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CBB - Pick History 2014

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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2015-03-28Arizona vs WisconsinArizona +1Wisconsin 85-78LOSE
2015-03-27NC St vs LouisvilleNC St +2.5Louisville 75-65LOSE
2015-03-27UCLA vs GonzagaOver 144Gonzaga 74-62LOSE
2015-03-26WV vs KYUnder 136.5Kentucky 78-39WIN
2015-03-22Michigan St vs UVAUnder 118.5Michigan St 60-54WIN
2015-03-22SD St vs DukeSD St +9.5Duke 68-49LOSE
2015-03-22Dayton vs OklahomaOver 129Oklahoma 72-66WIN
2015-03-22Northern Iowa vs LouusvilleLouisville +2.5Louisville 66-53WIN
2015-03-21UAB vs UCLAUCLA -6UCLA 92-75WIN
2015-03-21Cinci vs KentuckyOver 118.5Kentucky 64-51LOSE
2015-03-21Ga St vs XavierUnder 131Xavier 75-67LOSE
2015-03-21Arkansas vs UNCArkansas +5UNC 87-78LOSE
2015-03-21Utah vs GeorgetownUtah -4Utah 75-64WIN
2015-03-20Gonzaga vs ND StGonzaga -18Gonzaga 86-76LOSE
2015-03-20Davidson vs IowaIowa -2Iowa 83-52WIN
2015-03-20Indiana vs Witchita StIndiana +6Witchita St. 81-76WIN
2015-03-20Buffalo vs WVUnder 149.5WV 68-62WIN
2015-03-20Georgia vs Michigan StGeorgia +6.5Michigan St 70-63LOSE
2015-03-20Georgia vs Michigan StOver 126.5Michigan St 70-63WIN
2015-03-20Wyoming vs No IowaWyoming +6No Iowa 71-54LOSE
2015-03-19UCLA vs SMUUCLA +4UCLA 60-59WIN
2015-03-19Ga St vs BaylorUnder 127.5Ga State 57-56WIN
2015-03-19Harvard vs UNCHarvard +10.5UNC 67-65WIN
2015-03-19Ga State vs BaylorGa State +9Ga State 57-56WIN
2015-03-17Hampton vs ManhattanManhattan-9Hampton 74-64LOSE
2015-03-15Michigan St vs WisconsinWisconsin -6.5Wisconsin 80-69WIN
2015-03-14Xavier vs VillanovaVillanova-7Villanova 69-52WIN
2015-03-13UAB vs La TechLa Tech -5UAB 72-62LOSE
2015-03-13Baylor vs KansasBaylor +2Kansas 62-52LOSE
2015-03-13Wyoming vs Boise StBoise St -4.5Wyoming 71-66LOSE
2015-03-13Wisc vs MichiganOver 124Wisc 71-60WIN
2015-03-12WV vs BaylorBaylor -3.5Baylor 80-70WIN
2015-03-12St Johns vs ProvidenceSt Johns +2PRovidence 74-57LOSE
2015-03-12Air Force vs Boise StBoise St -10Boise St 80-68WIN
2015-03-12Oklahoma St vs OklahomaOklahoma -3.5Oklahoma 64-49WIN
2015-03-11St. Louis versus DuquesneDuquesne -3DuQuEsne 61-55WIN
2015-03-11Wash St vs CalCal -3.5Cal 84-59WIN
2015-03-10GaTech vs BCGa Tech +4BC 66-65WIN
2015-03-10GB vs ValparaisoValparaiso -4Valparaiso 54-44WIN
2015-03-09N eastern vs William -MaryN Eastern +2NEastern 72-61WIN
2015-03-08Penn St vs MinnesotaPenn St +8.5PEnn State 79-76WIN
2015-03-07LSU vs ArkansasArkansas -6LSU 81-78LOSE
2015-03-07Syracuse bs NC StNC St -6NC St 71-57WIN
2015-03-07Cal vs Ariz StUnder 135Arizona St 74-70LOSE
2015-03-07Vandy vs Ole MissOle Miss -5Vandy 86-77LOSE
2015-03-07UT Arlington vs Appy StUT Arlington -2Appy St. 72-60LOSE
2015-03-07Iowa St vs TCUTCU +4Iowa St. 89-76LOSE
2015-03-07Middle Tenn vs FAUMiddle Tenn -4MdTN 77-54WIN
2015-03-06Towsen vs ElonElon +1Elon 74-69WIN
2015-03-05UC riverside vs UC DavisUC Davis -8U C Davis. 61-59LOSE
2015-03-04TCU vs Oklahoma StateOver 124Ok St 82-70WIN
2015-03-03Michigan vs NorthwesternNorthwestern-3NorthWestern 82-78WIN
2015-03-02Baylor vs TexasBaylor +3.5Texas 61-59WIN
2015-02-28Alabama vs VandyAlabama +6Vandy 73-66LOSE
2015-02-28WV vs BaylorBaylor -5Baylor 78-66WIN
2015-02-28Arkansas vs KYArkansas +14.5Kentucky 84-67LOSE
2015-02-28Louisville vs FSUFSU +4Louisville 81-59LOSE
2015-02-28Michigan vs MarylandMaryland -8Maryland 66-56WIN
2015-02-26Cal Irvin vs Cal PolyCal Irvin -1Cal Irvin 63-56WIN
2015-02-25Indiana vs NWesternIndiana -3NWestern 72-65LOSE
2015-02-24LSU vs AuburnLSU -5LSU 84-61WIN
2015-02-24Texas vs WVWV -3.5WV 71-64WIN
2015-02-21K St vs BaylorBaylor -9Baylor 69-42WIN
2015-02-21Iowa St vs TexasIowa St +2.5Iowa St 85-77WIN
2015-02-20Iona vs MaristIona -8Iona 72-68LOSE
2015-02-18K State vs TCUTCU -3TCU 69-55WIN
2015-02-16Hampton vs Morgan StHampton +2.5Hampton 93-65WIN
2015-02-15Cal vs UtahCal +18Utah 76-61WIN
2015-02-15Illinois vs WisconsinWisconsin -14Wisconsin 68-49WIN
2015-02-14Ohio St vs Michigan StMichigc st -2Michigan 59-56WIN
2015-02-14WV vs Iowa StIowa St -6.5Iowa St. 79-59WIN
2015-02-14Maryland vs Penn StPenn St -1Maryland 76-73LOSE
2015-02-14Tulane vs CinciCinci -12.5Tulane 50-49LOSE
2015-02-13Arizona St vs Washington StWashington St +6Washington St 74-71WIN
2015-02-12FAU vs La TechLa Tech -14.5La Tech. 65-54LOSE
2015-02-11Penn St vs Ohio StPenn St +12.5Ohio State 75-55LOSE
2015-02-11K St vs WVK St +11WV 76-72WIN
2015-02-10Kansas vs Texas TechKansas -12Kansas 73-51WIN
2015-02-09Iowa State vs OklahomaOklahoma -5.5Oklahoma 94-83WIN
2015-02-08Clemson vs Miami.Miami -6Miami 56-45WIN
2015-02-07N Texas vs MarshallMarshall -3Marshall 80-73WIN
2015-02-07Baylor vs WVBaylor +6Baylor 87-69WIN
2015-02-04BC vs NDND -12ND 71-63LOSE
2015-02-03WV vsxOklahomaOklahoma -5.5Oklahoma 71-52WIN
2015-01-31BC vs ClemsonClemson -5.5Clemson 64-59WIN
2015-01-27WV vs K State.Under 136.5WV 65-59WIN
2015-01-26Texas vs Iowa StTexas +5Iowa St 89-86WIN
2015-01-19Pitt vs DukeDuke -14Duke 79-65PUSH
2015-01-18Virginia Tech vs UNCUNC -21UNC 68-53LOSE
2015-01-18Missouri State vs Northern IowaNorthern Iowa -16Northern Iowa 60-46LOSE
2015-01-17Kansas vs Iowa State.Over 145Iowa St 86-81WIN
2015-01-17Duke vs LouisvilleLouisville -3Duke 63-52LOSE
2015-01-17Davidson vs RichmondDavidson -1Richmond 89-63LOSE
2015-01-10Kentucky vs Texas AMKentucky -14Kentucky 70-64LOSE
2015-01-06Arkansas vs GeorgiaGeorgia -2.5Arkansas 79-75LOSE
2015-01-05Skin vs TowsenElon +3Towsen 57-53LOSE
2014-12-29St Joes vs DenverDenver -4Denver 77-73PUSH
2014-12-25Colorado vs HawaiiColorado -3.5Hawaii 69-66LOSE
2014-12-23Stanford vs TexasTexas -10Stanford 74-71 OTLOSE
2014-12-20Oklahoma vs WashingtinWashington +5.5Washington 69-67WIN
2014-12-20EMU vs Missouri StEMU +2.5EMU 77-65WIN
2014-12-18LSU vs UABLSU -5LSU 79-70WIN
2014-12-13Michigan vs ArizonaArizona -12Arizona 80-53WIN
2014-12-11Idaho vs W IllinoisW Illinois -1W Illinois 78-75WIN
2014-12-10Duquesne vs Penn StatePenn State -7Penn St. 64-62LOSE
2014-12-09Villanova vs IlliniVillanova -5.5Villanova 73-59WIN
2014-12-08Yale vs FLFL -9.5FL 85-47WIN
2014-12-06St Joes vs VillanovaVillanova -21Villanova 74-46WIN
2014-12-04SD vs SD StateSD State -10.5SD State. 57-48LOSE
2014-12-03UNLV vs Arizona StArizona St -5Arizona St 77-55WIN
2014-12-02Wright St vs EvansvilleEvansville -7Evansville 86-78WIN
2014-12-01Nebraska vs FSUNebraska -2Nebraska 70-65WIN
2014-11-29VCU vs ODUODU +6.5ODU 73-67WIN
2014-11-28Butler vs GeorgetownButler +4Butler 64-58WIN
2014-11-27Long Beach State vs Western MichiganLong Beach State -2.5LBS 73-55WIN
2014-11-17Miami vs FloridaMiami +8Miami 69-67WIN
2014-11-17Oakland vs Eastern MichiganEMu -4EMU 89-77WIN