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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2015-01-12Ohio St vs OregonUnder 73.5Ohio St 42-20WIN
2015-01-12Ohio St vs OregonOregon -6Ohio St 42-20LOSE
2015-01-02Pitt vs HoustonPitt -3Houston 35-34LOSE
2015-01-02Iowa vs TennIowa +3.5Ten 45-28LOSE
2015-01-02UCLA vs K StKansas St -1UCLA 40-35LOSE
2015-01-02Oklahoma State vs WashingtonOver 57Oklahoma State 30-22LOSE
2015-01-01Wisconsin vs AuburnWisconsin +7Wisconsin 34-31WIN
2015-01-01Michigan State vs BaylorBaylor -2.5Michigan St 42-41LOSE
2015-01-01Minnesota vs MissouriMinnesota +4.5Missouri 33-17WIN
2015-01-01FSU vs OregonFSU +7.5Oregon 59-20LOSE
2015-01-01Ohio State vs AlabamaAlabama -8.5Ohio State 42-35LOSE
2015-01-01Michigan State vs BaylorOver 69Michigan State 42-41WIN
2014-12-31Miss vs TCUUnder 56TCU 42-3WIN
2014-12-31BoiseSt vs ArizonaOver 67.5Boise 38-30WIN
2014-12-31Boise St vs ArizonaArizona -3Boise 38-30LOSE
2014-12-31Ga Tech vs Miss StMiss St -6Ga Tech 49-34LOSE
2014-12-30ND vs LSULSU -7.5ND 31-28LOSE
2014-12-30Louisville vs GAUnder 55GA 38-14WIN
2014-12-30Maryland vs StanfordMaryland +14Stanford 45-21LOSE
2014-12-29WV vs Texas AM.Over 65.Texas AM 45-37WIN
2014-12-29WV vs Texas AMWV -2.5Texas AM 45-37LOSE
2014-12-29Clemson vs OklahomaClemson +6.5Clemson 40-6WIN
2014-12-29Texas vs ArkansasTexas +7Arkansas 31-7LOSE
2014-12-27Cincinnati vs Va TechOver 50Va Tech 33-17PUSH
2014-12-27Duke vs Arizona StOver 65.5Arizona St 36-31WIN
2014-12-27Miami vs South CarolinaSo Carolina +3.5South Carolina 24-21WIN
2014-12-27Penn St vs BCBC -3PEnn St 31-30LOSE
2014-12-27Nebraska vs USCUSC -7USC 45-42LOSE
2014-12-27Nebraska vs USCUnder 62USC 45-42LOSE
2014-12-26LaTech vs illinoisIllinois +6.5La Tech 35-18LOSE
2014-12-26Rutgers vs UNCUNC -3.5Rutgers 40-21LOSE
2014-12-26UCF vs NC StateNC State +2.5NC State 34-27WIN
2014-12-24CMU vs WKUCMU +3.5Western Ky 49-48WIN
2014-12-24Freson State vs RICEUNDER 59.5Rice 30-6WIN
2014-12-23Marshall vs Northern IllinoisMarshall -8.5Marshall 52-23WIN
2014-12-23Navy vs SD StateSD State -3Navy 17-16LOSE
2014-12-22BYU vs MemphisOver 56Memphis 55-48WIN
2014-12-20Nevada vs ULLULL +1.5ULL 16-3WIN
2014-12-20Utah vs Colorado StUtah -2.5Utah 45-10WIN
2014-12-06SMU vs U ConnU Conn -11.5SMU 27-20LOSE
2014-12-06Wisconsin vs Ohio StWisconsin -4Ohio St 59/0LOSE
2014-12-06Oklahoma vs Oklahoma StOver 60Oklahoma State 38-35WIN
2014-12-06FSU vs Ga TechUnder 63.5FSU. 35-33LOSE
2014-12-04UCF vs ECUOver 55UCF 32-30WIN
2014-11-29Michigan vs Ohio StateOhio State -20.5Ohio State 42-28LOSE
2014-11-29NC state vs UNCUNC -6.5NC State 35-7LOSE
2014-11-29Cincinnati vs TempleCincinnati -7Cincinnati 14-6WIN
2014-11-29Michigan State vs Penn StateUNDER 44.5Michigan State 34-10WIN
2014-11-29BYU vs CaliforniaCalifornia -3.5BYU 42-35LOSE
2014-11-29MTSU vs UTEPUTEP -3.5UTEP 24-21LOSE
2014-11-28Arizona St vs ArizonaArizona State +2.5Arizona 42-35LOSE
2014-11-28Colorado St vs Air ForceColorado St -7Air Force 27-24LOSE
2014-11-28Navy vs So AlabamaNavy -8.5Navy 42-40LOSE
2014-11-28Akron vs Kent StOver 41.5Kent St 27-24WIN
2014-11-27LSU vs Texas A&MUNDER 52LSU 23-17WIN
2014-11-22Fresno State vs NevadaNevada - 7Freson State 40-20LOSE
2014-11-22Missouri vs TennesseeMissouri +3.5Missouri 29-21WIN
2014-11-22Maryland vs MichiganMichigan - 5.5Maryland 23-16LOSE
2014-11-22New Mexico vs Colorado StateUNDER 68Colrado State 58-20LOSE
2014-11-22Appy State vs ULLULL -10Appy State 35-16LOSE
2014-11-22USC vs UCLAUCLA -4UCLA 38-20WIN
2014-11-22Lousiville vs Notre DameNotre Dame -3Louisville 31-28LOSE
2014-11-21SJ State vs Utah StUtah St -14Utah State 41-7WIN
2014-11-20K State vs WVUnder 58K State 26-20WIN
2014-11-18U Mass vs AkronU Mass +7.5Akron 30-6LOSE
2014-11-15Va Tech vs DukeDuke -3Va Tech 17-16LOSE
2014-11-15North Texas vs UTEPUTEP -6UTEP 35-17WIN
2014-11-15Miss State vs AlabamaMiss State +10Alabama 25-20WIN
2014-11-15Indiana vs RutgersRutgers -7Rutgers 45-23WIN
2014-11-15New Mexico vs Utah StateUtah State -20Utah State 28-21LOSE
2014-11-15South Carolina vs FLSouth Carolina +7South Carolina 23-20WIN
2014-11-15Wake Forest vs NC StateWake +17NC State 42-13LOSE
2014-11-08UCLA vs WashingtonWashington +6.5UCLA 44-30LOSE
2014-11-08SMU vs TulsaTulsa - 14Tulsa 38-28LOSE
2014-11-08UL- Lafayetter vs New Mexico StateULL -16.5ULL 44-16WIN
2014-11-08UTEP vs Western KYUTEP +8.5WKY 35-27WIN
2014-11-08Georgia State vs TroyUNDER 67.5Troy 45-21WIN
2014-11-08Duke vs SyracuseDuke -4Duke 27-10WIN
2014-11-06Clemson vs Wake ForestClemson -21Clemson 34-20LOSE
2014-11-04BG vs AkronBG +5.5BG 27-10WIN
2014-11-04Toledo vs Kent StToledo -13Toledo 30-20LOSE
2014-11-01Boston College vs Va TechBoston College +3Boston College 33-31WIN
2014-11-01Central Michigan vs Eastern MichiganCMU - 15Central Michigan 38-7WIN
2014-11-01BYU vs Middle Tennessee StateMTSU + 3.5BYU 27-7LOSE
2014-11-01Indiana vs MichiganMichigan -6.5Michigan 34-10WIN
2014-11-01Illinois vs Ohio Stateunder 65Ohio State 55-14LOSE
2014-11-01UAB vs FAUFAU -4.5UAB 31-28LOSE
2014-11-01Stanford vs OregonOregon -8Oregon 45-16WIN
2014-11-01UCF vs U ConnUCF - 10.5U Conn 37-29LOSE
2014-10-31Tulsa vs MemphisMemphis -24Memphis 40-20LOSE
2014-10-31Cinci vs TulaneOver 56Cinci 38-14LOSE
2014-10-30FSU vs LouisvilleFSU -3FSU 42-31WIN
2014-10-30Troy vs Ga SouthernOver 62.5Ga Southern 42-10LOSE
2014-10-25South Carolina vs AuburnAuburn - 19.5Auburn 42-35LOSE
2014-10-25U Mass vs ToledoOver 71PENDINGPENDING
2014-10-25Arizona vs Washington StateOver 73Arizona 59-37WIN
2014-10-25Texas vs K StateTexas +10K StAte 23-0LOSE
2014-10-25Arizona St vs WashingtonWashington +3.5Ariz St 24-10LOSE
2014-10-25Wyoming vs Colorado StateColorado State -18.5Colorado St 45-31LOSE
2014-10-25U Mass vs ToledoOVER 71Toledo 42-35WIN
2014-10-25Ole Miss vs LSULSU +3.5LSU 10-7WIN
2014-10-23Miami vs Va TechUnder 48Miami 30-6WIN
2014-10-23U Conn vs ECUECU -27.5ECU 31-21LOSE
2014-10-21Arkansas St vs ULLULL +3ULL 55-40WIN
2014-10-21Arkansas State vs ULLUnder 58ULL 55-40LOSE
2014-10-18Virginia vs DukeDuke -3Duke 20-13WIN
2014-10-18Texas AM vs AlabamaAlabama -13.5Alabama 59-0WIN
2014-10-18Cincinnati vs SMUCinci -13Cincinnati 41-3WIN
2014-10-18Tulane vs UCFUnder 45UCF 20-13WIN
2014-10-18Washington vs ORegonWashington +21Oregon 45-20LOSE
2014-10-18Miami vs No IllinoisNo Illinois - 14No Illinois 51-41LOSE
2014-10-16Va Tech vs PittVa Tech +2PItt 21-16LOSE
2014-10-16Utah vs Oregon StateUtah -2.5Utah 29-23WIN
2014-10-14ULL vs Texas StULL +2ULL 34-10WIN
2014-10-11Middle Tenn vs MarshallOver 70.5Marshall 49-24WIN
2014-10-11Cinci vs MiamiCinci +17Miami 55-34LOSE
2014-10-11TCU vs BaylorTCU +8Baylor 61-58WIN
2014-10-11FIU vs UTSAUTSA -9.5It's 16-13LOSE
2014-10-11Miami vs AkronUnder 55Akron 29-19WIN
2014-10-10Wash St vs StanfordWashington St +16Stanford 34-17LOSE
2014-10-09BYU vs UCFBYU +3UCF 31-24LOSE
2014-10-04Oklahoma vs TCUOklahoma -3.5TCU 37-33LOSE
2014-10-04Buffalo vs Bowling GreenBowling Green -3Bowling Green 36-35LOSE
2014-10-04SMU vs ECUECU - 40.5ECU 45-24LOSE
2014-10-04Utah vs UCLAUTAH +13Utah 30-28WIN
2014-10-04North Texas vs IndianaOver 57.5Indians 49-24WIN
2014-10-04Iowa State vs Oklahoma StOklahoma State - 17Oklahoma St 37-20PUSH
2014-10-02UCF vs HoustonUCF +2.5UCF 17-12WIN
2014-10-02Ariz vs OregonOver 82Arizona 31-24LOSE
2014-10-02FAU vs FIUFAU -6.5FIU 38-10WIN
2014-09-27Central Michigan vs ToledoToledo - 12.5Toledo 42-28WIN
2014-09-27Baylor vs Iowa StateBaylor -21Baylor 49-28PUSH
2014-09-27Boise St vs Air ForceBoise State -13AF 28-14LOSE
2014-09-27Bowling Green vs U MassUNDER 70.5BG 47-42LOSE
2014-09-27Missouri vs SC Missouri vs SCMissouri +5Missouri 21-20WIN
2014-09-27Arkansas vs Texas A&MTexas AM - 8.5Texas AM 35-28LOSE
2014-09-26MTSU vs ODUODU -2.5MTSU 41-28LOSE
2014-09-25Texas Tech vs Oklahoma StateOklahoma St -13.5Oklahoma St 45-35LOSE
2014-09-20Hawaii vs ColoradoColorado -7.5Colorado 21-12WIN
2014-09-20Rutgers vs NavyNavy -6Rutgers 31-24LOSE
2014-09-20Maryland vs SyracuseMaryland +2.5Maryland 34-20WIN
2014-09-20ULL vs Boise StULL +17.5Boise 34-0LOSE
2014-09-19U Conn vs USFU Conn +3USF 17-14PUSH
2014-09-18Auburn vs K StateAuburn -6.5Auburn 20-14LOSE
2014-09-13Syracuse vs Central MichiganCentral Michigan +5.5Syracuse 40-3LOSE
2014-09-13Boise State vs U ConnBoise State -16.5Boise State 38-21WIN
2014-09-13Arkansas State vs MiamiArkansas State +16Miami 41-20LOSE
2014-09-13Minn vs TCUTCU -16.5TCU 30-7WIN
2014-09-13UTSA vs Oklahoma StateOver 55OklaHoma State 43-13WIN
2014-09-13Nebraska vs Fresno StateNebraska - 13Nebraska 55-19WIN
2014-09-12Baylor vs BuffaloBaylor -33Baylor 63-21WIN
2014-09-11La Tech vs North TexasNorth Texas - 3La Tech 42-21LOSE
2014-09-11Houston vs BYUBYU -17BYU 33-25LOSE
2014-09-06East Carolina vs South CarolinaSouth Carolina -15.5South Carolina 33-23LOSE
2014-09-06SD State vs UNCUNC -16UNC 31-27LOSE
2014-09-06Fresno State vs UtahUtah - 12.5Utah 59-27WIN
2014-09-06Colorado vs U MassOVER 49Colorado 41-38WIN
2014-09-06Michigan State vs OregonMichigan State +13.5Oregon 46-27LOSE
2014-09-06Missouri vs ToledoMissouri -3Missouri 49-24WIN
2014-09-05Pitt vs BCBC +5.5PItt 30-20LOSE
2014-09-05Washington State vs NevadaOver 67Nevada 24-13LOSE
2014-09-04Ariz vs UTSA.Over 55Arizona 26-23LOSE
2014-08-31Utah State vs TennesseeUtah State +6Tenn 38-7LOSE
2014-08-30Ohio State vs NavyOhio St -16Ohio State 34-17WIN
2014-08-30West Michigan vs PurduePurdue -10.5PUrdeue 43-34LOSE
2014-08-30La Tech vs OklahomaOver 52Oklahoma 48-16WIN
2014-08-28Texas AM vs So CarolinaSo Carolina -10Texas AM 52-28LOSE