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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2014-04-07U Conn vs KYUnder 135U Conn 60-54WIN
2014-04-02Fresno vs SienaSiena -1Fresno 89-75LOSE
2014-04-01Clemson vs SMUClemson +3.5SMU 65-59LOSE
2014-03-29Florida vs DaytonFlorida -10Florida 62-52PUSH
2014-03-29Wisconsin vs ArizonaWisconsin +3Wisconsin 64-63WIN
2014-03-28Tennessee vs MichiganTennessee +2.5Michigan 73-71WIN
2014-03-28U Conn vs Iowa StOver 147I Conn. 81-76WIN
2014-03-28Kentucky vs LouisvilleLouisville -4.5Kentucky 74-69LOSE
2014-03-28Michigan St vs UVAMichigan State -2Michigan St 61-59PUSH
2014-03-27Dayton vs StanfordStanford -3.5Dayton 82-72LOSE
2014-03-27Baylor vs WisconsinBaylor +3.5Wisconsin 69-52LOSE
2014-03-27UCLA vs FLFL -4.5Florida 79-68WIN
2014-03-27SDSU vs ArizonaOVER 121.5Arizona 70-64WIN
2014-03-23UK vs Witchita StateUK +5UK 78-76WIN
2014-03-23UNC vs Iowa StateUNC +1.5Iowa St 85-83LOSE
2014-03-23Mercer vs TennesseeTennessee -7Tennessee 83-63WIN
2014-03-23Baylor vs CreightonOVER 143Baylor 85-55LOSE
2014-03-23Memphis vs UVAUNDER 129UVA 78-60LOSE
2014-03-22U Conn vs VillinovaVillinova -4U Conn. 77-65LOSE
2014-03-22Harvard vs Michigan StateMichigan State -7Michigan St 80-73PUSH
2014-03-22Pitt vs FLFL -5.5FL 61-45WIN
2014-03-22Texas vs MichiganTexas +4.5Michigan 79-65LOSE
2014-03-22ND State vs SD StateND State +3SD St 63-44LOSE
2014-03-22Dayton vs SyracuseUNDER 127.5Dayton 55-53WIN
2014-03-21Cal Poly vs Witchita StCal Poly +16.5Witchita st. 64-37LOSE
2014-03-21SFA vs VCUSFA +6.5SFA 77-75WIN
2014-03-21EKU vs KansasOver 151Kansas 80-69LOSE
2014-03-21Tulsa vs UCLAUCLA -8.5UCLA 76-59WIN
2014-03-20Wofford vs MichiganMichigan -15Michigan. 57-40WIN
2014-03-20ND State vs OklahomaND State + 3.5ND St 80-75WIN
2014-03-20NM St vs SD StateSD State -7SD St. 73-69LOSE
2014-03-20NCST vs St LouisSt Louis -3St Louis 83-80PUSH
2014-03-20Harvard vs CinciUnder 121.5Harvard 61-57WIN
2014-03-08Arizona vs OregonArizona -3Oregon 64/57LOSE
2014-03-08Kansas vs WVKansas -5WV 92-86LOSE
2014-02-27Ohio St vs Penn StOhio St -5.5Prnn St 65-63LOSE
2014-02-25Missouri vs GAGA -2Georgia. 71-56WIN
2014-02-25Kansas St vs Texas TechTexas Tech pk emK State 60-56LOSE
2014-02-22Texas tech vs Oklahoma StOklahoma St -10Oklahoma St 84-62WIN
2014-02-22Minn vs Ohio StateMinn +9Ohio State 64-46LOSE
2014-02-19UCLA vs CalUCLA +2UCLA 86-66WIN
2014-02-17UNC vs FSUFSU +1.5UNC 81-75LOSE
2014-02-16Wisconsin vs MichiganMichigan -4Wisconsin 75-62LOSE
2014-02-15Pitt vs UNCUNC -3.5UNC 75-71WIN
2014-02-15U Mass vs George WashingtonGW - 5.5U Mass 67-61LOSE
2014-02-15DePaul vs ProvidenceProvidence -12Providence 84-61WIN
2014-02-15Utah vs UCLAUtah +9.5UCLA 80-66LOSE
2014-02-14SMU vs RutgersSMU -8SMU 77-65WIN
2014-02-14Arizona vs Arizona StArizona State +6Arizona State 69-66WIN
2014-02-13Utah vs USCUtah -4Utah 79-71WIN
2014-02-12USF vs U ConnU Conn -14.5U Conn 83-40WIN
2014-02-12Syracuse vs PittSyracuse +2.5Syracuse 58-56WIN
2014-02-11Oklahoma St vs TexasTexas -4Texas 87-68WIN
2014-02-10WKY vs Ark StArk St -3.5Ark St 72-58WIN
2014-02-06Oregon vs ArizonaOregon +12Arizona 67-65WIN
2014-02-06U Conn vs CinciCinci -6Cinci 63-58LOSE
2014-02-03Georgetown vs DePaulGeorgetown -5Georgetown 71-59WIN
2014-02-02UVA vs PittPitt -4UVA 48-45LOSE
2014-02-01Maryland vs Va TechMaryland -5Maryland 80-60WIN
2014-02-01Utah vs ColoradoUtah +3Colorado 79-75 OTLOSE
2014-02-01Duke vs SyracuseSyracuse -2.5Syracuse 91-89LOSE
2014-02-01Oklahoma vs IowaOklahoma +8.5Iowa State 81-75WIN
2014-02-01FAU vs MarshallMarshall -4FAU 65-57LOSE
2014-01-30UCLA vs OregonUCLA +3UCLA 70-68WIN
2014-01-29Iowa State vs KansasKansas -7.5Kansas 92-81WIN
2013-04-08Michigan vs LouisvilleMichigan +4Louisville 82-76LOSE
2013-04-04Iowa vs BaylorIowa -2Baylor 74-54LOSE