohio St. vs Va TechOver 53.5Ohio St 42-14WIN
2015-09-05Bowling Green vs TennesseeOver 68Tennessee 59-30WIN
2015-09-05Wisconsin vs AlabamaWisconsin +14Alabama 35-17LOSE
2015-09-05Texas vs Notre DameNotre Dame -9.5Notre Dame 38-3WIN
2015-09-05UTEP vs ArkansasArkansas -33Arkansas 48-13WIN
2015-09-05Arizona State vs Texas A&MArizona State +3Texas A&M 38-17LOSE
2015-09-04Washington vs Boise St.Boise St. -11Boise St 16-13LOSE
2015-09-04Michigan St vs W MichiganMichigan St -16.5Michigan State 37-24LOSE
2015-09-03UNC vs South CarolinaUNC +2.5South Carolina 17-13LOSE
2015-09-03Colorado vs HawaiiHawaii +7.5Hawaii 28-20WIN
2015-09-03TCU vs MinnesotaOver 57.5TCU 23-17LOSE
2015-09-03WKU vs VandyOver 61.5WKU 14-12LOSE