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We win most of the time... that is why you are here... that is why we do not mind displaying A FULL HISTORY of our picks. This is the real deal. Here is the full pick history for the period you selected.
Date Game Pick Score Result
2013-04-06Wichita State vs LouisvilleWichita State + 10Louisville 72-68WIN
2013-04-06Michigan vs SyracuseSyracuse +2Michigan 61-56LOSE
2013-03-31Florida Vs MichiganFlorida -3Michigan 79-59 GEEZ-can you you say SLUMPLOSE
2013-03-31Duke vs Louisville.Louisville -3.5Louisville 85-63WIN
2013-03-30Syracuse vs MarquetteMarquette + 4.5Syracuse 55-39LOSE
2013-03-30Wichita St vs Ohio StOhio St -4.5Wichita St. 70-66LOSE
2013-03-29Oregon vs LouisvilleLouisville -10.5Louisville 77-69LOSE
2013-03-29Michigan vs KansasKansas -1.5Michigan 87-85 after Kansas blows 14 pt leadPENDING
2013-03-29Mich St vs DukeDuke -2Duke 71-61WIN
2013-03-29FGCU vs FloridaFlorida -13Florida 62-50LOSE
2013-03-28Marquette vs MiamiMarquette +6Marquette 71-61WIN
2013-03-28LaSalle vs Wichita StWichita State -4Wichita St 72-58WIN
2013-03-28Arizona vs Ohio StateArizona +3.5Ohio St 73-70WIN
2013-03-26Maryland vs AlabamaAlabama -4Maryland 58-57LOSE
2013-03-25Robert Morris vs ProvidenceProvidence -7.5PRovidence 77-68WIN
2013-03-24Iowa State vs Ohio StateIowa State +7.5Ohio St. 78-75WIN
2013-03-24Temple vs IndianaIndiana - 11.5Indiana 58-52LOSE
2013-03-24LaSalle vs MissMississippi - 3Lasalle76-74LOSE
2013-03-24Illinois vs MiamiIllinois +7.5Miami 63-59WIN
2013-03-23Colorado State vs LouisvilleColorado State +11Louisville 82-56LOSE
2013-03-23VCU vs MichiganMichigan -3.5Michigan 78-53WIN
2013-03-23Harvard vs ArizonaArizona -10Arizona 74-51WIN
2013-03-23Syracuse vs CalSyracuse -7Syracuse 66-60LOSE
2013-03-23Oregon vs St LouisOregon +4Oregon 74-57WIN
2013-03-23Michigan State vs MemphisOVER 130Much St 70-48LOSE
2013-03-23Memphis vs Michigan StateMich St -6Mich St 70 -48WIN
2013-03-22Miami vs PacificMiami -13Miami 78-49WIN
2013-03-22Kansas St vs LaSalleK Stare -5.5LaSalle 63-61LOSE
2013-03-22Duke vs AlbanyDuke -18Duke 73-61LOSE
2013-03-22Cincinnati vs CreightonCinci +3.5Creighton 67-63LOSE
2013-03-22Oklahoma vs San DiegoOklahoma +3SDSU 70-55LOSE
2013-03-22Villanova vs UNCVillanova +5UNC 78-71LOSE
2013-03-22UCLA vs MinnMinn -3.5Minn 83-63WIN
2013-03-21Davidson vs MarquetteOver 132.5Marquette 58-58LOSE
2013-03-21St Marys vs MemphisSt Marys +1Memphis 54-52LOSE
2013-03-21Oregon vs Ok StateOregon +2Oregon 68-55WIN
2013-03-21Cal vs UNLVUNLV -3.5Cal 64-61LOSE
2013-03-21Montana vs SyracuseSyracuse -12.5Syracuse 81-34WIN
2013-03-21Missouri vs Colorado StColorado St +3Colorado St 84-72WIN
2013-03-21Harvard vs New MexicoOver 126Harvard 68-62WIN
2013-03-20Long Island vs James MadisonJMU + 1JMU 68-55WIN
2013-03-20LaSalle vs Boise StBoise St. PkLaSalle 80-71LOSE
2013-03-20UNCC vs ProvidenceProvidence - 8.5Providence 75-66WIN
2013-03-19NCAT vs LibertyLiberty +3NCAT 73-72WIN
2013-03-19Ohio vs DenverDenver -8Denver 61-57LOSE
2013-03-19Lehigh vs WyomingWyoming -5.5Wyoming 67-66LOSE
2013-03-17Miss vs FloridaFlorida -11Mississippi 66-63LOSE
2013-03-17UNC vs Miami.Miami -3.5Miami 87-77WIN
2013-03-17VCU vs St Louis.St Louis - 3St Louis 62-56WIN
2013-03-16Wisc vs IndianaWisconsin +6Wisconsin 68-56WIN
2013-03-16Mich St vs Ohio StateMich St +2Ohio St 61-58LOSE
2013-03-16Kansas St vs KansasKansas -4Kansas 70-54WIN
2013-03-16Maryland vs UNCOver 140UNC 79-76WIN
2013-03-15Boston College vs MiamiMiami -7Miami 69-58WIN
2013-03-15Syracuse vs GTownGTown -1Syracuse 58-55LOSE
2013-03-15Iowa vs Mich StMich St -5.5Michigan St 59-56LOSE
2013-03-14Iowa State vs OklahomaOklahoma pkIowa St 73-66LOSE
2013-03-14Wake Forest vs MarylandMaryland -5.5Maryland 75-62WIN
2013-03-14Tulane vs MemphisMemphis -10Memphis 81-68WIN
2013-03-13Cinci vs ProvidenceCinci -3.5Cinci 61-44WIN
2013-03-13Miami vs East MichiganOver 113Eastern Mich 58-47LOSE
2013-03-13TCU vs TexasOver 116Texas 70-57WIN
2013-03-13Air Force vs UNLVAir Force +10.5UNLV 72-56LOSE
2013-03-12Seton Hall vs USFSeton Hall pkSeton Hall 46-42WIN
2013-03-11No Illinois vs Eastern MichiganEastern Michigan -8Eastern Mich 45-44LOSE
2013-03-11St Marys vs GonzagaSt. Marys +7Go zags 65-51LOSE
2013-03-10Wisconsin vs Penn StateWisconsin -8.5Wisconsin 63-60LOSE
2013-03-10Maryland vs UVAUVA - 8UvA 61-58LOSE
2013-03-10Indiana vs MichiganIndiana +2Indiana 72-71WIN
2013-03-09FL vs KYKY +6.5KY 61-57WIN
2013-03-09New Mexico vs Air ForceNew Mexico -3Air Force. 89-88LOSE
2013-03-09Notre Dame vs LouisvilleNotre Dame +12Louisville 73-57LOSE
2013-03-09NC State vs Florida StateNC State -4FSU 71-67LOSE
2013-03-09St Joseph vs UNCCSt Joseph -2.5Charlotte 53-40LOSE
2013-03-09Oklahoma vs TCUOklahoma -12TCU. 70-67LOSE
2013-03-09Iowa State vs WVUIowa State - 4Iowa St 83-74WIN
2013-03-08Rutgers vs Seton HallSeton Hall -4Rutgers 56-51LOSE
2013-03-07Kentucky vs GeorgiaKentucky -2.5Georgia 72-62LOSE
2013-03-07UVA vs FSUFlorida State +4FSU 53-51WIN
2013-03-07Oregon vs ColoradoColorado -3Colorado 76-53WIN
2013-03-07Long Beach St vs UC DavisLong Beach +1Long Beach 77-76WIN
2013-03-06GTown vs VillanovaGTown. Pk.Villanova 67-57LOSE
2013-03-06WV vs OklahomaOklahoma -10Oklahoma 83-70WIN
2013-03-06Minn vs NebraskaNebraska +8.5Nebraska 53-51WIN
2013-03-06Stanford vs CalCal -5Stanford 83-70LOSE
2013-03-05Alabama vs MissMississippi -5Miss 87-83LOSE
2013-03-05Seton Hall vs ProvidenceSeton Hall +8.5PRovidence 76-66LOSE
2013-03-05St Johns vs Notre DameNotre Dame -10Notre Dame 66-40WIN
2013-03-04Baylor vs TexasBaylor -1Texas 79-70LOSE
2013-03-04Montana vs So UtahMontana -1.5Montana 86-74WIN
2013-03-04Cinci vs Louisville.Cinci +10Louisville 67-51LOSE
2013-03-03Florida State vs UNCUNC - 13UNC 79-58WIN
2013-03-03Michigan State vs MichiganMichigan State +4.5Michigan 58-57WIN
2013-03-03NC State vs GA TechNC State -4NC St 70-57WIN
2013-03-02TCU vs Texas TechTexas Tech -4.5Texas Tech 72-63WIN
2013-03-02Wyoming vs New MexicoWyoming +12New Mexico 53-42WIN
2013-03-02K State vs BaylorBaylor -2K State 64-61LOSE
2013-03-02Arizona vs UCLAUCLA -1UCLA 74-69WIN
2013-02-28Cal Poly vs Cal nRCal NR -2LOSE
2013-02-27Michigan vs Penn StMichigan -13PEnn St 84-78LOSE
2013-02-26Florida vs TennTenn +8.5Tennessee 64-58WIN
2013-02-25Kansas vs Iowa StIowa State +1.5Kansas 108-96 OTLOSE
2013-02-25Syracuse vs MarquetteMarquette +1.5Marquette 74-71WIN
2013-02-25Villanova vs Seton HallVillanova -4.5Seton Hall. 66-65LOSE
2013-02-24Temple vs UNCCTemple -1Temple 71-51WIN
2013-02-24NW vs PurduePurdue -6.5PUedue 74-43WIN
2013-02-23So Miss vs MemphisMemphis -6Memphis 89-73WIN
2013-02-23TCU vs KansasKansas -23.5Kansas 74-58WIN
2013-02-23K State vs TexasK State -3K State 81-69WIN
2013-02-23Missouri vs KentuckyMissouri +2Ky 90-83 OTLOSE
2013-02-23UNLV vs WyomingWyoming +2.5UNLV 65-42LOSE
2013-02-22St Louis vs ButlerButler -2.5St Louis 65-61LOSE
2013-02-21LaSalle vs templeLaSalle +1.5Temple 82-74LOSE
2013-02-20Col St vs UNLVUNLV -3.5UNLV 61-59LOSE
2013-02-19LSU vs TennTennessee -7Tennessee 82-72WIN
2013-02-19Texas vs TCUTCU +5.5Texas 68-59LOSE
2013-02-19VCU vs St. LouisSt. Louis -2St Louis 76-62WIN
2013-02-18WV vs K StateK State -10.5K State. 71-61LOSE
2013-02-18ND vs PittPitt -10ND.LOSE
2013-02-17Miami vs ClemsonClemson +6.5Miami 45-43WIN
2013-02-17Illinois vs N WesternIllinois -4Illinois 62-41WIN
2013-02-16UCSB vs Cal PolyCal Poly -6Cal Poly. 67-49WIN
2013-02-16TCU vs Iowa StateIowa State. -17.5Iowa St. 87-53WIN
2013-02-16Duke vs MarylandDuke -5.5Maryland 83-81LOSE
2013-02-15GTown vs CinciCinci -4Georgetown 62-55LOSE
2013-02-14Gonzaga vs St MarySt Mary +2St Mary 70-67WIN
2013-02-14Wisconsin vs MinnesotaMinnesota -5Minn 58-53PUSH
2013-02-13UNC vs DukeUnder 151.5Duke 73-68WIN
2013-02-13Oregon vs WashWash -2.5Oregon 65-52LOSE
2013-02-13UNCC vs ButlerButler -12UNCC 71-67LOSE
2013-02-12Kentucky vs FLFL -9FL 69-52WIN
2013-02-12Villanova vs CinciCinci -6.5Cinci 68-50WIN
2013-02-11Tcu vs OklahomaOklahoma -16Oklahoma 75-48WIN
2013-02-10Indiana vs Ohio StateOhio State pkIndiana 81-68LOSE
2013-02-10Tennessee vs So CarolinaSo Carolina +1.5Tenn 66-61LOSE
2013-02-10Duke vs BCDuke -12.5Duke 62-61LOSE
2013-02-09Butler vs GWButler -3.5Butler 59-56LOSE
2013-02-09North Dakota vs MontanaMontana -12Montana 78-58WIN
2013-02-09New Mexico vs UNLVUNLV -5UNLV 64-55WIN
2013-02-09Utah vs OregonUtah +12.5Oregon 73-64WIN
2013-02-09WV vs TCUWV -6.5WV. 63-50WIN
2013-02-09UC Davis vs Cal PolyUC Davis +7Cal Poly 68-53LOSE
2013-02-09DePaul vs MarquetteMarquette -14.5Marquette 89-78LOSE
2013-02-09St Louis vs RichmondSt Louis -3.5St Louis 56-46WIN
2013-02-07Pacific vs Cal PolyCal Poly -1Cal Poly. 67-62WIN
2013-02-06Stanford vs ArizonaArizona -10Arizona 73-66LOSE
2013-02-06Miss St vs MissMiss -16Miss 93-75WIN
2013-02-05Boston College vs MiamiBC +14Miami 72-50LOSE
2013-02-04Notre Dame vs SyracuseSyracuse -8Syracuse 63-47WIN
2013-02-03Marquette vs LouisvilleLouisville -10.5Louisville 70-51WIN
2013-02-02Oklahoma State vs KansasKansas -10.5Ok St. 85-80LOSE
2013-02-02K State vs OklahomaOklahoma -3.5K State 52-50LOSE
2013-02-02Syracuse vs PittPitt -2.5PItt 65-55WIN
2013-02-02Tulsa vs MemphisMemphis -16Memphis 94-64WIN
2013-02-02LSU vs Miss StMiss St +4LSU 69-68WIN
2013-02-02Witchita State vs NOAIWitchita State -1.5NOIA 57-52LOSE
2013-02-02Miami vs NS StMiami -1Miami 79-78PUSH
2013-01-31Butler vs St LouisSt Louis -2.5St Louis 75-58WIN
2013-01-31Penn St vs IowaIowa -13Iowa 76-67LOSE
2013-01-30DePaul vs St JohnsDePaul +7.5St Johns 79-74WIN
2013-01-30Oregon vs StanfordStanford -2Stanford 76-52WIN
2013-01-29Nebraska vs MinnNebraska +19Minn 84-65PUSH
2013-01-29No Iowa vs EvansvilleEvansville -2Evansville 54-51WIN
2013-01-29NC St vs UVAUVA -4UVA 58-55LOSE
2013-01-28Kansas vs WVKansas -8Kansas 61-56LOSE
2013-01-28Pitt vs LouisvilleLouisville -6Louisville 64-61LOSE
2013-01-27Calif vs ColoradoColorado -6.5Colorado 81-71WIN
2013-01-27Creighton vs SIUCreighton -11Creighton 81-51WIN
2013-01-27Michigan State vs IndianaMichigan State +8Indiana 75-70WIN
2013-01-27Seton Hall vs St JohnsSt Johns -4.5St Johns 71-67LOSE
2013-01-26Ohio St vs Penn StOhio St -14Ohio st. 65-51PUSH
2013-01-26WV vs Ok StOk St - 9.5Ok St 80-64WIN
2013-01-26K State vs Iowa StIowa St -3Iowa State 73-67WIN
2013-01-26BC vs UVAUVA -8UVA 65-51WIN
2013-01-26Wake vs GaTechWake +6Ga Tech. 82-52LOSE
2013-01-26Maryland vs DukeDuke -12Duke 84-64WIN
2013-01-24Hawaii vs Cal - PolyCal Poly -6.5Cal Poly. 88-59WIN
2013-01-23Butler vs LaSalleLaSalle -2.5Lasalle 55-54LOSE
2013-01-22Pitt vs ProvidencePitt -6PItt 68-64LOSE
2013-01-20Clemson vs NC StNC St -9Nc State 66-62LOSE
2013-01-19Florida State vs VirginiaFSU + 6UVA 56-36LOSE
2013-01-12Butler vs DaytonDayton +1.5Butler 79-73LOSE
2013-01-12Air Force vs UNLVUNLV -14UNLV 76-71LOSE
2013-01-10Miami vs North CarolinaCarolina -4.5Miami 68-59LOSE
2013-01-10UCLA vs UtahUtah +6.5UCLA 57-53WIN
2013-01-09Iowa State vs KansasIowa St +12.5Kansas 97-89WIN
2013-01-09UNLV vs New MexicoUNLV +3.5NM 65-60LOSE
2013-01-08Clemson at DukeClemson +15.5Duke 68-40LOSE
2013-01-06NorthWestern vs MinnMinn -16.5Minnesota 69-51WIN
2013-01-05BYU vs San FranBYU - 3.5BYU 80-76WIN
2013-01-04Memphis vs TennTenn -2Memphis 85-80LOSE
2013-01-03Long Beach vs CalPolyCalPoly -1.5CalPoly 79-73WIN
2013-01-02U Mass vs Miami-OHU Mass -4U Mass 70-69LOSE
2013-01-02LaSalle vs Miami (FL)Miami (FL) -6Miami 76-59WIN
2012-12-31Indiana vs IowaIndiana -7Indiana 69-65LOSE
2012-12-31Nevada vs OregonOregon -11Oregon 56-43WIN
2012-12-30Loyola Maryland vs MemphisMemphis -14Memphis 78-64PUSH